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  1. Weiderman best on for us. Has had a really solid game. Could have been a lot better with 2.3 but has been all around the ground, taken some good marks, hit some great kicks. If he had the 4 goals he really should have had, we would have been talking about him coming back next week. Probably another game in the 2's to build up the confidence. He really is a cut above at this level, however, he really is doing all the work himself, whereas in the AFL he relies more on people hitting him on the chest.
  2. Weid at about 80%. Playing like Petrarca - its almost falling for him to dominate but things just aren’t perfect.
  3. Honestly think calling him a spud was kinder than saying he’s a Dawson...
  4. Congrats to the whole family @Drunkn167 can’t wait to see Dec out there today.
  5. Has Maynard been playing? Didn’t play last week and is not named this week either for Casey?
  6. The commentators are really excited. If I was Power (coach) id be annoyed that the game against A/VFL opponents ends up being against 10 Afl lister players and in the second half only 4 are out there. Not surprising that the Aust team are coming over the top.
  7. Yeah - haven’t seen him. Also not sure if I’ve seen Keilty either.
  8. Do we have any Melbourne players left on the field? They’ve all been pulled or ko’d by Casey teammates.
  9. I’m thinking Stretch is alright and Oscar is fine. I know they are highly rated kids - but I can’t still shake that they are 17 so our 9? Professional footballs should look a class above. Would have loved to have seen Sparrow today.
  10. Won’t be a first - mid second maybe early depending on his year. Zac Jones is expecting an early to mid second and you’d think Langdon would be slightly behind.
  11. Undefeated so far Bradtke - the Stingrays have 2 wins and a draw. Rd 2 v Power 11d 7k 5hb 1m 0t 4I50 20HO Rd 3 v Falcons 11d 1g 4k 7hb 1m 1i50 15HO They have a bye this week and he should be back in action in Round 5.
  12. Not to make it a Spargo thread but agree with the last 2 posters - at the game and Spargo showed a lot. Some great kicking, chasing and carelling. Was in the top 11 on the ground for us. Sparrow had a really solid debut. He’ll be back next week and hopefully will have a run of games. Got better as the game went on.
  13. I swear every year the new recruits are getting bigger and bigger. Dream of the good old days when Toump and Morton got drafted and they made me feel like I could have been a footballer.
  14. Thanks for the insight @Satyriconhome. Anything stand out about Walker or Bradke thus far or just mainly running and basic skill drills? Thanks.
  15. What I love about this draft is we have 3 superstars, and 3 others who could easily play 200 games each. For all their flaws, they have great signs for young players. ANB over the last 2 years has been in the top 5 forward pressure players in the comp. and he wants to work hard and thinks about his game. We know Oscar has been tracking at a high level for a key defender due to his age. Although prone to bad decision making and we lament when he gets beaten one on one, he is getting bigger every year and we are putting better users of the football around him. Also, there is not a player in our team who knows his role better than Oscar. You can see it in his face “opposition has ball so I have to run back and stand on this blade of grass”. They are components of a winning team - rather than superstars The other thing about this draft Taylor nailed is that they are all mates and want to do this together.
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