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  1. I hope the pies lose obviously but i want it to hurt them. one positive of the pies becoming the premier team of the competition is that when the dees develop we will either form a strong rivalry (we have proved we can perform against them) or we will be the team that takes the reins of them like they unfortunately seem to be doing to geelong
  2. sorry to disappoint but Col got 23 to Scully's 22
  3. Very true not many players can get 18 disposals in the last quarter. he went harder while others had stopped due to fatigue
  4. I was talking to Gary March from Richmond and he said the only reason Nason wont get nominated is because the "NAB" rising star tend to only look after their own, those that come through the "NAB" AFL draft. That is probably the same reason why Jordie wont get it. Its a shame because he is and will be a great player for the club.
  5. Yep Adelaide sucks haha but yeah Dees werent great but we WILL get better and Adelaide arent. I know what its like being the only Melbourne supporter in a state. I live in NSW there a like 3 AFL supporters so its tough but when we start winning every game itll silence the critics
  6. Im coming from Sydney for the weekend
  7. both of them will be a little bit like ron barrassi, gary ablett, chris judd, ted whitten, lethal, cousins, (insert star midfielder here) all put together cant wait
  8. Neitz? our only 300 game player?
  9. dreamteam is the way im averaging about 2000 and i have alot of melbourne players. I have Grimes, Trengove, Sculley, Sylvia, Watts, Wonaeamirri and on the bench i have Blease, Fitzpatrick and Hughes.
  10. not saying our forwards were great but i think it has alot to do with the delivery from our midfielders, not great
  11. go on to www.footywire.com you can compare players at the same age and compare the stats of watts to riewoldt, fev, brown, pav etc and youll all be pretty happy. im excited about whats to come
  12. yeah but that will come with time.
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