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  1. For the first time I arrived before the players who wondered over at about 9.15. For consistency my first stop was rehab and there was some good news. Vanders and Petty weren't in it. Bradtke was along with KK, Jones, Hannan, Oscar Baker and Bennell. Jones was doing a lot of running scaling down to Bennell who was doing gentle 100m runs. Tomlinson was also there and doing gentle runs for the first time. The usual warm up drills with a bit of stretching and some short runs and kicking followed before they broke into groups for some kicking, leading type drills where the skills were pretty good. Viney was in fine form in front of me along with Chandler who was out in full training despite missing Wednesday (as did Vanders). Another drill involved some leading and marking against a defender in genuine contest work and the first player of the day to really impress was Joel Smith. He was in everything, marking really well and getting a lot of it. We noticed an umpire doing some warm up laps and were excited to see some real match practice. It was 100% flat out but with "respectful tackling". What fun!! Players to impress: Fritsch: If there was a "best on ground" it surely went to this bloke. Had the ball on a string, was clean and clunked mark after mark. The only downer was his kicking was a little off but he looks to have make another step up from last year based on today. Harmes: Just involved in everything playing half back. Made space, was clean with the ball, kicked it well and made good decisions. I think there is little doubt he'll play back this season and hopefully play that Laird/Lloyd role. Melksham: in everything. Jetta: he was back with his dancing feet, got plenty of it and kicked very well. You'd have been proud of him Saty! Langdon: Just did what he did at Freo. Up and down the wing, plenty of possies with his execution still a bit off. Dunkley: I call this bloke "Mr Invisible". Never seem to notice him but today he was on a wing in front of me marking Langdon and he got his fair share of it and looked comfortable. Bedford: I saw this bloke a lot at Casey last year and he never really got involved but today he did - often. Sadly he fumbled a fair bit and didn't make the most of his chances which was odd because he's got neat skills. Jackson: I don't want to hype this bloke too much but he did one thing in front of me that was special. Langdon was gathering a ground ball and for all the world looked like it was his. Jackson swooped (and I mean swooped) in at full pace, gathered it cleanly and gave a left hand handball off to a teammate. It was a thing of beauty. This kid could be anything. But to balance my report it's only fair to say he missed some marks he should have taken but it's the first time he's played in a genuine full pressure situation. He gets more of the ball on the ground than in the air and the more I see him the more I can believe the talk of midfield in a few year. Pickett: He was involved, had no trouble with the pace of the game and did some nice things but also make mistakes missing a chest mark he should have taken at one stage. But he's got that typical indigenous talent of speed and lateral movement. His closing speed is terrific. Oliver, Brayshaw, Gawn, May and Lever all did well but you've seen them do it often. There were two sessions of match sim each lasting about 10 minutes with the draftees sitting out the second along with Vanders and Petty. They finished with some serious running before the end at about 11.15. Spargo was there in a moonboot and TMac didn't train, I've no idea why. Vanders and Petty seemed to get through fine and Jones doesn't seem far away. Hannan was also doing much more than a week or so ago and Baker did some running at about half pace which I haven't seen before. Tomlinson and Bennell look a long way off and KK has been on the same program for the week it would seem. It was great to see something like real footy.
  2. I think Nietschke looks a little like Langdon in build. He's quite fair. Did the guy on Lever have long hair? If not sounds a little like Smith. I was getting quite confused between Rivers and Fritsch today. Thankfully one is left footed!
  3. Well 640, there were skill errors. Not every handball found its mark, not every kick found a target, not every tackle stuck but overall the standard was pretty good. No player looks really out of it. Some aren't natural athletes in the way of ANB or Bedford. Clarry, Trac and Brayshaw wouldn't match Robert Harvey. But they are so far ahead of last year it's amazing. Last year they didn't have players to make up a drill. This year they stand on the sidelines because just about everyone is there. The disappointments for me are KK, who is still just running and Harry Petty who is the same. I worry for KK. I don't know what the problem is but he hasn't played since June and if it's still a concussion issue that's really sad for him. But I don't think anyone is overstating the ability of the draftees. Jackson and Pickett both have some real X factor, but it's not the real thing yet so we can only hope it translates. There is no reason why it shouldn't as they seem to have all the attributes. Jackson particularly has surprised me. He's quick. He's quick over the ground but he's quick to recover, he's competitive in the drills and he's got surprising skills. When I first heard we were thinking of drafting him I was disappointed. I couldn't be more the opposite now. It's the time of excitement. We have the basic 18 or so we know will play if fit. But we've got so many that could surprise. Jordan, Sparrow, Neita, Chandler and Bedford from last year's draft have all shown something. Not all will make it but we don't need that, we just need two or three to really push. And this year's lot look terrific. That's about 8 that we didn't have as realistic players last year.
  4. Nice to meet you dpositive. Always good to put a face to a name. As for Nietschke's nickname, it's not mine, it's what he's called at training. They're an imaginative lot. River's nickname is, yes, you guessed it, Riv.
  5. He's got neat skills, has good endurance and just seems to know where the ball is going. He's the same build as Langdon and seems to play the same role just running up and down the wing. He's still wearing the red hat which is "no tackle" (I assume) but he's showing no sign of the ACL. It's hard to judge in training but he just looks like he can play. I've seen 4 sessions now and he hasn't missed a beat. He just seems to be involved but that could just be the red hat.
  6. Training was underway by 9.10 when I arrived and my first port of call was rehab. Walking around to the rehab group I look for Vanders but sadly no sign. I don't think we can deduce anything from him not being there. He was fine on Monday so hopefully, and most likely, it's just managing his loads. There were three in rehab. Joney, Petty and KK. They were doing the usual running of around 100m repetitions and as always didn't seem to be in any trouble. But that was all they did for the day and they didn't do a lot. Later, Bennell and Oscar Baker made an appearance but didn't do any work that I saw although by that stage I'd moved to the other side of the ground and wasn't concentrating on rehab. There was still no sign of Spargo. So onto the drills. Across the ground from flank to flank teams of initially 8 per team would move the ball by foot from one end to the other. Lots of hard running in these drills and the kicking was okay. Later this exercise reduced to 6 and was handball only. Much more running as quick at that. There were a couple of highlights involving the new boys. The first was Kossi, nobody could catch him and his lateral movement and ability to avoid tackles was very good. His skills are also very good, natural and duel sided. The second was Rivers in the 6 player handball drill. In this drill a player was often out the back and able to run into the open "goal" and as Viney ran in Rivers took him down, hard. It was the only tackle of the sot that I saw and I reckon Viney loved it. Rivers looks very like Fritsch in his movement and physique and has similar kicking skills. Jackson was also very good in these drills. He's exceptionally athletic and is also duel sided by hand. I haven't noticed whether he has the same skill by foot. He's very quick off the mark and for a young bean pole he's really well coordinated. His ball handling is also clean and he knows how to be involved. None of the young blokes looked out of place in these drills. They moved on to a short session of match sim with some body contact by it was not fierce. Someone else may be able to explain but there are two teams but there are also two who wear white vests. No idea what the point is here but today it was CWagner and Melk. No real standouts in the match sim for me but it was brief. They then broke into four groups. One was goal kicking, one marking with the emphasis on positioning, one was clearance work and the final one was tackling, wrestling and some really gruelling exercises. This last group was exhausting just to watch but the players really seemed to enjoy it, particularly the wrestling. They finished with some running with Langdon, Jordan, Sparrow doing well but in the final 400m run around the group ANB dominated. Bedford also was very good, Neita right up there along with Hunt and Oscar. Training finished at about 11.30. With a fit list this year Casey will be fun to watch if the young blokes are playing. I'd expect Sparrow to make a bit of a run at senior footy and Neita looks likely. The last few spots in the best 22 will be interesting to see.
  7. As to you lefty! Didn't realise it was you. Did you know it was me when we chatted? Keep safe mate.
  8. It was hot and windy, difficult conditions that we handled pretty well. Rehab: Vanders and Petty. Pretty much the same as last week. Joined all drills other than the zoning drill I will describe later. Jones and KK. Walked a few laps and then did multiple 100 metre runs around the boundary at about half pace. Neither looked at all inconvenienced. Hannan. Similar to Jones and KK except he ran straight line 100m working up from slow to three quarter pace. Did some specific exercises with one of the physio's concentrating on gait and agility. Spargo: unsighted Bennell: a late arrival and did some gentle boundary running. Tomlinson and Baker: walking That's it for rehab. All the other players did the full session other than Jackson, Rivers and Pickett who joined some of the drills and some specialized drills away from the main group. It was a "craft" day today from what I could tell. There was no match sim but many drills concentrating on specific areas. The main drill of interest was two "teams" practicing zoning and kicking within the zone. The players were continually telling each other where to go, where to stand and alerting them to opposition positioning. The "playing area" was about half the size of a soccer field. Other drills involved marking and spoiling exercises in a three man up situation. Still others involved kicking to leading forwards and there was some "loose" goal kicking practice. The session was only about 2 hours and not nearly as intense as last week, nor as long. The session was one where individual players didn't really stand out but Steve May's kicking is a thing of beauty. In difficult conditions he regularly found tight targets. Beyond that no player really caught my notice for either good or bad reasons. Pickett was there and moves really nicely, is clean with the ball and disposes well. He'll play earlier than many think, particularly if Bennell isn't available. Jackson continues to impress with his skills (and I only mention this because of the concern prior to draft). All in all a low key session in hot and difficult conditions.
  9. I haven't seen enough of him Dazzle to know what the club might have in mind. I'd be stunned if he played midfield early and I think if he plays early it will be as third forward with ruck relief for Gawn. What I do think is this kid has some pretty unique talents. Someone call him a unicorn. Develop him properly, don't rush him and play him when he's earned it and is ready in a role that doesn't demand too much of him. ANB: my take on ANB is that he's a fair player in a good team but one who will struggle in a bad team (like last year). He's got skills that can prosper when there are good players around him but he can't make the play at AFL level. It's why he struggled last year. Gisberts: I don't understand why people continue to pot this bloke. It wasn't his fault he was picked early by an incompetent national recruiting manager and joined a disfunctional club. He won two rising stars, he earned Brownlow votes. He was an MFC player who after the arrival of Mark Neeld may well have suffered some mental illness issues. So how about we just get off the kids back, in another environment he may well have thrived, he could certainly play.
  10. Just as a summary this is a list of the players not in full training due to some level of injury Jones Spargo Brayshaw?? KK Hannan Baker Petty AVB Bennell As far as I can tell that's about it. Of those, AVB and Petty are very close and Brayshaw is probably okay. Oh, and just another comment. I was very impressed with Tom Sparrow today. Was in everything and really looked the part. He's a solid boy and looks to have the body to play AFL now, he's aggressive at the ball and he kicks it quite well. There was a fair bit to like today.
  11. Just back from training. I got there at 9.12 but I was late. They were already out there doing some warm up drills and gentle kicking. The first person I saw was Vanders. He did all the drills other than the match sims and a few of the specialist drills at the end where instead he ran 300m at a fair pace with Harry Petty. He looks in good shape. Petty also completed some of the drills at one stage taking a great grab over Preuss. Bennell and Tomlinson joined the rehab group at about 10 but I don't know what they did as I was on the other side of the ground. After a few handball keepings off type drills where unlike Wednesday there was "respectful tackling" they did match sims. It wasn't full on in terms of tackling but it was in terms of pace. And the news from the sims is "Jack's back". Vines was absolutely outstanding, got leather poisoning, was hard at it and added blind turns, good kicking, clean hand and great balance and agility to the sim. Melk had a great patch where he had it on a string, Fritter was on the end of a few, TMac marked very well and Weed held some good grabs. May's kicking is outstanding and Lever was also busy down back. Jackson and Rivers played the first sim and Jackson is so agile, found the ball in play and moves like a mid with good vision and execution including one blind turn and give off highlighting his work. Rivers looks likely particularly early. Clean, agile and a lovely kick. Neita and Hunt were opposed on my wing. Both were involved and Neita reminds me of a young Langdon with a better kick. I like what I'm seeing of him as he looks a natural winger to me (if there is such a position) and it will be interesting to see how he goes this year. One to watch. Another who impressed was Chandler. He's got a lot of good attributes with speed and agility being the standouts. He can kick too. The downer was Brayshaw leaving early although he didn't look too distressed. It wasn't a leg injury so I really can't add much. Hannan and KK were in rehab and not working very hard. These two don't look close to me. Jones wasn't there when I was but apparently walked some laps before I got there. After the second match sim selected groups did different things. But there were a number who literally ran off to AAMI not to be seen again. There was a clear emphasis on tackling again, Lewis was working with different players on goal kicking snaps and Stafford was working with Jackson on his kicking which looked pretty good to me. I could confirm what we know. Weed has really filled out and looks good taking some nice marks and kicking well. Oh, the other to be really involved was Hibbo. Ran well, defended and had a heap of it but for a lovely looking kick can he miss targets. He's done it his whole career with us so nothing much has changed. Lockhart was also impressive in patches and JJ also was involved. I left at about 11.50 when I decided the footy's were away but they were still going after 12. A long hard session with many of the players looking spent.
  12. I'd like to ask him who he expects to jump out of the pack this year and surprise. Also, where is Petty pencilled in to play. Some really good questions suggested here, mine are mundane.....
  13. I think this is a big misconception. Keeping players in the 2's and letting them learn their craft there rather than in seniors when they are not really ready for it is a big plus for me. Let players develop at their appropriate level and promote them when they are ready. Secondly we are not in "development" mode, we are in "win the flag mode". The player that is the most valuable to the team at the time plays. I hope we've passed the "give the kids a game to give them a taste" stage. We're better than that. A good moneyball selection for mine.
  14. On drafting: Moneyball selection, very good depth and can play competent AFL footy. I support it. On training: He seemed mainly to be at the other end to me and by the end of training looked spent. Look he's the player he was at Essendon and will be the same for us. Good luck to him but I suspect if he plays the FD will be disappointed that Weed or TMac haven't kept him out (injury or form).
  15. I could say autocorrect but I’d be lying. Jackson of course with apologies to the man himself. Perhaps I should change my name to Old Baghdad Bob.
  16. I arrived at about 9.15 with things well underway. I won't repeat what Demonland has said about rehab and missing players only to confirm that TMac was doing gentle agility runs and small kicks in rehab when I arrived but didn't look in any trouble at all. The missing as far as I could tell were Jones, KK, AVB, Spargo. The drills included the "handball game" where you had to handball to a teammate and run the ball down the "ground" for a goal. A missed handball or a "touched" player with ball was a turnover. They did this at full steam for about 30 minutes and looked exhausted at the end of it. Then onto the ground sims and I'm not surprised some of the skills were off. The was gentle contact in the drills but no physical pressure. On the sidelines were a rotating group with a heavy emphasis on tackling technique with a coach I didn't know. There was wrestling and some exhausting looking drills one which included diving under a person's leg and then bunny hopping back over them. They seemed to do about 20 of these. The new boys were involved in all these but didn't do the match sim stuff. They finished with running. Most were doing 100 metre run throughs but Gawn, Preuss, Trac, JJ, Dunkley, Sparrow, Langdon and Brayshaw were doing repeat 300 metre runs around the boundary. JJ won each one in about 50 seconds. They did about 6 with somewhere between 20 seconds and two minutes intervals. I left when the footy's were put away shortly after. Some player observations: Trac. It's been said before but he looks in ripping condition and just looks a cut above everyone else with his speed, ball handling, kicking and agility. He stood out like dogs testicles. Joel Smith - trained well I thought particularly in the handball games. No sign of any residual physical issues from last season. JJordan - looks in really good shape. He doesn't look quick in a straight line but had no trouble in the handball drills finding space and executing. His running is great. Neita - first time I'd really seen him. Not what I thought. He's a half back flank/wing runner. Not a big body but found a lot of space in the sims although his kicking was a bit off. He wasn't the only one. ANB - boy, can this bloke run. Was in everything but no noticeable improvement in execution. Hibberd - how can someone with such a nice kicking action miss so many targets? He looks to have taken off some weight over the off season. Jackson - reports about his poor kicking have been grossly overstated. Kossi - will be a fan favourite. Didn't see much of him today as the young kids clearly being managed. Rivers - moved nicely and not shy. All he did today was good but I didn't see him under any pressure. Hunt - looks good but struggles to get involved. Sparrow - second in the runs behind JJ and was involved. Chandler - did some really nice things. Has pace, was sure with the ball and clean. Impressive Dunkley - the invisible man. Probably got heaps but just seems to be one of those players you don't notice. It was windy today and by the time they did the sims they'd gone hard for about 90 minutes. I'm not surprised they were a bit scrappy. But if Trac stays fit - get excited.
  17. If AVB is fit he’ll be one of the first selected. You can take that to the bank.
  18. What type of player is Sokol. Who would he replace in the best 22? How much coverage for the Sokol position do we have and how much coverage for the Brown position do we have. I think it's more about list balance than anything.
  19. In my view this is a very overplayed issue for us. It's easy to forget that in 2018 we were the highest scoring team in the comp but some margin. You don't do that unless you've got skill, move the ball quickly and know what you're doing. There was a lot made of the "chaos" ball but again that was overplayed. Last year we weren't fit, hadn't practiced and had around 15 injured most weeks. That led to our lack of speed and poise. I'm very excited about Jackson and Pickett. I think we've drafted well and safely over the last 5 years but we've lacked flair, particularly once Garlett faded. Now we have two very high octane X factor players, we have Bennell in the wings and we're fit for this time of year. It's all pretty positive as far as I can see. I don't get excited over highlight tapes usually, but these guys really do have some tricks.
  20. So in a nutshell you say we should bid on Green to deny GWS an additional pick even if we rate Jackson higher. I say we should just take who we want and let the cards fall. There are 16 other clubs as well as GWS Rusty, we need to be the best we can be, not sacrifice outselves for the whole competition. Anyway I've had my say.
  21. Rusty we want Jackson (by all accounts). If we select him it's because we want him. If we want Green we'll bid on him. Our primary objective is to get the best player (by our judgement). We are not going to bid on Green just to stop GWS getting one more player. One more good player to GWS is like coals to Newcastle. Playing games with you're draft picks and bidding will find you out. If Green is as good as you say some will bid on him early. If not he's not rated by others as he is here.
  22. Why wouldn't other clubs pick Green if he was best available at the spot. It means GWS will have to use more of their picks for points and if they don't match the bid the other club gets Green who is best available. It's a no lose situation for the bidding club. We won't bid on Green because we want Jackson and we suspect GWS won't match. Sure we deny them a pick but we miss the player we want. That's just dumb.
  23. Rusty you've spent a lot of time looking a vision but you are missing something if you think we are solely drafting a ruckman. He's a high possession winning tall who Taylor believes will play forward. We aren't drafting a ruckman. It's frustrating that there is a lack of vision of him playing forward but Taylor has seen him do this multiple times. You're flying blind, he isn't. Again I haven't seen Green play but I see in two phantom drafts now that predict he is unlikely to be bid on until later in the top 10. These guys are professional recruiters, they want to keep their job so they do as well as they can. If the first (say) 8 clubs don't bid on Green then how silly would we be to do it. This draft speculation is lots of fun but we are amateurs with only part of the information and vision the recruiters have. Time to trust their judgement.
  24. Hey @Axis of Bob how did we do? What did you think of our strategy and were you surprised at the draft order. While you're at it, tatts numbers please!!
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