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  1. Rawlings wasn't "moved on", he went to NM and was poached. So only one assistant was moved on and McCartney had been there for a long time. I would have thought that it was healthy to have a few assistant coach changes - new voice, new message and all that and I'm surprised it wasn't a few more. Jennings (I think) wants to coach his own team with a view to getting into a senior coaching position, Viney's role was administrative and Sam Pietsch was strength and conditioning. Yes 2019 was a horror show, I didn't enjoy it at all. But then when I realized that only about 4 players had uninterrupted preseasons and seasons I understood why. If we fall in a heap this season then it's a real worry but I'm pretty confident we won't.
  2. Well I think you're right in terms of who we will select but it says volumes about Goodwin. I didn't bother opening the thread on Goodwin during the season as I suspected it was full of wrist slashing and irrational criticisms of him. But I saw enough references in other threads to confirm my suspicions. But one thing is pretty clear. Goodwin is an outstanding communicator and representative of our Club. Whilst I think his pressers are bland and usually say nothing (a frustration to supporters seeking information but probably a skill in itself) he has been front and centre at attracting players and staff to our club. When interviewed players leaving or joining our Club invariably mention how impressed they are with Goodwin and footy department personnel such as Burgess and Richardson have said similar. He is largely responsible for attracting targetted people to our FD. I know there will be those who question Goodwin after last year but it's pretty clear from what Burgess said (16 of the 22 who played in the PF had post season surgery) that 2019's performance is mainly the result of fitness and injury to players. I think Goodwin is a fantastic coach and we are lucky to have him. Next season will tell us a lot but I'm supremely confident.
  3. I've missed you so much Pro, welcome back.
  4. I don't know why so many have so much difficulty "getting it". Frost was traded because we had a surplus in his position, he was out of contract and he was worth something. And with what we got for Frost we could spend on what we needed - Langdon. Trading Frost wasn't us saying Frost was no good, he was traded for something valuable because he was good. It's not hard. Have another go at understanding it.
  5. I'm not in the slightest bit disappointed to be using our first pick on an elite HBF if that's what he turns out to be and that's who we pick. We are pregnant with midfielders but our small back situation is close to dire. Hibberd is finished, or close to, Jetta is getting on, Salem is the only small back with a good period left to play and I'm not sure who else we've got. Whoever it is will have to either move from a better position (Harmes, Brayshaw, Fritsch) or jump out of the pack - Lockhart, Sparrow. Good distributors from half back are gold as Redleg is saying, just look at Whitfield, Sheppard, Hurn, Houli and Haynes. I'm all for getting someone of that class.
  6. A preliminary final was much better than average and if you can't see why there was a significant decline in 2019 I can't help you, and heavens knows I've tried. Can you name the half that got flung.
  7. How did they go in 2018 or have you forgotten?
  8. Mahoney might threaten to go to all the other suitors for Frost. Oh, that’s right, how many other suitors are there? We’ll get what we can, we don’t have any cards. Strange isn’t it, with so many here thinking Frost is such a good player his services aren’t more in demand. Mahoney shouldn’t bluff. Get the deal done and move on. We need the list space and we have no cards.
  9. Don't people get sick of bagging Oscar? It's such a bore. Last time I looked he played for us and hence we should support him.
  10. I don’t think anyone is thinking Papley for pick 3. We’d want something pretty significant back.
  11. I rate Papley higher than most here. If someone had told me we'd trade pick three for Papley and Langdon I'd have been fairly happy. So on that basis pick 3 for Papley and Sydney's second rounder fits. We won't get him, his salary is the sticking point and if NM are offering $800,000 that's us out of the equation. But he's exactly what we need and we should be in the conversation.
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