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  1. We can’t score for the life of us. Every inside 50 entry is just spoiled or intercept marked. I’ve never seen teams be able to just transition the ball from their defensive 50 easier than when they play against us. We have overrated our team. No avenue to goal, no defensive running and never play man on man. Teams just kick around uncontestedly for the most parts of the game and then kick into their inside 50 with ease. Season over. Play some kids and try to unearth talent for next year. Hopefully May and lever are back and injury free for next year.
  2. Our game plan and list is so bad. We are so unbelievable slow, we can’t double back quick enough to match up on opposition players streaming to goal. When we go inside 50 the team we play just flood and crumb every time the ball hits the deck and just run in waves. We also get drawn to the ball like bees to a honey pot and completely forget about the outside contest, which results in us forgetting to man up defensively if the ball spills out. As a team it looks like we have 5 less numbers out there on the ground which comes down to game plan and hard running. We spent 3 first round draft picks on two backline players who can’t even get on the back. Need outside class and speed desperately. I’m so over this club and lack of ability.
  3. Out: Wagner J, Wagner C, Spargo In: Lewis, Jetta, Lockhart
  4. “OH Viney.. Viney Viney Viney!!!!”
  5. Bump. Slid to pick 57 as I predicted. Would kill for a small forward like Miers right now. 🙄
  6. Is May really in trouble? It looked like he braced himself and Berry just ran his chin into his shoulder lol?
  7. I haven't seen a player warm up to a club as much as May. He generally looks excited and it shows through his involvement in the media as well as his videos he does with the club. Will be a passionate general down back. Awesome pick up.
  8. The biggest free agent we’ve landed since it entered the AFL system was Shannon Byrnes. That needs to change. I want the club to activately go hard for a free agent next year whilst keeping our draft picks. We gave away pick 6 for May and KK when May could have been a free agent next year. We recruited Lever by paying overs in two first round picks. It’s time the club lands a big fish whom will provide us with an immediate impact and success without having to give away a single pick.
  9. I reckon we take Ed McHenry. Awesome two way running, won the yo-yo test. Great endurance and a small forward. Would compliment Spargo as a mosquito fleet. Ideal replacement for Kent and Garlett nearing end of his career.
  10. Lmao, I heard that bloke also. “Steven May just another Oscar Mcdonald sliding into our back line” 😂😂
  11. Not overly happy with this. Sad to see Hogan go.
  12. Surprisingly, majority of the public and north supporters reckon they got the short end of the stick with this deal.
  13. Anyone else concerned with our lack of depth after this trade period?
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