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  1. Bit of reverse psychology Mr Roo’s? I hope it works!
  2. What about the dropping the ball rule, if you take possession of the ball and don’t dispose of it correctly by hand (apparently you can throw it) or foot and the ball spills out because of a good tackle it’s not a free because the good tackle knocked it out, ffs if you possess the ball it’s your responsibility to maintain and dispose of it correctly. Games changed so much since I played with only 1 umpire running around doing a better job than 3 bozos doing it in today’s game 😳
  3. Said he would ease back in with managed game time, I presume at Casey.
  4. Lever is the only player that should speak to the media, he talks well and sounds very adept at answering questions on the team. Maybe a future captain, certainly a leader.
  5. Great too notch up a win against the pp’s. We have lots to work on. Some solid players too come back after injuries. I hope we keep improving. It’s a nice Sunday. 😁
  6. Unfortunately we only ever have small wins here and there DV8, then we fug it up the next week or season, so the majority of our supporters don’t no what a winning culture is like and their probably ain’t too many still around too remember the golden era. I will never turn my back on the club tho. 🤪
  7. Groundhog Day, nothing’s changed as far as MFC suck at this game of footy. It has made me wonder why none of the so called experts, who all put us in the top 4, haven’t really sunk the boots in and called us for what we are as a team, hopeless turnover skill less bath water drinking clueless unfit little league downhill skiers............SO I DID HERE, outta sheer weight of disappointment ova the decades 😳 So that’s how smart they are in the media, keep building us up because they no eggsactly that the Dee’s will drink it as usual and so we shall fail again and stay the laughing stock of the AFL. Seriously where is our so called talent and leaders that we all THOUGHT we had disappeared too. Every other team looks so much more physical and skilful than us, sure we can look ok for a 1/4, maybe. WTF is going on at this club FFS. Sorry this rant was bought on by barracking for that team too beat the druggies today. I wish our team could play with that intensity and physicality and win and lose and I wouldn’t have to vent in this way. Boy it’s gunna be hard to watch our team for ???? Wow big text
  8. I’m a bit confused at the centre bounces, why in particular Oliver feels the need to make contact with an opponent when he just needs to see ball get ball, just move too space and make them chase you, he clearly puts too much emphasis on contact with opponents at most stoppages, he’s also not the greatest pest either unless he’s just winning the ball, that’s when the oppo hate him and we love him!
  9. I hope this isn’t the the ‘old’ untrustworthy dees wise! A great win and another hoodoo team, ground and buddy put too rest. The 10 day break will help with the injuries too the list hopefully. Credit too the coach and players for turning it around after the qrt and a bit that looked very familiar too our start too the season. A lot of good signs of things that can help us move fwd, IF, we can back it up.
  10. Another game, ho hum, no confidence it’ll go our way.
  11. Unfortunately my only trust in this team is of more misery to unfold. We are so overrated it’s becoming a joke that I almost believed. I cannot see us winning a game we are so bad compared too the skill and mindset of ALL the rest of the competition, yeah, including the blubags. How can we trust this club when it has such a great track record of letting us supporters down. We must be very thick skinned as supporters of the dees that I don’t think we have any feelings under that skin, or is it that we’re stupid, no offence meant! But I would like too think it’s purely because we’re loyal fighters too the end. Pity our team doesn’t have the same loyalty and fight in it week in week out. Wow, writing this hasn’t helped me one iota. Totally blind faith because I was there in 64........or was that a dream!
  12. No nomination and again Mr Brayshaw is not penalised for the mouse trap down at gheelong, I dislike the nominating. The rule was to stop the 3rd man up, "simplesness" penalise the fool who's infringing.
  13. We dunno yet do we? Glad I could contribute.
  14. Well done in getting Jacko, I look fwd too listening in.
  15. FMD, rules committee should be renamed confusion committee. Still nominating a ruckman is so effing ridiculous and time wasting. Don’t mind that the ruckman can take possession at bounce and throw in’s, it’s the only thing they seem too have got right. Did they even look at the interpretation of the so called taking out of the legs, they’ve had plenty of examples of where it was paid when it shouldn’t have, eg. Brayshaw. Our game is fast, chaotic and tough to umpire, players make mistakes so do umpires, the basic rules I remember (a long time ago) playing under have been totally compromised with all the add on’s that have been created or should that be “upgraded”. Thank f...k I love our Demons, and I like footy’s new “chaotic” game, the players these days are super athletes, the confusion committee should go back too the basics.
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