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  1. It would be get a long term sponsor, Instead of changing every couple years like a couple of the more powerful clubs.
  2. I just purchased but they have said will send a separate email with the ticket. Has anyone received there ticket yet in there email?
  3. 6 - Jones 5 - Garlett 4 - Hibberd 3 - Oliver 2 - Hannan 1- Melksham
  4. Out - JKH and Hannan In - Ben Ken and Stretch
  5. If your a Melbourne member how much do you have to pay to get in today?
  6. It would be the time to jump on now, as it well be our most successful season we will have had for at least a decade.
  7. Has there been any word on new sponsors for 2017. I know we aren't too bad financially but obviously it will help.
  8. 6. Viney 5. T Mcdonald 4. Watts 3. Kennedy 2. Oliver 1. N. Jones
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