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  1. Is that another new rule that few if any have heard of?
  2. FFS Hibberd is just out of his second operation in a few weeks span - wouldn't rush him back either. The incision alone, having been reopened so soon, would be painful and tender enough, let alone whatever went wrong with the inserted hardware and the bone.
  3. That moron Christian will justify anything he is told to from above. Can't have important Freo players out too long, and after all it was only a MFC player he butted.
  4. Must be a pack of deplorable racists!? Christian really has no idea - still, as an AFL appointee I guess one wouldn't expect him to.
  5. Maybe after all the [censored] piled on him from here he needs a 'mental health' break from the pressure. Yeah, of course. He requested a trade to Colonwood so that he could play as a high flying forward Perhaps our new "elite performance" guy, or whatever his title will be, can help here?
  6. Mach5 - you will see that chook’s 3 Ps did not include Philosophy (and chook, I don’t think he is 🇵🇱) 🙄
  7. Wasn’t wondering, actually, but will note that KK is also of that genre, as was Mark Jamar whom the ignorant Phil Clearly referred to as The Russian. (Just in case anyone was interested, which I suspect not.) 🙄
  8. OMG. They actually can run the ball and get a goal? Hiding their talents under a bushel all year? GO DEES!
  9. Which 50%? Almost certainly the first 50% - the Sports Wagering bit and not the Integrity Monitoring
  10. Just happens to be a colon wood bye week 🙄 And as for not being allowed to boo re disability - does Gill class incompetence and poor vision as disabilities?
  11. Of course that wasn’t high on Max - over shoulder at least. Bald [censored]! Edit: Not sure if that was censored because the maggot wasn’t bald or [censored] is unacceptable here as well as at Doglands.
  12. just too easy to score against us all the hard work going forward without rewards using the expression “game plan” for Goodwin is an oxymoron
  13. All these inside 50s, yet again, wasted. Then they go forward- goal! What awful teasers our guys are. 😡😡😡
  14. Well if he read some of the continuing personal negative posts on this forum one wouldn’t be really surprised. He is a MFC listed player, as is his brother ..... constructive criticism may be useful but the continuing negativity (spud, dud , etc) is not helpful to anyone. It almost seems than once some posters feel a player is not going to be a star, or even not make the grade (as many from all clubs don’t) they enjoy seeing them fail and stick the knives in at every opportunity. I wish him well and hope he recovers from whatever is troubling him, and that he comes back hard and makes these naysayers eat their words. GO DEMONS!
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