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  1. At this stage the first requirement would be an actual football season🙄
  2. Only saw the least 5-10 minutes. Looked so like 2020 .... randoM inside 50s .... no goals. Opposution easy systematic inside 50s .... easy goals. What have we learned?
  3. It seems Adelaide’s magnificent ex leader missed an opportunity to snatch the game in the dying moments. 🤗🤗
  4. Hasn’t this been done for years, maybe way back, for Port Adelaide games? I didn’t watch much of last night but what happened when the ball went out into the empty stands?
  5. More than likely that one at least of the (?) 650 is at very least an asymptomatic carrier.
  6. It will mean that inevitably a player somewhere will get the Mexican beer bug and the whole competition will have to shut down. As I said, a pack of morons.
  7. Just watched the final few minutes. How moronic are so many players of both sides not merely shaking hands after the siren but embracing. I wonder if they understand that the reason there are no spectators are exactly the same as should have them bring more restrained.
  8. Good to see that the beer isn't that lethal Mexican stuff!
  9. Well that sounds like a brilliant Gil / Shocking idea. Spread out in the open air stands ..... no, let’s cram them all in behind glass. 😱
  10. Well done Mitch. Hope to see you back soon.
  11. Has Dank joined us? 😱
  12. One week at a time. IF we get to play WCE without their feral crowd maybe that is a win for us.
  13. Does Corona draft taste like Carlton draft? I usually prefer a bottle. and is that draft or draught?
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