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  1. Are you referring to HB on low wage of KK on a lot more?
  2. Maybe he married a TV star and lost interest in his princely duties. Seriously. Jurrah soft? Fragile, maybe, but I never felt he was soft.
  3. Sure fitness and endurance will inevitably improve but as I recall Bwooooce’s previous love child, Cyrrrrrrriiilllll did his best work in short bursts and rarely was dominant for a full game (happy to be corrected on that).
  4. Time. That is really damning with feint praise. Snow White’s septet of beaus could almost meet the same description. 🙄
  5. Good point JD. Baker as far as I read has had little mention in training reports. Surely if he can't get up for any of 2020 then he should retire (or be delisted).
  6. Melbourne have all too often known how to beat themselves in recent years, without any more input from Richo 😫
  7. I Gil boasting about something in that picture? Or maybe a Christmas wish?
  8. I agree with those who feel it too early to write Dunkley off, though that said, all good teams have good quality “depth players”.
  9. This from a sulking whinger whose opinion I care even less about than that of Mark Robinson.
  10. Big call. Hope you are right. How do we bookmark this?
  11. I am not an orthopod or a physio but the plantaris is a tiny muscle amongst some big company. (I tore mine once and it hurt like hell for a few weeks but hadn’t bothered me since, not that I run or jump much.) But as I understand it its tendon can somehow irritate the big boys around it (soleus and gastrocnemius) without causing them permanent damage. The theory behind the surgery seems to be that removing the irritant allows the main muscles to go on unhindered. Kossie’s tackling technique, around the hips, looks great and will cause a good deal of grief especially for those with less core strength than CP5. Deeman. I had hoped to do just that but the link to the article wouldn’t open. Sure. Nice photo, but was that guy ever any good? After all didn't the Hawks delist him? 🙄😱
  12. Moonshaddow. You are totally delusional to think that the AFL and its MRO (or whatever they call it next year) even know what the word "objectivity" means.
  13. He was "called" A lot like Harry O (though a better player) If Brooooce was naming the side both Prancer and Cyrrriill would be permanent members.
  14. Not quite sure how my post morphed into what your post quoted mine as saying?
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