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  1. Great summation of where the club stands right now SWYL. Confidence shot like the rest of the team. Doesn’t have a target most of the time.
  2. Surprised that olisik isn’t calling for him to be traded or delisted already. He is having a [censored] end to the season - who hasn’t?
  3. Question: can one find something that is not there? If it has been lost there is some hope of finding it, but if it isn’t actually not there then there is no hope.
  4. There is .... a fast moving express train ... headed right for us 😡
  5. “Fail to plan; plan to fail”. Another game lost at the selection table Was this the master coach’s shrewd plan when Max needed a well earned rest - play CP5 in the ruck?? And Preuss, whilst not a great player by any means, would have made mince meat of the Swans’ rucks, AND have given us a solitary tall forward option to at least hold their taller defenders accountable - but even though he won 1001 hit outs at VFL last week, .....?!
  6. I find Leonard Cohen's final album, released just a week or so before he died, You Want it Darker, more suits my mood.
  7. I didn't rejoin after the weak pathetic loss to the drug addled Essendon 3rds, until this year when I thought that they had regained some pride and passion. I agree with you demonique - certainly will not join again unless and until I see some pride and some passion. I actually find it stressful to my heart to watch this sort of garbage.
  8. Anyone who actually had the mental toughness to watch the whole game - 1. How did Chandler go? I see he lead the field in tackles (9 on debut, equal with Viney and 7 more than the other co-captain). 2. Did Max get any ruck relief at all? 3. What went wrong with Bailey Fritsch - looked ok at the start? Injured?
  9. Hope so but it is huge ask, AND would require firstly admitting that the game plan, such as it is, is seriously flawed and needs a total rejig. Then we need some hard [censored] Clarkson like coaching with NO excuses accepted. Could be done if the troops really want it. Wont hold my breath though, as I don't want to suffocate.
  10. Agree. Goodwin (should be renamed Badloss) talks of loss of connection between mids and forwards - he has yet to admit total loss of connection between the club and those who prop it up, us supporters.
  11. It certainly looks like the coach has lost them, or vice versa. Either way it will be another ugly and depressing (for us all here) year in 2020 unless there are massive changes in staff, in game plan (assuming we have actually had one) and in passion and dedication.
  12. Can anyone answer this? Has any team ever wasted inside 50s as much as MFC? Tonight 53 point, 9 goal loss, with ten (10) more I 50s. How bad is our structure? Goody, please answer. How inept are our midfield and forward "specialist coaches"? I presume the full season or season to date progressive numbers are somewhere - are we THE worst converters ever?
  13. Is this still a genuine question? Structure - 0/10 Passion -0/10 Flexibility - 0/10 Just where does he rate any higher?
  14. Maybe we can hope, forlornly, that this year is the aberration and not 2018.
  15. Do we have a strategy coach, a tackling coach, a kicking coach, an opposition watch coach?? Indeed do we actually have a coach at all??
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