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  1. Lucufer. A typical MFC near enough is close enough attitude - nothing wrong with aspiring to 12w /0l at the bye. 🙄🤗
  2. Spot on LI. Absolutely no excuse for poor performances based on lack of fitness.
  3. Not sure JSK - that would require at least two mental qualities that I have not seen in this particular poster: insight and humility.
  4. Ox. Beat me to it. I had cut and was ready to paste exactly the same paragraph. One of the very best pieces of news in a very long time. 🤗🤗🤗 All water under the bridge now, but one wonders if even he would be able to help Frosty with these particular aspects of his game, especially decision making? Perhaps he tried and failed, so felt it was better to cut our losses and send him to Hawthorn.
  5. I agree (not even considering his coming off a drug ban🙄). Frost-like dash with a better footy brain. ??
  6. In what was has Spartacus’ body changed? Leaner, muscular, legs grown longer 😱? Did he look “more athletic” or stronger? Did you see him in the kicking drills? Longer? More penetration? For a little bugger he had a reasonable debut season but seemed to have the second year blues. Hope he can gain some traction again.
  7. Gil "..... its only Melbourne. Will anyone notice?"
  8. They could go to DC and catch up with The Donald ! OMG - surely that cannot be allowed on the same plane ! Imagine ....
  9. Any expert opinions as to his "best position"?
  10. ...and Kane, nobody actually cares what (or indeed whether) you think.
  11. This is, to use a much overused word, tragic for young Paddy. Not just to lose a footy career, but for the lifelong issues that may develop. As mentioned above, our often criticised medical staff have handled Angus and Nev's concussion issues with care and patience. Certainly better that in an earlier era, Daniel Bell. I really look forward to hearing, for better or for worse, how KK is headed. Hopefully our medicos have kept him at a low profile as part of his recovery process, as well as respecting his privacy. Hope all turns out well.
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