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  1. “Our brand as a football club .............” ”an improvement ......” ”happy that we kicked 2 goals after quarter time .... wasn’t that good?”
  2. A long term Melbourne trait. Easy to score against and can’t stop runs. Even last year when we were winning.
  3. It is after all the players not the coaches who play the game, and only they can chase, shepherd, team up etc So, 11, it is either poor instruction or poor implementation
  4. Even if they did “analyst it” they obviously have not learned much. Insanity is continuing to do what does not work.
  5. I hope that our players were required to watch the Cats v Hawks game in its entirety, though I guess if our coaching staff are too arrogant or too far up themselves to have reviewed, and learned from, our PF loss then they were probably told to relax and eat a batch of Easter eggs, and turn up for their paychecks on Thursday regardless Delivery into 50 was for the most part precise and looked as if there was actually a plan, with a bail out plan as well ....... still I guess with our team having so many entries into 50 they may feel we don’t actually need a plan or any skills either. How absolutely gutting to watch these two teams, who we convincingly booted out of the finals only 8 or 9 games ago, thinking they were on the slide, fighting back whilst we just roll over and meekly capitulate in what has sadly become our style.
  6. What, are we going to move both of them on to a professionally run club?
  7. To me at the time this seemed to be so arrogant and a wasted opportunity to learn from our defeat by the ultimate premiers. We we’re hopelessly outplayed and out-coached: thorough analysis (without recriminations) could only have helped our development, yet the coaching staff appeared to share the delusion that this was an aberration. Since that day every time we have played it is clear that it was not. PS: are the cumulative season stats for this year and last for total inside 50s, percentage scores and percentage goals per inside 50 available somewhere? Our inability to convert what are usually dominant I 50 opportunities is appalling and reflects inept game plan and/or lazy forwards
  8. Exactly Tim. He didn’t actually click with Jesse. Best games for Tom, and for MFC, were without Jesse
  9. “We are easy to play against”! Shrewd and subtle observations like this must be why he is on such coin. Surely nobody else could see this 🙄
  10. Redesign the game plan assumes the presence of one, for which there is little evidence so far this year 🤬
  11. Wells You may be into something there. Could explain the inexplicable
  12. We do have Bailey Fritsch ..... but he is, I believe, being played as a defender.
  13. Chaplin or Goodwin? (Like TurnBull as a Liberal candidate)
  14. Out ; my interest in this unbelievably disappointing club for the remainder of 2019 In; more golf as my frequent disappointments are entirely of my own doing
  15. What do you mean bump? A firing squad would be more appropriate And do we have a forward and a midfield coach too? YET AGAIN DOMINATING HITOUTS AND INSIDE 50 AND CANNOT BLOODY SCORE? PISSWEAK.
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