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  1. Depends on how many scotches you (or they) have had. After a few more, elephants fly as well.
  2. Silly Red. We have the bye next week. Maybe you're thinking about the week / month / year after that?
  3. Hunt was something of a revelation up forward this year. Often he did fast leads straight towards the ball kicker - gave him a space advantage vs his opponent, and allowed the kicker to know exactly where to place the ball predictably for it to be marked.
  4. Hello darkness my old friend.... I think that was by Simon Can Get Funkled.
  5. How did the elephant get in the room??
  6. Hahaha. Pleasant relief from reality. But seriously.... Wots a subjunctive?
  7. As i recall, he also played forward in his early days at Casey. Wasn't a spectacular success and you don't want to pin any hopes on him to impact a game, but he didn't look all at sea there.
  8. You don’t tug on superman’s cape You don’t spit into the wind You don’t pull the mask of that old Lone Ranger And you don’t breathe on an Eagle
  9. I actually thought he looked more like a Sopwith Camel pilot. Tally ho old chap..... Pity we got shot down in the last qtr by the Red Baron and his squadron
  10. Think I recall a very good ‘down memory lane’ type of article about that park by @Whispering_Jack. Worth a read. It must still be on the site somewhere.
  11. Thank you OD for that ripe old suggestion, but I’m a bit too bent for public office.
  12. Is there some great historical achievement that the day celebrates? Was it the crowning of King Banana of the Banana Republic perhaps? Or maybe was it the birthday of the Top Banana? Were the bells peeling across the suburbs? Did the loyal fans go on a bender? So many questions with possibly fruitful answers.
  13. Credit to RG on another forum for a very funny comment: “At least we only have another 2-4 weeks of Misson. I’m not explaining that to people who don’t understand it”
  14. That’s pretty funny - telling an engorged onion to get stuffed
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