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  1. Now that viney is out with a foot/toe/fmd,I wonder if this is possible?
  2. http://m.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-07-14/viney-to-miss-round-17-clash MFCSS in full flight !
  3. Last year against the West Coast, he got the ball out to Hibberd -> TMac -> Miracle. No Clarry, no win!
  4. I remember Watts vs Lewis a few years ago, coming from opposite directions to contest a ground ball. Watts put his head over it and Lewis didn't. I thought it might be a sign from Jack, but no. Lewis has four flags, so wins any argument, but I don't like him trying to hack the ball out of a contest. Put your head over it..
  5. Mrs Frankie - a GP, would take offense - she has much better handwriting than I do! That would be an interesting list - best -> worst handwriting. Mrs Franke, the GP would be at one end, and I would be at the other... not a GP!
  6. What does it say on the board? Talls sp???? Wizard ??? Change lanes Anyone get 1 and 2 (3 - well, der)
  7. We look fast when we have the ball - chasing a better structured team is not the answer. Sure, we need pace. But we need to prevent the overlap, prevent the switch, prevent the run off half back. This is all about structure - not a foot race. It's coaching (or following instructions) - but I think coaching. TMac on the wing Hogan high Fritsch in defense Viney tagging Bad coaching decisions. Everyone flying - no small forwards. When we're good, we look real good. I don't think we're that good. I think we have the talent and the list. I think we need better coaching. Lost 3 in a row, now; same opposition methodology. Sigh
  8. In fact, the Hawks were notable for losing the cleareances... did OK there for a few years!
  9. So we've been worked out. One or 2 extras back and spread hard Same as it ever was
  10. What did that show? Really interested. I thought the signs were there last week against the doggies too
  11. So, is our much vaunted midfield as good as we think it is? Oliver, clearly, but the rest?
  12. couldn't get there. last week, smashed in clearances - but good enough to turn it over in our back 1/2 and score this week, smashed in clearances - and not good enough for those who know a bit - why failing "in the contest" ? personnel or plan or a bit of both.
  13. There was another delicately build Melbourne player... Superstar. If he's 1/10 good as the Sainted Tulip then he'll be just fine
  14. So what's with the clearances? It's usually a strength???
  15. Wet. Slippery. Messy football kind of day. I'm not used to this "expecting to win" thing...
  16. I'm old enough to remember another skinny left footer who took marks like that... Not saying that he's going to be anywhere Tulip, but that mark reminds me of our (IMHO) best ever player...
  17. I think Hannan and Fritsch have a ton of talent.
  18. It was a really big message. Hope our leaders saw it.
  19. Good summary. I wonder if the improvement after half time was us changing things up, or them getting worse?
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    Giving some % away late. Bad
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