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  1. I hope they do. Gawn was left to be worked over by Port Adelaide - we were weak. It took 3 years of Roos to eliminate the "soft" tag - it's coming back, I reckon. The midfield are hard around the ball, but the team doesn't fly the flag.
  2. bought some reserved seats but feeling the same way after living through Neeld, I never thought I'd see "long down the line to Jamar" as our main defensive transition "strategy". But that was all we had against StK (s/Jamar/Gawn/g). hugely disappointing - the losses under early Roos were ok - we could see what was happening and the defensive effort. this is dross.
  3. The players can play. I just think we've been worked out. Coaches. Out: not sure it will matter In: Peter Jackson
  4. Even our best are struggling. Oliver a shadow. Brayshaw keeps on trying.
  5. If we get done via the out-the-back-and-run method (see StK 2018, PA and Essendon 2019... Other references available on request), then I fear for the year. We're not slow when we have the ball, but we press up too high sometimes and open ourselves up - chasing always looks slow. Defensive coaching is the issue, I reckon, not personnel.
  6. I liked Spargo's game. He sets up goals with good disposal. Same as in the finals last year. I'd keep him in.
  7. First play of the match. Jones hacks it forward, we're outnumbered, they run it out and goal. Very resembling, Simon
  8. Ok. So what's the difference? Structure looks the same
  9. Yep. But irrelevant. This list should be doing better. It's not effort. Goodwin, looking at you. Judging you on performance
  10. It will have something to do with "resembling ourselves"
  11. I think I'm sensing a pattern. I don't think it's pace. It's game plan and structure surely. All that open space in their forward line... Ours totally congested
  12. Bomb it inside 50 to outnumbered forwards. They run it out and goal. Have we seen that before? fmd
  13. Best question asked on here for a long time. We played our brand, and got thrashed. What now, Simon?
  14. Oliver 41 possies. In a thrashing
  15. Um ...Hawkins had enough time to give away a goal - just stood in the goal square, waited for the second gamer to arrive, and give him the ball for a goal. Cones at training do better than we are doing. Oliver - star, never stop trying Braywhaw, Hibberd, Melksham and a few others 126 to 40 - and we have had nearly DOUBLE the inside 50s... Shocking
  16. I hope we don't hear from Goodwin that "we didn't resemble ourselves". We did. Huge inside 50s with no result, done out the back again and again. That's one of our classic losing modes. Did I mention no forward structure. Yes, it's wet.
  17. This Club's been through a bit... A young number 5 looked allright too.
  18. I got to the story through this https://thewest.com.au/sport/afl-trades/afl-trades-2018-demons-reject-fremantles-first-jesse-hogan-offer-ng-b88988383z they offered 11 and a "future second round pick" we told them to get stuffed
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