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  1. I get it that Frosty is limited, but how about playing him up on the wing when May/Lever get back? Val Perovic - 6'4" in the old money - went from the Saint to Carlton - and the other way (from wing to defense). We need the speed...
  2. This - he looks like Dippa. Not many other similarities, but same build, walk etc.
  3. Achhh how embarrassing. Too excited! Thanks praha... Won't happen again.
  4. Petracca, Melksham - a few key moments
  5. ugh - no reason to doubt this source. not a good look. infact, a [censored] look.
  6. Hawthorn's foot skills, for example Geelong with their ball movement from the back half (hand and foot skills) Both those teams "tweaked" their style over the years. Not sure our game plan is amenable to tweaking; as we've seen over the last few weeks, it's all or nothing. When we lose, we lose really badly - we have no "give" in our structures - they are brittle.
  7. Yep - that's how I got through the Neeld years. It would be great to be on edge every game, every year (think Hawthorn). But we've blown it, big time. The end of last year was a taste of how supporters of those clubs feel - back to normal transmission now, though. What a disgrace.
  8. I hope they do. Gawn was left to be worked over by Port Adelaide - we were weak. It took 3 years of Roos to eliminate the "soft" tag - it's coming back, I reckon. The midfield are hard around the ball, but the team doesn't fly the flag.
  9. bought some reserved seats but feeling the same way after living through Neeld, I never thought I'd see "long down the line to Jamar" as our main defensive transition "strategy". But that was all we had against StK (s/Jamar/Gawn/g). hugely disappointing - the losses under early Roos were ok - we could see what was happening and the defensive effort. this is dross.
  10. The players can play. I just think we've been worked out. Coaches. Out: not sure it will matter In: Peter Jackson
  11. Wonder what Jackson thinks about this?
  12. Even our best are struggling. Oliver a shadow. Brayshaw keeps on trying.
  13. If we get done via the out-the-back-and-run method (see StK 2018, PA and Essendon 2019... Other references available on request), then I fear for the year. We're not slow when we have the ball, but we press up too high sometimes and open ourselves up - chasing always looks slow. Defensive coaching is the issue, I reckon, not personnel.
  14. I liked Spargo's game. He sets up goals with good disposal. Same as in the finals last year. I'd keep him in.
  15. First play of the match. Jones hacks it forward, we're outnumbered, they run it out and goal. Very resembling, Simon
  16. Ok. So what's the difference? Structure looks the same
  17. Yep. But irrelevant. This list should be doing better. It's not effort. Goodwin, looking at you. Judging you on performance
  18. It will have something to do with "resembling ourselves"
  19. I think I'm sensing a pattern. I don't think it's pace. It's game plan and structure surely. All that open space in their forward line... Ours totally congested
  20. Bomb it inside 50 to outnumbered forwards. They run it out and goal. Have we seen that before? fmd
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