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  1. And given where we have come from, a failure to repeatedly challenge (to win one requires a bit of luck) for the Flag is a monumental, member demoralising, sponsor alienating disaster. We've been patient through the Bailey years, and Neeld years (the Schwab fiascos), and the Roos years. Now there are NO excuses left. We either make it to repeat finals, or the Club has failed its members catastrophically. Of course, some of us have been patient for even longer. Me - I was at 64. Nothing since. I don't blame the players - for some of those times, they just weren't AFL players, other times we ran into forces of nature (Ess and Haw in those 2 grand finals). But this year, after a prelim, to be nearly on the bottom is totally unacceptable. Clarkson would not have this team on the bottom. Ross Lyon would not have this team on the bottom. There's enough talent to do better.
  2. Interview with ?deGoey " We knew if we could break even on the inside we'd get them on the outside" As ever... Been the case for a fair while. St Kilda this year and last year, Essendon etc etc This is coaching
  3. I saw 64. pretty hard to put up with this. No questioning the effort (on the whole), but we don't look like scoring
  4. It's pretty clear that we have been worked out (as many have said). Trac in the middle was tried, and Clarity up forward. But beyond that, nothing. "PLAY ON AT ALL COSTS" last worked for Geelong in their pomp. It's not a strategy that we can use. This is on Goodwin
  5. This list is ok. I worry about the coaching. I know that's an ongoing theme, and the coaches don't tell Garlett to pass it off from 30m out (etc etc) we just have NO SYSTEM going forward. Don't talk to me about connection. This is about structures and habits.
  6. Do you reckon we would have heard from the sainted PJ if he was still around? We miss him as much as anyone...
  7. Jones - no one has given more, but on the decline Viney - no one can question the intensity and commitment, but I don't see him as a leader, a la Selwood, Hodge I think Max should be our captain.
  8. I get it that Frosty is limited, but how about playing him up on the wing when May/Lever get back? Val Perovic - 6'4" in the old money - went from the Saint to Carlton - and the other way (from wing to defense). We need the speed...
  9. This - he looks like Dippa. Not many other similarities, but same build, walk etc.
  10. Achhh how embarrassing. Too excited! Thanks praha... Won't happen again.
  11. Petracca, Melksham - a few key moments
  12. ugh - no reason to doubt this source. not a good look. infact, a [censored] look.
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