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  1. Lyon speaks really well. And he's got a good footy brain, I think. I"d have him in a heartbeat... but that might not be a popular view!
  2. i watched him on Friday - he is so one sided, and even at school-level footy, the oppo will just camp on players like that, and make them turn on to their wrong foot. No where near the skill level required to be in the midfield.
  3. Anyone got the vision of Trac on the phone? Could you post it here?
  4. Doc, it felt different from the recent (year long) disaster. A number of comments have compared the performance to a bad Neeld game, and I reckon that's about right. It was <hopeless>, totally lacking in cohesion, and with no leadership from the two captains. The son and heir didn't go - first time for years. And I can't say I blame him. Injury update: I slipped on some bastard's dropped hot chips and did my knee. Ice overnight and I reckon I'll be right for the pre-season.
  5. Hard to motivate. Might have to miss a game next week...👍
  6. Just to round things of nicely, I've slipper on some bastard's squashed clip, and done my knee. FMD
  7. Fritter did really well. Oliver carrying on like a pork chop
  8. Completely agree, praha. Gawn's body language was really sad to see; this guy is our star, and on several occasions after PIes' goals, he was shaking his head in a really resigned manner - not angry, just over it.
  9. Oh boy... chalk and cheese That video of Hodge - I wonder if Lewis does that for us?
  10. It really is a waste of time watching the press conference, isn't it. Shouldn't be a surprise.
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