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  1. The players can play. I just think we've been worked out. Coaches. Out: not sure it will matter In: Peter Jackson
  2. Even our best are struggling. Oliver a shadow. Brayshaw keeps on trying.
  3. If we get done via the out-the-back-and-run method (see StK 2018, PA and Essendon 2019... Other references available on request), then I fear for the year. We're not slow when we have the ball, but we press up too high sometimes and open ourselves up - chasing always looks slow. Defensive coaching is the issue, I reckon, not personnel.
  4. I liked Spargo's game. He sets up goals with good disposal. Same as in the finals last year. I'd keep him in.
  5. First play of the match. Jones hacks it forward, we're outnumbered, they run it out and goal. Very resembling, Simon
  6. Ok. So what's the difference? Structure looks the same
  7. Yep. But irrelevant. This list should be doing better. It's not effort. Goodwin, looking at you. Judging you on performance
  8. It will have something to do with "resembling ourselves"
  9. I think I'm sensing a pattern. I don't think it's pace. It's game plan and structure surely. All that open space in their forward line... Ours totally congested
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