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  1. "Bennell, Weideman among standouts at practice" says the MFC site. Why the childish signalling - "we hear you, supporter and look, we're listening and making changes" Just win.
  2. Thanks Rusty. Were you referring to your circumstance - if so, I hope they've evened out. I'm in pretty good shape, and waking up in the morning is a bloody highlight!!
  3. First game of 2019. I turn up at the G, ready for a good competitive year. Max gets the hit out from the opening bounce. Jones gets the ball and bombs it forward. Intercept mark, and transition to the other end. As the great man sings: "Same as it ever was" You know, the content of these discussion is interesting and informative --- but the reason for the discussions is a sad sad reality. We are failing again. All of us on DL can see it. Except for Northey, Daniher (at least we were around the mark most of the time), and 2018, we have been a failure of a club. I'm old enough to have been there in '64. Northey provided me with some years of pride, as did Daniher. For the remainder of the more than 50 years since then, we have been a failure. We've had different reasons for failure, but we have failed. I'm deeply unimpressed with the Chairman of the Board and the corporate bullsh$t. How could a club make a movie like To Hell and Back, and then serve up this crap. Stop talking the talk - NEVER talk the talk. Just walk the walk. I think the biggest loss is personnel is Peter Jackson. Hard as nails, smart and took no prisoners. Pert has been brought in by the board to get Club facilities sorted out - important, but right now, irrelevant. If we don't win, we are dead.
  4. maybe post a summary for those of us not fortunate enough to have a sub to the HeraldSun
  5. The son and heir provided this info: Losses with more inside 50s than the opposition, last three years: 20: Melbourne 12: Hawthorn, Western Bulldogs 10: St Kilda, Adelaide, GWS, Carlton Last THREE years. SG has had enough time. It's clear he doesn't have the answer. 17th last year and 17th now. This is, as others have said, Neeld-like performance. Listen to Brereton (posted by another DL'er - apologies I can't find the original) https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-2020-melbourne-loss-to-richmond-dermott-brereton-on-fox-footy-the-first-crack/news-story/3b4c413869d50ad8be639aca2bc5f81f
  6. 100% correct. I was sitting in front of the old coaches box at the 'G when someone didn't "go when it was his turn" on the far wing. Northey was on the phone to the runner, turning the air blue. "Tell that f'wit that he's just let all his mates down! They've worked their f'ing asses off getting the ball over there and he's too f'ing weak to go. Tell him! Tell him exactly that!!" We knew the boys were giving 200% every time they went out - they NEVER gave up, and usually found a way.
  7. And they rough bailey f. up on the siren and no one sticks up for him. How about a bit of pride? Goodwin is done. We have talent but no game plan.
  8. Listening to BT - It's as if we're not even there... Might be prescient.
  9. It's maudlin, but it's true. If this kicks off like it has in Europe, this will be the last season of footy for some DeeLanders. Forced retirement, not 4 to 6. I'm not quite sure what we can do to look after each other; we share a love for this Club and have endured together through so much [censored]. I saw a flag in '64, but I'm not sure my son will. It might just be worth checking in on each other once in a while. If you get crook, you might like to let DL know. We are, as they say, all in this together, and the odd (queue @Bitter but optimistic) message might lift the spirits. This isn't a drill. Stay safe. Stay at home. Go Dees.
  10. He saved the game for us against Hawthorn this year with his efforts (including a brilliant little throw) in the last 5 mins. He had desperation and he really cared. I'll miss him.
  11. There are 10 types of people in the world. Those that understand the binary system and those that don't...
  12. Ralph in the Hun (apologies if posted in this thread already) Melbourne believes Oscar McDonald can fill the third defensive tall option alongside Steven May and Jake Lever, even though Frost was ninth in the Demons best-and-fairest this year. Tell me it ain't so... never seen a worse 1:1 defender than OMac - good kick, not a bad mark, but dead set horrible 1:1.
  13. Him wanting to leave is bad news, I reckon...
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