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  1. It's maudlin, but it's true. If this kicks off like it has in Europe, this will be the last season of footy for some DeeLanders. Forced retirement, not 4 to 6. I'm not quite sure what we can do to look after each other; we share a love for this Club and have endured together through so much [censored]. I saw a flag in '64, but I'm not sure my son will. It might just be worth checking in on each other once in a while. If you get crook, you might like to let DL know. We are, as they say, all in this together, and the odd (queue @Bitter but optimistic) message might lift the spirits. This isn't a drill. Stay safe. Stay at home. Go Dees.
  2. He saved the game for us against Hawthorn this year with his efforts (including a brilliant little throw) in the last 5 mins. He had desperation and he really cared. I'll miss him.
  3. There are 10 types of people in the world. Those that understand the binary system and those that don't...
  4. Ralph in the Hun (apologies if posted in this thread already) Melbourne believes Oscar McDonald can fill the third defensive tall option alongside Steven May and Jake Lever, even though Frost was ninth in the Demons best-and-fairest this year. Tell me it ain't so... never seen a worse 1:1 defender than OMac - good kick, not a bad mark, but dead set horrible 1:1.
  5. Him wanting to leave is bad news, I reckon...
  6. Could have been copy/paste from one hundred other disappointments. Better to say nothing that repeat this rubbish
  7. After the siren it looked like Melksham was discussing with Jones the virtue of kicking down the line... Plenty of head shaking
  8. Watching today's on the box. We need better coaching. Desperately
  9. Lyon speaks really well. And he's got a good footy brain, I think. I"d have him in a heartbeat... but that might not be a popular view!
  10. i watched him on Friday - he is so one sided, and even at school-level footy, the oppo will just camp on players like that, and make them turn on to their wrong foot. No where near the skill level required to be in the midfield.
  11. Anyone got the vision of Trac on the phone? Could you post it here?
  12. Doc, it felt different from the recent (year long) disaster. A number of comments have compared the performance to a bad Neeld game, and I reckon that's about right. It was <hopeless>, totally lacking in cohesion, and with no leadership from the two captains. The son and heir didn't go - first time for years. And I can't say I blame him. Injury update: I slipped on some bastard's dropped hot chips and did my knee. Ice overnight and I reckon I'll be right for the pre-season.
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