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  1. Good post. We won on that trade. May will be fine and I really feel for Hogan now stuck under Ross Lyon at Freo. OMac will improve if given the chance with Lever alongside as he showed in 2018 early on.
  2. Great post but you forgot to mention that Preuss can also kick straight unlike others in the forward line
  3. Other upsides include long termers Hore Baker and Lockhart who all seem to be able to hit a target. Unlike some senior fill ins
  4. Well said. Eagles pulled a smart move bringing on hickey late. Could be shafes of the prelim they ate trying ?
  5. 66 to 42 Inside 50's will guarantee that won't happen - I hope. That stat alone is an indictment on someone or something.
  6. The club learnt their lesson with Jack in 2017, start of 2018. The club held jack back to start 2018 because of his approach to rehab in 2017 over the planta fascia issue. This was also depsite pressure from Todd to allow him to play. I trust the club on jack after last year. This is not a comment on jack- he's fantastic, just needs protection against himself sometimes.
  7. Final nail was the Front Bar. That show is perfectly cast and fills the nonsensical void so popular with footy followers, and hell, even my non-football wife loves that show. The FS was mandatory viewing under the Eddie/Trevor Marmalade configuration and drifted after that time of the late 90's/ early 2000's.
  8. Dropping Fritsch from a team with limited skills would be an error at this stage.
  9. Its a shame because he has a serious football brain and doesn't ever lack endeavour. BUT... in the Hawks 1st semi last year his excellent work in short kicking was undone by inability to hit a long target into attack. Trying to kick the cover off as you allude to. This issue has potential to limit his career and/or prevent reaching potential (as is now occurring)
  10. Jeffys last game based on that quarters decision making.
  11. "Butch. I tipped this..." and " This is michael williamson bidding you welcome ...." Great loss.
  12. Demon17

    Gary Pert

    At the AGM Pert clearly outlined his key objective a growing the club and harnessing the latent support so evident in the finals last year. Current membership seems to be, I think, about 1500 short of 50,000. So far so good despite the club's performance on field in my view. His test comes over next 3 years to lock the increasing membership growth in as a new floor/paradigm.
  13. Tim Smith doesn't appear on the MFC website player listing. Does that mean he doesn't really exist, or maybe in a parallel universe he does exist.?????
  14. Thanks Skuit. Best summary for a while on here. The foundation is in place but will be a rocky ride.
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