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  1. Not really. Very flaky finals performances after 2000. Flakiness was never an issue with northey teams.
  2. O dwyer wasnt in team . Suspended. Nevertheless i reckon the 88 team had more class and A graders. Northey a superior coach for consistency of effort
  3. As a professional for sure he will move on once he has achieved a record of note - no matter how long or short he will leave an imprint . He spoke exceptional well at fan forum. Off the cuff and not planning to speak but Goodwin threw to him several times to let him handle his area of expertise. Good of Goodwin, not hogging the mike.
  4. It's not a personal choice for gambling addicts who make up most revenue. Its a physiologogical addiction hard to beat. More of them will now move to the hawks venues. You know - the Family club Talk about hypocrites
  5. Only that each year 2 to 3 teams do drop out thus at least providing the opportunities for new entrants if they are good enough
  6. Great Post D3. The summary of impacts of injuries etc after 2018 on 2019 at the recent forum was also illuminating and puts the 2019 in some sort of context. Josh Mahoney's stat of only 2 starting 22 player, (Gawn and Lewis completed 80% plus of preseason), whilst 10 best starting 22 completed 30% or less spoke volumes IMO. nevertheless no excuses now for 2020 with whats going on at present training and recruiting - wise. Likewise - Go Dees
  7. Case of repeating history and hoping for a different outcome There's a name for this behaviour
  8. I Agree. Why has there been very little on the go home factor especially to WA. The processes now mean contracts are worthless if someone wants to leave compared to the old days. The kid might spend a year at Casey and wonder ' what the hell'. I can see 5 - 6 years of a Jesse Hogan type angst each off season. Be warned .
  9. Good call. Co-captains define a club that can't make up its mind and doesn't truly understand the ' follow me ' quality of a good leader. Time to be ruthless and make the hard call on Max alone.
  10. Does that mean Liverpool has as many problem gamblers that the Hawks have their hooks into in their gaming venues. Needed to fund this giant facility, sadly.
  11. Sad, but I find Lyon and Watson must listen and amusing, Whately top of his game and well informed , Then switch off. In the old days, Dermot Huddo and Hardy were great, as was Mark Fine. But that's all over now. Pity the advertisers after 12.00 (if they stick around that is.) These sorts of stations need personality and top class broadcasters to keep the listeners (as per my comments on pre-Noon programs.).
  12. 54% since 2016 when he burst onto the scene. 40 goals 34 behinds. Huge upside if this can be fixed could take him up to better than a goal a game (and the Brownlow - already being the best ruckman)
  13. Good get CBD. That's exactly what Goodwin said to the question from the floor about our dysfunctional forward line in 2019 and why can't we score more..
  14. Mahoney said also it was a competitive appointment and he beat 3 other applicants by some margin. Not just a thought bubble sco-mo like.
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