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  1. Agree. He recently analysed petracca and why expectations are too high. Interesting insights most times. He thinks trac is caught between being a midfielder with poor engine and key position with wrong body shape.
  2. Agree. I'm convinced he may well have compromising photos of someone. There's no other reason for this selection.
  3. Probably would've contributed more than Hannan last week. I agree Hannan /ANB are in the frame
  4. Well put. Bartlett understands any successful org will have review process as an ongoing function. Mid season tweaks and pre season staus report showed this approach External reviews are a waste of money given the talent inside the club.
  5. Give it time ET. Someone on this website will dream up a scenario
  6. Fully agree especially given their 4 year age difference. We will retain Max for longer with Preuss taking more work . The 'stynes/O'dwyer' thing back in late 80's was a paradigm shift at that time.
  7. Not so fast. 1998 we make the prelim after the 97 wooden spoon. Then we finish bottom 3 in 99 with only 6 wins. With arguably a better list than we have available now. This has all happened before. IMO the 2018 list has always been overrated and they played out of their skins for the last 5 weeks of the season only. Still building I agree with all your other sentiments though PD
  8. Was at the game. Team was out on its feet. Kudos to getting over the line. Oliver was nothing short of heroic
  9. Jones. You're joking. Dunkley. Some good things under pressure May. Saved the game. Petty. Shows potential Frost. Starting 22 in 2020 Neal bullen. B grade Viney. Not a thinking footballer Oliver. Leadership in spades
  10. This is a difference between us and .say, the Hawks. No sentimentality over there. Would clearly be respectfully retired by Hawks at end of this season. As Goody should. Slower reflexes, fumbly....... The end comes to all of us, but what's in the best interests of team development trumps other angles. IMO More games needed into Hore, Lockhart, Sparrow, Dunkley, Baker, Wagners, Petty......as the priority.
  11. Not in the final 15 minutes though when i thought he provided a calmness down back with good disposal
  12. It's got to be someone applying constant physical pressure and touch. Salem would be a sacrifice too far. Setting wagner the task and sacrificing own game might work.
  13. Someone had to. His last 10 minutes today had leadetship and calm thinking stamped all over it.
  14. Great post. The team has a good kick now down there and the keys to a finals standard defence with lever and future 10 year player hore. I see May as a walk up to leadership group in 2020. Fitting that he had the ball today at final siren time
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