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  1. Realistic view, . The above must have had a mental impact on the team. But the game last night confirmed/ showed for me several players still in 22 are most likely past it for sure and will open up spots for others if the season re-starts or next year. Forward entries still not fixed - Ball firmly in Goodwin's court Gone are Hibbered, Spargo, ANB. Still quality to come in like AVB, Hore, Salem, Weideman, Jackson.....
  2. 3 months for free. Just connected now and picture quality is great, depending on TV of course
  3. This is the correct answer by Daisy. The questions is about the OLDEST continuous FOOTBALL club - which is the mighty MFC. I think the Cats are second oldest The MCC is not the oldest sporting club, there are older cricket clubs in the UK. Sheffield United was formed in 1889. There was probably an ealrier verison prior to united but again, not coninuous.
  4. Thanks - I haven't seen that quote, but I saw Spargo deliver into forward 50 under pressure a few times in the 2018 finals series at the G and given his age at the time saw potential. I also think he is a good decision maker. Clearly Goodwin sees that his pre-season has earnt him a spot which is good to see (effort and results will be rewarded etc.. is the message here.)
  5. Of course they are! My point was the history of AFL in difficult situations, and how it can/does offer comfort to some those affected. I don't need it but many do. When the Chief Medical Officer signs off then I am satisfied with that.
  6. Thanks Binman. As ScoMo said yesterday, ignore anything on social media putting forward 'facts'. Take note SWYL please
  7. I am sympathetic to your views also, and at the risk of trolling also think in these times, the Top level AFL will be a huge comfort to many as the only link to normalcy. Aussie rules has a major sociological impact, even to those not interested. It must however only be done if safe. Two examples, again, not related to the current situation or comparable, but to illustrate (sort of) the game's use: 1. In World War 2, the Australia forces attack on the Italians lines in Libya commenced with the assies kicking a football into no-man's-land as a signal to attack. Just an example. 2. Another is Chicken Smallhorn winning the Changi Brownlow.
  8. The marketing Dept. will be thrilled about last night. They have a monumental task after 2019's efforts on field. However the membership weekly numbers trends are turning interesting, with the tally now moving over Feb from 4000 down on last year to half that, and better than 2018 equivalent timing. I am wondering if a join-up recovery might be a coincidence with the efforts of the club's sales pitch re: To hell and Back", the Family Day and importantly all the good news coning out of the club in Feb. (no injures (sort of) c.f.2019, Burgess, gawn) AND the Marsh series performance. I am way more optimistic now than end of last season on retaining the growth - provided on-field it doesn't all go belly up. The team needs to be, and should be, at least 3 wins and 2 losses on worst case after Round 5, and then could be on its way, further helping sales.
  9. Ecellent call . Was disgraceful.
  10. Couldn't watch any of the game. A poster talked about how good defence looks. What role did May have in this re organising etc. Same query for lever? Thoughts?
  11. Agree. I just felt TGR needed to fully describe the act, rather than tell us how good Stack is. Viney getting up off the canvas was more meaningful to me character-wise than taking cheap shots like Stack.
  12. You forget to add Cowardly, as are many 'famous' hits in AFL. e.g. Mark Yates on Brereton. In years to come when more is known about concussion long term, your attitude will be ranked with those climate change deniers and others of similiar ilk.,
  13. In April 2019 the Roar predicted the final 8 and had only one place correct. They correctly tipped 6 of the 8 finalists although those 6 picked themselves and had this gem of a prognostication about the Dees. I loved the nothing had happened in pre-season comment. Melbourne tops the ladder with at least 17 wins And here we go. This column has already covered its feelings towards the Dees, and nothing that happened in the preseason has changed its mind. Melbourne will start the year with a couple of its key pieces on the sidelines, but it won’t matter given the strength of its midfield, and the aggressiveness of coach Simon Goodwin and his crew’s strategies.
  14. Agree. Its how we perform in the first 2 games that counts. Close losses will make everyone afraid, and the team could/should easily go to 3 - 2 up(Freo, saints, Gold Coast) and then onward and upward
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