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  1. In: The Hawthorn side including their coach and except Frawley and Scully. Out: Mahoney, Pert, Richardson, Stretch, JKH, ANB.
  2. I know we are suffering and have endured so much after the deplorable decisions of sacking Norm Smith, the most greatest coach. Committees make mistakes that contnue today. Why sign a coach before the season starts, for three more years, after such a disastrous loss. If he knew his worth and was committed, he would have stayed. If the circumstances were, we were on the verge of winning a flag, do you think he would say I am the sole reason we are good? Do you think he would leave us? Think about it? Is a coach going to leave a winning team?
  3. Wasn't Mahoney involved in getting rid of Jack Watts?
  4. Why? They didn't finish the job! Our club, our football team, the team we love so much, the team who has not won a premiership since 1964, is enough reason for this to be so important. This game was born in Melbourne, we are one of the pioneers of the sport, this sport we treat as a religion. Paul and Peter, you will have let us down badly, if we are not in a better position than when you left us, and sadly, at this time this is how it is.
  5. According to Jon Ralph on Fox Footy, Paul Roos is prepared to take on a role at Carlton! Why doesn't he come back and finish his job at Melbourne?
  6. I know we are only playing with 14 players on the ground each week and it's a credit to those 14 to get the ball in so often, but, who are our forwards coaches because we don't seem to have any plan, system or confidence when it's in the 50 arc!

    Our players getting a game at other clubs!

    Yesterday at least in the first half it appeared GWS had 18 players on the ground and we had 14.  It was that bad.  How many of our ex players are currently getting a game at other clubs that we could use right now?

    Hogan, Frawley, Martin, Kent, Watts (until he broke his leg), Howe, Dunne (until he did his knee again).  Any others?

  8. Simon, Please leave your best players on the ground for as much time as possible. They want that too. Use the interchange for your average or developing players in building the team. Ask any great player if he wants to spend time on the bench. Sure bet he says no!
  9. Can anyone tell me how Oskar Baker is going down at Casey? I looked at his highlight reels when he was recruited to the Dees and I thought he was a certainty for the opening game of 2018, yet in this losing side of 2019 his name is never mentioned! From what I saw he looks like he has a lot of talent.
  10. How are you feeling now about that comment?
  11. We lose the opening 3 matches, they can only come up with two changes to the side, and one was forced?
  12. Please, no more mention of Sretch coming in. Agree with Bullen getting the bullet along with Oscar. There is another Oscar who hasn't been given a go. Thought he looked good when recruited back in 2017.
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