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  1. Does anyone ever think about what would be said if Omac made the error in the last quarter that Frost did? Omac has played well since his VFL game, his ability to spoil is underrated. He will make a few mistakes, like all players do. When he makes a mistake it’s the biggest issue in the world, when Frost makes a mistake it’s widely accepted as a flaw in his game. Out defence has been much more solid now that we aren’t playing that stupidly high line that we were playing. Much easier to stop the ball from moving past when we have players playing behind opponents with a sweeper rather than always taking front position. Jetta and Hibberd are two of the most aggressively positioned defenders in our team and without them we have pretty much all defenders taking a much more defensive positions which is interesting
  2. I agree, but also they have a better form line than our other recent debutant who came up to play. They both have traits that can translate to AFL level, but definitely wouldn’t be getting a game if we were not in the situation we are in. Melksham has played this role before, I’m thinking they might play Petracca there. Hope he neutralises the air and beats him at ground level. His season has been significantly underrated by what he has brought in our fwd 50. Minus a few sketchy set shots
  3. Well your initial thoughts were right, no free kick would have been given had he not held him, he let him breeze past him with zero body contact and then turned to chase. If we played man on man your assessment would be right, but watch the whole match and you’ll find very rarely the player will break neck run with the player after he is on the mark. Omac made mistakes, but this one was a bigger mistake by Oliver than the whipping boy
  4. Realistically Oliver should have checked his run. We made mistakes all game, to pick out that by OMac I think is pretty rough, but also I think he’s probably actually not really don’t the wrong thing in that instance
  5. I guess that’s fair, it’s a rough call and A little over the top, but I can’t think of anyone who has had a less impressive 2 games. Good on him for making it and he will have a great local football career but realistically he’s not up to it. Good contribution, really helps the chat about the game. I hope you feel better anonymously attacking someone through the anonymity of the internet
  6. I hope this post aged poorly, but Put Keilty on the bench and leave him there, I don’t know how he was able to get a second game but he is honestly the single worst footballer to wear our jumper I have ever seen. Lewis is pretty horrible defensively. Our forwards keep running under the football
  7. So that the bloke who was trying to kick it towards 50 would be less likely to drill a pass towards leading targets in front of goal. All players do this, nearly all of the time on the mark. So so many people listening so much to the commentators, yes Omac missed two balls, one would have been an intercept possession, but the kick was also too close to him. Running from 4m away at the footy v 10m makes it much more difficult to read. The second one was a horrible kick from Lewis which forced him to stop and would have had to change direction to run at the football. The commentators had a duo at him but clearly over simplified both situations. Frost did 10 minutes of compitent football, but even in that patch would have lost us the game had the umpires called the throw. We used the ball so poorly, but also it was not general play that hawthorn scores from but rather good chains of ball movement. We were the better team, but also lucky to win. Keilty had one great bit of play, but was a genuine liability on the field. I only watched it on TV but there were at least 7-8 times were it clearly looked like his leading patterns were rubbish looking for easy football. He is just learning forward craft and I think he definitely needs to keep learning in vfl. Hopefully Wiedeman can come back in after a strong showing tomorrow
  8. Good to have a win when punching so deal with depth, the commentators crucified two moments from Oscar, but realistically they were not so bad. Umpires were pretty off the whistle, but leads to inconsistencies. But I’d say Frost threw that ball in the last contest, so lucky for us they kept it out. Lockhart and Hore can’t kick the football, but make up for it by being incredibly competitive. Hopefully Wiedeman kicks 3-4 in VFL and comes straight back in, Keilty ran around like a headless chook
  9. Good on the fella, but I don’t think there has ever been a much more underwhelming form line up forward for someone to debut with. Heres hoping he can clunk a few and kick a few, but realistically I think after dropping Weideman they’d backed themselves in to a corner with Tim Smith now being injured.
  10. Yeh, but craft sessions are significantly different to playing time in the twos. A bloke as tall as he is will definitely be taught to ruck, I’m merely stating that I’d say he would play more forward than ruck this year.
  11. I’d say from comments made by Jason Taylor, he’d be playing most of the time as a forward. Secondly, would suggest the ruck not necessarily an ideal spot to put a player who hasn’t played football in a few years, until he is able to protect his body correctly in the position. Teach him to use his body in marking contests and attack the ball in the air, progress that to ruck is my thoughts on the matter
  12. Speed is such a ridiculous thing, don’t get me wrong obviously quick players have their benefits, but speed in football comes from ball movement and ability to spread to the right spots. When we spread from the contest well after winning the inside ball, we were pretty much the quickest side in the comp. Line breaking players have their importance but what cost us in games was when we didn’t do the basics well and lost the ball on the inside for the most part.
  13. Beat ya to it, but further want to put out that his agility is elite, his contested work is elite and his finishing is better than good. I really hope Melbourne end up with him as I think his skills not only translate to afl, but has 3-4 positions that he can play which will make him useful.
  14. Xavier O’Halloran will be a steal this draft in my opinion, when Vandenberg was contemplating heading off, I thought this would be the replacement from the draft, just much higher foot skills than Avb
  15. No doubt it was a valuable experience for him, but I think it squeezed him out of the side. Fritsch was realistically competing for a spot in a position that was not suited to him. I think Fritsch has had a great season and is stiff to miss out this week. But with our game increasingly becoming a contest based game, especially in finals, the extra pure mid rotation helps, plus Our defensive matchups push him out I do agree his assets are most suited to the forward line, which is where I see his best football.
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