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  1. Haven't been around here for a while, but good to see Wiseblood back to his optimistic best!
  2. I can already see after years of development he will be requesting a trade back to WA. History tells me we just [censored] this pick up the wall.
  3. 3Dee

    Jack Martin

    He's what we need, would be thrilled if he chose Melbourne to take the next step - however quite injury prone so a little wary of the price-tag. Funnily enough his recent GC highlights package shows him mostly kicking goals against Melbourne and Carlton.
  4. Well on a positive, Wagner hasn't been terrible the last few weeks, shown a bit. Just as he gets pinged.
  5. Did Oliver just [censored] about not getting the ball after Fritsch hit someone up inside 50?
  6. Could someone please kindly remind me of what JKH's positive traits are as a footballer?
  7. You can't trade your future first round pick three times in a row. As we now know the worth of the pick not sure if the rules will still apply?
  8. For a brief moment I thought OMAC was going to take the backup ruck job, then it all went pear shaped. Goodwin should head to the Genius Bar in the offseason and trade in OMAC for an iMac and design a new gameplan for 2020 success.
  9. So many fringe players making up numbers here, Melksham was hardly there. Taking that into consideration we were competitive enough, yeah it sucks but these are all junk games, who cares? The players don't. Need the reset and a healthy list for 2020. #2 pick looks real good rn.
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