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  1. mate I got nothing new. buyer beware red flags were known
  2. I wish you were my dad when I was 17.
  3. Freo have cold feet. it's not no, but it's far from yes. I know why, but I like my house and don't want to lose it for slander.
  4. read between the lines guys. can't afford May unless Hogan goes....okay sure. but still in for Gaff if he'd return our calls? (btw Hannabal's Gaff inside mid mail spot on). hmmmm.
  5. The industry think Weid is a bona fide superstar in waiting. Kennedy/Hawkins good. Combine that with another bloke who is an 3 goal a game player..... cash the chips now. He was going one day. TAke the loot
  6. The $850k on the books for Jesse in 2019 is now available
  7. he's been gone for days, but it's common knowledge in the playing group now. nothing less than two picks (one for May). also St Kilda offered Kent THREE TIMES $$ and years what we did. idiots. also, the Hogan salary relief absolutely on the table. they're kicking the Gaff tyres at the 11th hour. was some talk of a hail Mary crack at Lynch. no dice - it's Richmond.
  8. Freo have been kicking these tyres for 5 years. there's a loot coming back. dunno what it is yet. I'll come back when I know something
  9. like I could be bothered posting for that. BTW, fresh intel. He's gone.
  10. what was scuttlebutt yesterday is rooted in fact today. he's not gone yet but it's moved from unlikely to maybe. from all parties
  11. no idea. as a general rule I don't watch exhibition games unless we're playing
  12. Not at this stage. Aaron Hall scrap heap noise though.
  13. I don't come here often, but when I come.....
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