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  1. I attended the camp at Maroochydore and to suggest that Jack was anything but super fit is ludicrous. He trained with vigour and displayed his usual class during match practice. I was very surprised at his omission at the weekend.
  2. That's what I thought about Kennedy a couple of years back.
  3. Angus is an important cog in our foreseeable future and must be treated with kid gloves.
  4. 5 Seasons with Ballarat Swans in BFL in the mid sixties then 4 seasons with Horsham in the Wimmera FL incl a flag in 1970 coached by Gary Hamer. Some notable ex VFL playing in those days, Roy West, Des Dickson (mongrel) with Stawell and Russell Crowe with Warracknabeal. Finished up coaching in the Horsham district league for 3 years before the body gave out.
  5. Said no such thing - "In my 60 years of following this great club I cannot recall any player improving as much as Cam Pedersen has in such a short time." Facts tend to help.
  6. Say hello to Paul McCalman for me. He would be rapt with the Roobaggers form.
  7. Excellent news but not surprising given the family history with the Demons. Well done Jack. Let's hope this influences some more early contract signings.
  8. Absolutely they did, The Goldstein free together with a blatant throw missed by the official which led directly to a North goal, both in the last quarter.
  9. I was at the North game at Blundstone and witnessed a similar ludicrous ruck decision paid to Goldstein in the last quarter which influenced the result. Umpires have been displaying incompetency for years and I don't see it changing any time soon. Bunch of prancing nancies.
  10. Rational common sense post which stands out amongst the nonsense I often read on these boards.
  11. TGR will be bleeding this evening. Don't ya just love it.
  12. Did you catch up with any other Dees for a beer ?
  13. We love the place, did the west coast in 1968 and this was our first visit since. Been waiting for years for a Dees game to coincide with a short holiday. One highlight was a night in a B&B at Little Swanport staring at an open fireplace with a nice bottle of red. Easily pleased in our old age.
  14. A few comments/observations after a couple of weeks in Tassie. You need rain. Blundstone Arena is an excellent stadium particularly for those shrewd enough to gain tickets to the Ponting stand. The public are a friendly lot. Boags is the better drink on tap. Why no four lane highway between your two major cities ? Farcical. Why no water restrictions in the South of the State ? Some of the boutique wineries in the Tamar Valley are great. Shame they don't produce enough to share with the mainland. The coastline in the east is stunning. Surprising number of businesses do not accept credit cards. Dodgy ? You need rain.
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