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  1. Not shooting at you HB, but Tom Morris is a $h!+ stirrer of the 1st order. I think he models his media game on Purple...
  2. Overall I was most happy with how they responded, I got the impression this is a different team to some of the bathwater drinkers of the past. I think it is worth the investment in Oscar, as frustrating as it is. There was a time Tmac was all aerobic ability and little else and tear your hair out in frustration. He is a giraffe, but he will morph into a gorilla I am sure of it. Am not against him having a spell in the 2s but I am not in the never going to be good. Spargo looked fresh, Stretch I was pleased to see in the side. But as others have commented on, roving to Gawn has to be the story, we should have kicked a cricket score with our center dominance. Preuss is worth everything for the relief he gives Max, it makes Max twice as dangerous. I think when the history of the season is written Goodwin will put his hand up too getting the coaching a little wrong at the start of this season. One last thing, Weed is an absolute smiling assassin, he really puts the hurt on in a tackle, forgot the name of the Swans player he buried? But even without a huge number of goals he makes his presence felt, is going from Giraffe to Gorilla very quickly.
  3. Goodwin said in the press conference he'd be playing again and that they would stick with the set up. Goodwin did um and err and talk about team balance, he said Preuss is playing from now on.
  4. One of the things looking at the Pies group for comparison, is how much better off we are in leadership stocks. I would take any of these seven over Dunn (who I liked) and Howe (who had great skills but wasn't keen on us or effort). Jones Viney Gawn Lever Nev Lewis McDonald Future???: May/Weideman/Fritsch
  5. Most of my assumptions here (which are complete garbage are based on which sides have the best 'team' attitude, less focused on the star power quotient. Richmond - Richmond had one off game, they hardly fell off the perch. Lynch and 6/6/6, are the questions for Richmond but still a very serious side (and a brilliant team ethos), am hoping I'm wrong but wouldn't seeing Rance get his comeuppance, Houli to be very important for them. West Coast - seem to track completely independently from what the football media says about them, one of the most misunderstood sides, team first footy players Melbourne - was tempted to put Melbourne lower, we will go deep again (and I think win) but we have a tough draw and are starting unsettled in defence. No wrist cutting please - if we are 3/3 after 6 games. Collingwood - I think they over achieved last year, shows that it is a team game. They have some weapons, I also think Beams will have a great year. Sydney - Never going to write this mob off. Dan leaving was no good, but still seem to sprout hard at midfielders like mushrooms. Adelaide - Only by virtue of playing in SA, not far off a coaching change. NQR (thank god). GWS - a reminder that it is a team game, they don't get to play the Washington Wizards in Finals. Essendon - I feel dirty putting Essendon in the 8. TBH I can't split Essendon and Geelong, one supposedly falling and one rising, but then I remember that I read that in the media so know that to be as factual as a Trump tweet. Geelong - I am overly negative on Geelong, they still have a gun list and a sensible coach - the thing is I think they think are missing their own mojo. Chris Scott has his work cut out for himself this year. Hawthorn - possibly Clarkson's greatest ever year if he gets them to finals - can't see it happening with a faded Roughead and no TM. Brisbane - Would love to see them in the eight, they give the impression of having their head in the right place but I need more evidence to get on the bandwagon. North Melbourne - OK team, not enough cattle to seriously threaten. Port Adelaide - Meh, tried to do a 'Moneyball' and it failed, and Paddy Ryder is done, (a shame because on his day a huge weapon). Western Bulldogs - The glow of everyone having a soft spot for Murphy has faded, journeyman club, Bont can't do it by himself, should have traded Libba, lots of ok/good players but I don't see the team spark, I expect them to be raided, Hawks and North to throw cash at a few. Fremantle - Ross Lyon can coach but he needs a sabbatical, off field this club is shizen, lucky they have a huge supporter base to keep the lights on, Fyfe must regret his loyalty, he won't play finals (again) at Freo. Carlton - Anywhere from 17th to 12th, Curnow is their best forward since before Fev got on the turps, McGovern my favourite defender (has to be a large Visy bag somewhere) and Cripps is a sensation, surely some of the other foot soldiers will have to start believing - I still want them to suck though. St Kilda - Irrelevant to the competition, they have wiped out a decade with bad recruitment. Gold Coast - Pity, Stewart Dew to become the heaviest coach in VFL/AFL history from stress eating.
  6. My complaint is the ban was not, only pea heart is DfS.
  7. Funny this reminded me of the Police Academy, 25 years ago now, our squad getting a lecture on drugs, and someone needed a clue on how many grams in an ounce, some muppet couldn't help themselves and sang out 28 like he was on sale of the century, couple of us sitting on our hands just rolled our eyes... I think Jesse deserves a break, unless he's being a thug, bloke has been through a-lot, he has never put himself out there as some sort of 'moral mary' do-gooder, there is no hypocrisy at play here. He trains, he plays, does a few drugs, so what, as long as they are not PE, so is the rest of society, including those performing at a high level.. He might have mucked up but at this stage, so what he is still a gun footballer and hardly in the same league as some other ratbags running around. I also think Goody was honest when he said he wanted Jesse to play for the Demons, from everything I understand. The player asked for the trade, we made it happen, square dealing all round. Yes the selfish part of me is happy that this is not happening at our club. I think the bigger (moral) issue is fake mates who post videos unsolicited.
  8. How good was Tom McD's explanation of the difference between forwards and defenders
  9. So I just read up, that is the least of it. It should have said Zurich anyway, as our sponsor but had Allianz on the brain as they provide our corporate health insurance. Send me a PM if you think there is case for boycotting Allianz If be happy to hear your POV. I don't want to derail thread.
  10. I reckon a few of us could pop off this mortal coil winning the GF, football matches can be fatal when the excitement proves too much, Dutch fans were literally dropping dead on the day their national team was knocked out of the 1996 European championship. Deaths among men from heart attacks and strokes soared by 50% (14 extra dead on the day) when Holland were beaten by France in a nail-biting penalty shoot-out. Anyone selling life insurance? Get on Allianz i guess.
  11. My thoughts to, Voss hardness Black skill. Is Judd like for how far ahead of the pack he is. Has more mongrel than Judd started off with, and just a tad slower.
  12. You mean like half of the 2006 WC premiership list?
  13. White, Powell, Cross, Bennet Vince hibberd, btw where is Werridee, thought he'd be all over this
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