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  1. On the mark will be calling... but seriously was moved to tears like many. I liked that his second touch in the game was a costly booboo but he didn't stop trying.
  2. He is named in both, I really hope he plays, up there for best clubman along with Gawn at the moment for mine. To me he has the right attitude to get into Greene. MELB_R10_team.jpeg.webp
  3. I would like Harmes to run with Greene
  4. Am dying, reading this on way to airport, want this win so bad, losing my mind with all of you
  5. Been there, so effin painful, don't know how they can do that and run a straight line with all the pain killers...
  6. So which of you good things paid the umpire... Hunt was gone for all money for HTB, the GC fan club (Bruce by himself) was outraged.
  7. This ^, fairest player, whether you like him or not he gets credit for no dog acts, never done a Hodge, Mitchell, Greene type thing and copped plenty. Credit where it's due.
  8. Don't get ANB being dropped after a good game, and his work off the ball is huge, that running power is a weapon even if the skills are occasionally unreliable.
  9. Damn it, not listed, even as an emergency, was hopeful. His must be a development role, setting standards.
  10. Yeah I thought it was straightforward and honest, didn't feel offended like some. Didn't think Goodwin's was as bad as you suggest though, he has to manage the expectations.
  11. Harmes Gawn Oliver Salem Jones Hibberd HM Lockhart/Hunt/Frost/Hore
  12. Joe boy biased b s. Give credit where it's due ANB was involved with good touch in at least 3 scores
  13. Not shooting at you HB, but Tom Morris is a $h!+ stirrer of the 1st order. I think he models his media game on Purple...
  14. Overall I was most happy with how they responded, I got the impression this is a different team to some of the bathwater drinkers of the past. I think it is worth the investment in Oscar, as frustrating as it is. There was a time Tmac was all aerobic ability and little else and tear your hair out in frustration. He is a giraffe, but he will morph into a gorilla I am sure of it. Am not against him having a spell in the 2s but I am not in the never going to be good. Spargo looked fresh, Stretch I was pleased to see in the side. But as others have commented on, roving to Gawn has to be the story, we should have kicked a cricket score with our center dominance. Preuss is worth everything for the relief he gives Max, it makes Max twice as dangerous. I think when the history of the season is written Goodwin will put his hand up too getting the coaching a little wrong at the start of this season. One last thing, Weed is an absolute smiling assassin, he really puts the hurt on in a tackle, forgot the name of the Swans player he buried? But even without a huge number of goals he makes his presence felt, is going from Giraffe to Gorilla very quickly.
  15. Goodwin said in the press conference he'd be playing again and that they would stick with the set up. Goodwin did um and err and talk about team balance, he said Preuss is playing from now on.
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