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  1. Gone: St Kilda, Carlton, North Melbourne, Fremantle... So the nearly Klopp of Australian football is gone, when have we had 4 coaches go in a year? And I think it could be more, I cannot remember so much bloodletting in a season and I don't think any of the former senior AFL coaches are exactly banging down the door for another go. Fox footy is going to have a crowded couch next year. Anyway my question, what is the most number of AFL/VFL coaches to go in a year? In trouble: Adelaide, Port Adelaide, GWS These three teams are appalling in terms of having the list and not performing, I think the only thing that will save Pyke is the fact that there are not to many obvious candidates to take over as Mayor of Snowtown. Hinkley should be sacked as well but for some reason (probably because he comes across as likeable _ excellent football reason...not) won't go, but damn he would have to be close, they have had a lot of senior players drop their heads this year without injury being an obvious factor like other years. Cameron has not managed to put any steel into these pretty boys, they should be vikings by now not Harlem Globetrotters. Watching: Essendon, Melbourne Worsfold was bloody lucky he was playing Freo, if he had played Hawthorn it would have been him sacked. Goodwin gets another year without doubt, and obviously there is another thread, but he better do a Hardwick.
  2. This is just mean... BBO has nothing on your sadomasochistic instincts
  3. Hilarious how sensitive the journalists are when they cop a whack, and how far they go to back each other up. Caro backing up broken promise. No question on why Jesse has a go, which is pretty bloody unusual. If ever there was a bunch that can dish it out and not take it, it's the non footy playing journalists.
  4. Jesse is on the money here. broken promise makes Caro look like Martin Flanagan for warmth and affection. Absolute dog who enjoys others misfortune.
  5. I think you got it, FWIW I actually don't have a problem with Jones, yes the ump got sucked in by the flop, but you can't have it both ways, fly the flag or be accused of bruise free football. Jones was careful he was never going to maim anyone with that shoulder shot. I'd rather be known as a hard team, which I think is what Ross Lyon credited us as.
  6. He has so much power in his hips and CoG is nice and low despite his height and bulk, yes agree with the OP. His balance reminds me of Gavin Wanganeen, although he is not at that level yet obviously. He really can make a hole in a pack legally. Not sure who is better through the hips though between him and Viney though, am struck dumb by how planted Viney is and his ability to hold his space despite being an oompaloomper. Have watched Walter's flop about 1000 times now, but Trac's burst out of some packs was definitely part of us winning last week.
  7. I also think I saw the guy doing the score review run from the ground and is still driving as we speak, next stop BKK.
  8. Giants threw it away, umps were awful, but seriously I reckon the Giants were thinking about future pay days. Anyway Davis is a gun, don't mind him at all. Still hate Toby Greene.
  9. What is the record for most ripped jumpers? it seems to be a feature of J.Viney. Wouldn't be surprised if he retires with the record.
  10. The thing that gets me is he plays off scratch at golf, this says some serious things to me about his skills. Basically brilliant eye hand coordination, and outstanding self control and definitely the right attitude and aptitude for hard work. I am happy for him to fill out, I reckon he will be huge like Stef Martin when he has hit his straps. For the knockers, don't let the fact that he doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve mean that he doesn't care or isn't trying, you've got him wrong, he is a different sort of cat.
  11. Flat out wrong, indigenous Australians weren't even allowed to vote or be recognized as citizens until the 70's. Sounds a lot like Tibet or Sudan to me, his parents would have been able describe the invasion pretty well. Also massacres of indigenous communities were occurring in the 20th Century, this is not 200 years ago. Yet for all of this terrible history, we as a country are going in the right direction, let's not bugger it up by being dishonest about the historical record. Own it, and let's get on making it a place where everyone gets a fair go.
  12. What has happened to Tex, really strikes me as someone who could do with a change of scenery but after his comments about changing clubs he'd never go. I also like Lever more than I like Tex.
  13. Dad and Mum look so proud, and why wouldn't you be, three healthy big kids, riches beyond measure
  14. On the mark will be calling... but seriously was moved to tears like many. I liked that his second touch in the game was a costly booboo but he didn't stop trying.
  15. He is named in both, I really hope he plays, up there for best clubman along with Gawn at the moment for mine. To me he has the right attitude to get into Greene. MELB_R10_team.jpeg.webp
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