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  1. He was the ultimate finals specialist, definitely owns a part of those 3 flags. When Everitt left the Saints I always thought that hurt them in the GF. Not having O'Dwyer hurt us in the big dance. Your point about game changing is taken. You can win with out is true, but I always thought a good ruckman is worth double points on grand final day. The teams that have won without have had generationally good players in other positions.
  2. The smoke from the "Australian bushfires is so severe it is expected to complete a circuit of the Earth, returning to the country's skies from the west." Just wow, this floors me, Maybe get on a ferry to Launceston? A few weeks down there? IIRC - we have players managing asthma type conditions, plenty of footy players do.
  3. Ed Burston was my Biology teacher, top bloke, IIRC he decided on a career over footy, dollars wern't so hood i think and he had a long steady career at Peninsula.
  4. Surprised (or missed it) that no one commented on Hogan vs Rance, I enjoyed that... https://www.afl.com.au/video/24815/the-kid-versus-the-all-australian?videoId=24815&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1429877093001 Also I seem to remember a classic Rance dive when Chris Dawes put him to sleep in the pocket (he made a joke about that during the sleep out thingy) https://www.afl.com.au/news/76864/stevie-j-and-dawes-accept-one-match-bans But as already cited nothing gives quote the joy of watching Viney put him on his [censored] (or he flopped again) after the Watts shot. Viney warms the heart with his fierce backing of his team. Anyway, good luck to him, god bothering will suit him well.
  5. In which position do you think? I still think it is worth persisting with t mac + weid at CHF / / FF
  6. Am curious to your thoughts, note that i peg my teams after a year of home and away. I would agree some spots are very much in play. I have gone for footy skills, marking and speed. Sadly, looking at the training photos, VDB's legs have wasted as badly as Trengove's did, he is a long way off. I love his heart and grunt, but can't see him doing much primetime for a while, happy to be wrong. Bennell amd Kolo are in because of natural skills, obviously they need to be fit. While Hannan's final highlights remain a joy, i think he goes missing to often to be more than depth. And to me Jones plays mid or fwd but not back. He could swap but I like Melks for this role more (and yes i feel a bit dirty)
  7. Best 22 (@ first week of finals, no injuries) i think VDB is depth until is clear injuries are under control, I like Hannan but I think we have seen his max. Obviously I rate ANB and in a side with better kicks his running will become more useful. B: Jetta May Hibberd HB: Salem, Lever, Langdon CTR: Kolodjashnij, Brayshaw, Tomlinson HF: Petracca, T Mac, ANB F: Pickett, Weid, Melks Follower: Gawn, Oliver, Viney I/C: Hunt, Bennell, Harmes, Fritsch Next 22 B: Lockhart, O Mac, J Smith HB: Rivers, Hore, Chandler CTR: Baker, Sparrow, Bedford HF: vandenBerg, Brown, Hannan F: Petty, Jackson, Dunkley Follower: Preuss, Jones, C Wagner I/C: Spargo, J Wagner, Jordon, Nietschke
  8. Like this ^^^ Not one football kicked in primetime yet, I can't think of one journalist who hasn't been made to look silly with opinion and speculation.
  9. Point, as a poor feeble excuse, it was seeing his mum in the photo that made me choose mum without much thought.
  10. Thanks mum for the investment in weetbix... looks like he needed two kitchens to feed that boy.
  11. Subliminal Advertising @ the 32 second mark of the video... ...You see a sign behind the goals saying 'Buy a Picket', obviously the sign writer couldn't spell. This was obviously what influenced JT... https://m.melbournefc.com.au/news/2019-11-27/pickett-becomes-a-demon-with-pick-no12
  12. His ball drop is quick, he seems natural with his kicking, i was worried we had a baby giraffe. I'm on board. Having a few talls won't hurt.
  13. Top commentary. ^^^ Pickett... I just can't get over his uncle, was such a weapon and a premiership player. What i like about this kid is he is fierce, and he has a left and right foot. If he plays like Cyril i can live with 18 touches a game. I feel like he is a player that brings others into the game and seems to have a team sense. The vision i have seen is he may not kick the goal, but he has the vision to deliver to someone in a better space to have a ping. That said I want users of the footy and marking power. I felt like our 2018 side had plenty of goal kickers that just need better delivery. I meed to see more footage and appreciate the posts of others who are not rock throwing and invested the time to see the prospects. Watching our dismal efforts at contested marking in 2019 was soul destroying as were the up and under kicking.
  14. I truly feel for Travis, his goal kicking yips were a nightmare, could you imagine Demonland fuming about it. At his peak he looked like Kouta and and Darren Bennet rolled into one unit. I hope he has found some happiness. I always wanted him to have some success at the end of his career. Not against us of course.
  15. Should be a poll... TMAC for Captain - I think his season was cooked with his foot, but nowhere have i seen that he does not care or try, he is just Greg Chappell in his run of six ducks. He is as articulate as Lever or Gawn, generally much less injured and until this season has been very reliable for getting on the park. Doesn't sook, is plenty tough. Also he prospered under every coach, even Neeld, he has a Gen X brain/heart, in a Gen Y/Millennials body. Gawn is awesome, but I worry the Captain thing would be a poison chalice for him some reason, I live in permanent fear that his knee will blow up if he is made Captain (i do already to be honest, it is just the neuroses would be worse). That he is a Leader is without doubt. I love Viney deeply, but never thought he is a leader, to me he will still be a kid even when he is 30. This guy is the foot (no pun intended) soldier everyone likes, that dies in the final reel of the movie (Archy/Mark Lee) Melksham i respect but i think he can go missing. I wouldn't mind Nev as leader either probably equal 2nd maybe 3rd choice. Would be left field for some and i am a little bit worried about his injuries this year I think his hard as nails style has caught up with him. But he is a Boss. Lever has the brain for it, but he is a bit too much of an Arabian horse (likely to break down). Jones plays another year off the bench doing midfield/forward things. So my list: 1, TMAC 2, GAWN 2/3, LORD NEV 4, LEVER
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