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  1. Essendon's ability to get free on the rebound is concerning. We're not working hard enough.
  2. Started well, but have been rattled by the pressure and run of the Bombers through the midfield. Some terrible decision making by hand. Forward line that looked like it was functioning well early became non-existant.
  3. They're running us ragged at the moment. We're doing all the chasing through the middle of the ground.
  4. Fairly disappointing so far. Skill level moving into the forward 50 poor, and the Bombers are leading us to the ball at the moment. They're playing harder with more pressure.
  5. Great stuff Geoff First one I'll be missing in a number of years - thanks to now residing in Sydney. Good luck with it all!
  6. I know we're all frustrated with the second half of the game on the weekend, but I think we have to remember who and what we're dealing with. a) A younger side that finished with four wins last year b) Paul Roos who couldn't care less about whether we won or lost a pre-season game. It seems to me like important players were taken out of the game for large parts of the second half. Roos would have been happy with the endeavour and performance in the opening half, and been happy to take the foot off the pedal and give some important players a rest. Additionally, while we only won by 7, to get to a lead of 52 (when is the last time - pre-season or not - that we got that far in front of anyone?) would have been pretty pleasing. We controlled the game and utilised momentum for a half of football. Our ability to maintain that strange-hold over games will continue to build.
  7. While I definitely agree YouTube would be a more user-friendly option, the club gets far more from utilising the club website and video option. More views for sponsors, and the club gets added benefits from more clicks on the club site. In terms of this whole issue in general - yes, it's incredibly frustrating that people had to stand around for an hour. There was clearly a miscommunication within the club (what that was, I don't know - but they would hardly intentionally keep people waiting if they didn't have to). The fact is this was a public holiday - the club's full time staff are off. I understand that - due to the public holiday - more people were able to attend training, but having admin staff work on their day off costs the club money - far more than the supposed $1000 figure bandied around regarding the permits and marquee. While I'm sure there may have been a couple of people at the training looking to purchase merchandise or membership, I don't believe any sales would have nearly covered the costs necessary. The issue here was the miscommunication - and that will surely now be rectified within the club.
  8. Thankfully I'm not too far from a couple of AFL pubs - and I'll have to investigate the NSW Demons as well, as I wouldn't mind having a few fellow Dees around for comfort. No Melbourne games in Sydney this year either, so I'm holding out for the Rnd 2 Canberra trip.
  9. Having moved up to Sydney late last year, I haven't yet experienced being away for the footy season. I'm already getting stressed out about not being able to be at the 'G.
  10. Just renewed my 16 month old - supposedly Carlton supporting - nephew. My argument is, until he can consciously refuse, he is ours.
  11. The flame is actually the eternal flame, the represent the players who lost their lives at war.
  12. Sadly I'll be away this weekend, so won't be able to play. Good luck boys.
  13. I got bored, so I made this one to get me pepped up for season 2012: Let me know what you think!
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