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  1. My dogs fan friend agrees with your mate
  2. Father Sons, Phantom drafts become the focus of our attention now. I only recently learnt we had a Melbourne Football Academy. Does anyone know anything about the MFC academy and prospective demon picks there?
  3. You overlooked the wonderful game Salem played. A quality footballer
  4. You have to be in the 8 to be in the finals
  5. So in our darkest hour a few seasons ago, the Blues triumphed over our pitiful effort and taunted us as having played bruise-free football. Our time came on Sunday as we enjoyed one of our most enjoyable wins, no tension what-so-ever. This pleasant Sunday afternoon was far worse than bruise free, it was Blues free.
  6. Premiership players all have weapons to contribute. Hunt has weapons good kick, can mark, good courage for a light body, but his weapon is his speed for both attack and defence. A couple of years and he will be burning.
  7. A fan, but jetta's worst game. I believe he was sick. Regularly beaten today but picked up when game won. I don't think he should have played when we have other good players missing. VDB was pretty good. Possessions may not have been what some were but he is a good all round talent and does valuable stuff. A vital part of our depth in best 22
  8. How did jonas get 6 weeks and ceglar such a paltry penalty. What was the difference other than cellars was behind play. It was cowardly.
  9. First game to see Casey for some time. Was always so convenient when played at Sandy. Far from a reliable report but a few comments. Wind made marking for talls difficult. It was hard to judge flight. I thought Oscar improved as the game went on as he began judging the flight better. Spencer far from fit, struggled to be the brute he can be as the game went on. Trengove is a class act and will definitely make it in time. I went to see Weideman, but as I say it was hard for talls. With the wind the goals just sailed over everyone's head from outside fifty. Spencer kicked a beauty from at least 60 out close to boundary just before half time. It meant often the person well at the back of the packwas in the best position. The opposite direction a player intending to scout found it dropping on him. The Weeds few chances showed a couple of great skills. A really sharp left foot snap had guys around me arguing if he was a left or right foot. We soon learnt with a beautifully graceful right footer strait through the middle from about 30 out with wind. You can't help but love his kicking style. A couple of really smart handballs for goals. Yes he needs more body but he's got the start of it. Patience. I also wanted to see Hulet as the saints were very keen to draft this long time Saints fan, Sandy dragons player, but we beat them to him. Body wise yes Jack Darling is the model and for a 18/19 year old he looks closer to a 26 year old as if having been around the system for a number of years. What I loved was the variety of smart things he did. In a one on one situation he outsmarted his opponent with a half volley pick up and began running toward goals - into wind- to risky to shoot, but if you can get my point a very smart look away kick - whatever that might be chipped beautifully to a team mate. To me he's got a footy brain. A lovely leading mark in last quarter. A thirty metre kick was just carried by wind to wrong side of post but I thought there was enough in it to be encouraged. The third incident was a very sharp right check side dribble as he ran toward left point post and perhaps a metre or 2 or 3 out dribbled it through. I know he has a reputation for his marking but I've gone away believing there's an awful lot more to this bloke. I think he will play before the weed due to body build and the confidence it will bring him. ANB, great inside hands. Must get a game soon. Dawsy very dedicated and actually held some good marks. One in a pack, although probably helped by the ball drop due to wind. My assessment of Angus is that he has such a good mind he actually reads the play even in scrimmages/centre bounces quicker than others or knows how to read it quicker so is first in with head down, but that leaves him the most vulnerable. Might be better to start him on a wing for a time then let him run as a mid without the initial risk. Joel Smith was of interest and really couldn't track him for he's just to unfamiliar but a few times was impressed with a persons athletic play and when checking the record numbers discovered it was him. Long long term but who knows. The mark of this century. Shaun was there so I asked him how he thought he was tracking and dad was happy. Great afternoon with lots of demons and coaches there. Spoke to Bernie Vince and told him Crows would have won if they still had him to smother Dangerfield.
  10. Three out of four games possessions in the twenty. Mid teens the other against port with only two players in low twenties. He runs hard, reads how it's unfolding, always looks for someone and a lovely pass. We need a player like that desperately. Along with viney it is shaping as a good year
  11. Why a sook, I would hope he was disgruntled. That's the attitude that impresses me
  12. You are consistently emotional and without logic. Take a break
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