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  1. Not venturing into the game of criticising Oscar (I think he had good skills but just lacked the necessary 'frostie' pace) but if I was him and played golf off the 1 or 2 he is on, I know what I would be doing on the weekend. You can play for life at a nice leissurely pace.
  2. Great golfer, in fact the best. Actually has good skills, kicking and marking but lack of speed and strength means he doesn't succeed on the backline. He was better last year when the team success kept it in our half most of the time and his skills worked on the 'switch' tactic when it came out of our half. As Tom struggles this year on forward line I don't know why they didn't swap them around. Tom on Jenkins and maybe Oscar might have snagged a mark or two and a couple of goals. Things can happen unexpectedly. Not withstanding, I agree his numbers are numbered baring injuries.
  3. Has played three games this year (including practice match against pies) We have won them all
  4. Campbell Brown believes he will be a 10 yr player. That's great. Jetta is not lightning fast. I was a very very slow believer but eventually came round because his other skills found their spot
  5. At 187. Not his job. But he can mark, kick long and pass all accurately
  6. can mark which too many of our players can't do. Both goals on highlight reel were from 50 plus from goal. The set shot goal ball carried close to 60 metres. OUtside 50 and easily 5 metres past goal
  7. Pity you weren't at the ground. Listening to the radio for analysis is not good enough. Go back to Casey development squad and practice analysis obversation
  8. My dogs fan friend agrees with your mate
  9. Father Sons, Phantom drafts become the focus of our attention now. I only recently learnt we had a Melbourne Football Academy. Does anyone know anything about the MFC academy and prospective demon picks there?
  10. You overlooked the wonderful game Salem played. A quality footballer
  11. You have to be in the 8 to be in the finals
  12. So in our darkest hour a few seasons ago, the Blues triumphed over our pitiful effort and taunted us as having played bruise-free football. Our time came on Sunday as we enjoyed one of our most enjoyable wins, no tension what-so-ever. This pleasant Sunday afternoon was far worse than bruise free, it was Blues free.
  13. Premiership players all have weapons to contribute. Hunt has weapons good kick, can mark, good courage for a light body, but his weapon is his speed for both attack and defence. A couple of years and he will be burning.
  14. A fan, but jetta's worst game. I believe he was sick. Regularly beaten today but picked up when game won. I don't think he should have played when we have other good players missing. VDB was pretty good. Possessions may not have been what some were but he is a good all round talent and does valuable stuff. A vital part of our depth in best 22
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