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  1. It is juat diabolical how bad this guy is. 30 odd useless possessions, smashed in countless one on one contests and even managed to give away a 50 metre penalty. He is not part of the future,m he is a liabilisty. So why is he even in the team? Someone pleasse tell me what he brings to the table. Every game that he plays is one less game for McNamare, Watts, Maric, Gsysberts, Strauss etc etc to learn theiur craft at the highest level. Trengove and Scully must snicker at the fact he is the Vice Captain of the MFC. I pray they ignore him when he tries to give them advice. And thank God he is out of contract at seasons end. Denmons should let cut him loose as it will free up 500K in the salary cap to sign some real footballers.
  2. Alwyn Davey LOL You gotta be kidding.
  3. If we werent tanking last year would have won 7-9 games. This season I will not accept any less than 8, but I am thinking now that we will make it to double figues and maybe even the Finals.
  4. Would you rather Ablett Jnr or Jeff WHite? Would you rather Chris Judd or Dean Cox? Would you rather Greg Williams or Sean Rehn? Trengove will be ten times he player Naitanui will ever be, and so much more influential.
  5. On the panel? Wow, thats freaking awesomne!!!! He really is getting some love, now that he has arrives as a footballer.
  6. Wont debut til next season. No rush at all with him.
  7. I disagree here. Scully has been dominant, cos his ability to free up the man with his handball is aleady the best at the club. And maybe the best I have ever seen at the MFC. He is an absolute genius, and Id take 15 Scully possessions over 40 Cam Bruce possessions any day. Trengove has been dominant in his own way. Average around 21 touches and knows the exact spots to run to on the field, and his kicking is superb. But I see what youre saying. I mean NOT ONE PLAYER from the 2008 draft even played on the weekend. Exciting times ahead.
  8. Demons will win this in a canter. Absolutely nothing to worry about.
  9. God damn I love Ricky Petterd. He is an animal, and does not shirk a contest. That was evident in his first ever AFL game when he nearly killed himself on the wing when attcking a loose ball. The guy is a superb overhead mark, and is just very hard to match up on. Only a matter of time before he unleashes a bag of 7 or 8 goals.
  10. Cant wait to see Cale return. I think some people have forgotten just how good he is. Im hoping he has put on some muscle while he has been out.
  11. Bate was fantastic, just love his ability to present and his penetrating left foot. Bruce was the weakest link in the team once again, and its staggering how often his possessons go to a player under pressure or sets them up to get crunched. Sadly these count as effective possessions when they are anything but. Once Morton is ready to return, Bruce is done.
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