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  1. The drafting of the last few years has lacked.... risk. Our early picks no one would change at the time, hindsights different. What i dont understand is we filled our midfield with competitive ball winners. Nothing wrong with that we have very good contestef players. Early pick on weid which hes not a jonathon brown, development and better "connection," will see him more productive. Trades we've bought high and sold low, may really high, he's 28 alreadt isnt he? So jason taylors had second rounders and later. What he's picked have been safe players. Spargo, sparrow. Just safe picks. Once you get to this part of the draft, normally you could throw a blanket of a bunch. So why not pick the kid that does something really well? Might not be as rounded but have something the safe ones dont. Howe and his ability to read the ball and mark, elite disposal as long as they have good contested numbers too, he selected oscar baker who fits this, kicking can be a bit floaty, but has above average speed. He may or may not work out, but if they do, you end up with a point of difference to the safe not anything special pick.
  2. If it were just fitness, our game wouldnt be so easy to play against all game, our defensive set up was better for 3 qtrs. We have individuals that can do elite things. Our gameplan and different coaches have based our setups on these individuals doing elite things. Watch a stoppage set up at either end of the ground, we set up for each player to do something elite to win the clearance. And often steal the ball off ourselves doing the elite thing. Creating congestion and pressure on ourselves. We dont even set up a release player, so when elite act is done, no ones set up to move firward. And we turn over and our players just jog back watching the ball fly down again. As the other team floods forward and setup a press. While our forwards jog down, not in a space where they could lead and mess up the zone, create options, create space for other forwards just jog down and pick a spot to stand, flat footed letting them setul just like training. Is it 22 players refuse to to listen to setups or are 22 players doing what theyve been told. Tweak it and setup as a team and fitness will be less of an issue. Its easier to run when its not chasing when systems fail.
  3. The seasons done, leave him in and develop better structures and leading patterns. Work up and be an option. Keilty should have played today. Preuss needs to work on fittness to also work up more and be an option, multiple options from multiple forwards. 3 talls is a must, petraccas not fulfilling that role, his better games this year were with 3 talls, couldnt understand why he wasnt put up around the ball earlier. Keilty or preuss to help ruck. We also need to use these options instead of ignoring them. Because we are predictable opposition just zone off. Same as setups stoppage setups. Coming out of defence is the same, always the same flank on the boundary, gawn even went to a 1 on 3 with the 1 being lockhart. Another example was lewis, gawn was in the go to flank 4 tigers flocked to him which is what we always do, lewis hit brayshaw up which let us relieve the repeat 50s.
  4. So he had nothing to do with the high press being put back in place at the start of the last? Hes not in charge of the midfield setup coach? The players effort lacks when the games gone. The jogging after they waltz through our setup hurts from certain players, it wouldnt make any difference to that play, but they could effect another contest. It would be hard giving opponents such a headstart every time.
  5. Olivers a bigger problem. Wont block for a team mate steals balls off team mates in better spots and handballs to said player 1m away. Jogs when we dont have the ball. Brayshaw does that too. Probably learnt from jones.
  6. Wasnt that a block on fritsch not in the back?
  7. Jack viney back on. Tuff, hope its something he cant damage more.
  8. Look at our defenders having to run off leaving the spare. This is under 9s stuff.
  9. Our setup at the contest in our fwd50, why???? It has to be coach driven, if it were the players they wouldnt be in there. Its a joke.
  10. Why are we playing the high zone [censored], more forwards than defenders so close to goal.
  11. Where are our midfield setups? It embarrassing
  12. Fritsch out of the square, pretracca wing. Hes fresh
  13. I still think this is completely winnable, we were ontop for large parts that qtr, need to hit targets coming out if defence, then take the risky kick with less pressure.
  14. Hes good drifting down intercepting from a wing, disposals good coming out by foot.
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