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  1. They don't have money for the country championships but do for this crap! Makes sense Ireland is a way better jaunt than Albury for Gill and the boys.
  2. That is a quantum leap dc!
  3. I am going but I am not the greatest of reporters, if there is no one else going I will give it a go for whatever my reporting ability is worth.
  4. I have a couple of questions as to the timing of MFC events. For the best part of the last decade the AGM has been around the end of November / early December but this year it is in February. This forum has it would appear taken its place on the calendar of MFC events. Why is the AGM off till Feb? For as long as I can remember we have not had a forum, why are we getting one this year. Are both connected to an announcement of a new home? Is there something happening that necessitates the AGM being held over for three months? Should be an interesting night tomorrow.
  5. I think the batteries in my sarcasm meter we getting low LDC.
  6. I don't give two hoots about his grammar or hair stye. His playing ability is all I care about. I suspect we did not interview Dusty because of the way he looked and we all know how that turned out.
  7. That probably says more about our highlights reel last year than his ability CB
  8. Agree 100% binman, I have seen him a bit at Casey and he plays in a similar way there. Has a good quarter then seems to go missing. Now I saw him 5-6 times last year at Casey I doubt he would have made the seniors if not for our long injury list in 2019. I am doubtful he will make it.
  9. My god that is true DC. Had a little interruption to things and have not had a single malt in 10 weeks. Banana consumption is down as well.
  10. Now there are two word that we have not been able to say very often in the last fifth five years. "Mighty Demons" hmm!
  11. Your last paragraph is probably the direct result of 50+ years of very ordinary teams that have produced 2GF appearances and zero flags. We are condition to expect poor player performance.
  12. One down Geelong way comes immediately to mind dc.
  13. That would do it! 35-40 would be better.
  14. The people we should really fear as those who want to rewrite history. It should be there warts and all.
  15. Sadly I struggle to agree Steve.
  16. I think we all need to get real lives Wiseblood.
  17. The difference is the Hawks are grounded in reality it has taken us till just recently to get the picture. The Hawks won't sink to a 50 year low.
  18. Mine is an X pies member who has sympathy for me but will be a pie forever.
  19. They are not into anything negative. But hey Gil got the price of Pies down for one year.
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