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  1. An excellent question to which the answer is " I have no idea".
  2. Admitting error at the AFL is unforgivable. He will be sacked tomorrow at 9am or as soon Gil gets into the office.
  3. Very sadly bingers I have to agree. I can only see the possibility of four wins in the second half of the year. Two are 50/50 and the others slightly better.
  4. There are a few Demonland regulars missing over the last month. I have no idea why!!
  5. That is what started me off. " In the next few years" if 2020 is not a finals year then forget the rest we will not be up to it.
  6. There is a large assumption there dd. "over the next few years" so obviously you don't expect much from 2020.
  7. The wrath of Khan will descend on you ds.
  8. Why won't the system let me correct a spelling mistake? should be "conscience"
  9. Under Gil's rule the AFL has gone PC mad in all sorts of areas. I don't object to them have responsible community attitudes but I do object them being the social conscience of everything in society. They are a football controlling body not society engineers.
  10. I understand that last year his family moved back to WA. Not sure if that is still the position but suspect it is.
  11. At least 50 of the last 55 BBo but it is at least familiar territory. as I see it we have three choices. - accept it - find another club - find a new interest for winter. After the last 55 years I doubt I can do anything other than the first option.
  12. I am not a fan PSD but I must admit he has a lot of under performing mates in 2019. Only a gut feeling but why are so many players well below their form from 2018? Is it something off field? well I guess there is always next year!
  13. More likely the stupidity of an idiot, Vagg.
  14. A bit like the captain's call of appointing Pert at the MFC LH.
  15. Correct Mr. Shadow but the MFC has a habit of getting 100% of the later and zero of the former.
  16. Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't Pert in power when the Pies came up with the plan to replace Malthouse with Buckley? Hmm probably cost them a flag.
  17. So much of life is about being in the right spot at the right time. I doubt he will ever have another February 2019
  18. No it was real unfortunately as I have spent the last 55 years waiting for a repeat.
  19. Agree I hadnexcluded KK because I reckon he is a month away due to his fitness level. JKH I have watch closely for most of his time at the MFC and a l have decided he is sadly one of those players that is good at VFL but not good enough at the higher level.
  20. I said after 55 years of crap Vagg I left out the five previous years of heaven.
  21. I have seen similar RN and as you say it can change things dramatically.
  22. After watching Casey a number of times this year I am confident that there is no one playing there that would be an improvement over the 22 picked last weekend. The better players are all out injured at present and won't be back any time soon. The only change I would make to last mondays team would be Spargo out for ( take your pick ) but then most would say I am biased.
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