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  1. Players make coaches, if you ain't got the talent you ain't going to get near the big prize. Just look at Hawthorn they have a very good coach who has got them premierships but right now they are struggling because their talent list is dropping. Do we have a good coach with a less than wonderful list ? The board seems to think so because they re appointed him before this season even started. I am far from convinced. I seem to remember Roos did not even want to interview him a few years back hmm. 2020 will either be a good year for the MFC or the end of Our coach.
  2. Will he be the first to go in 2020? If we are not at least around eighth place at the break in 2020 he will not see out the year.
  3. Love your confidence binman. Not so sure I share it.
  4. Very good mono. Sharp this afternoon!
  5. As stated previously I view my membership as a charitable donation. Think of it that way with occasional year where I benefit..
  6. My father told me long ago " don't ask a question when you don't want to hear the answer."
  7. I had forgotten the "non review of the prelim" but it's ok that was not us.
  8. Love your positivity tiers but has it occurred to you that we are talking about the MFC. Nothing we do is as logical as your view of 2020.
  9. Yes we have total different views on what we expect. I have no idea of your age DJ but I suspect you a lot less than me if on that basis I am correct I used to have the same view as yourself but the MFC after 5 decades has battered me into submission. The MFC has been irrelevant for the best part of two decades and from my view only a couple of premierships over the next decade will change that but sadly I don't see that happening. I still enjoy watching my teams and go to as many Casey matches as I can. That is my enjoyment these days. So when we win I enjoy it and I really enjoyed last year however that is probably it for this decade however who knows what the next holds.
  10. Like every Dees supporter I am very disappointed with our performances this year. I have thought long and hard about the position we find ourselves in 2019. First I don't thing we were as good as our preliminary final might suggest, at the start of August last year we had not beaten one team in the top eight and were still dropping games to the likes of the Saints. We then IMO had a purple patch where we could do little wrong. But come prelim day we found out our true quality. We then start 2019 with a large number of better players short of pre season time through surgery's etc. Add a FD that is less than wonderful and who IMO missed how much the 666 rule changes would effect our game plan. We used Hogan's draft rewards on a full back who ended up injured and missed half the year as well as the goals that Hogan kicked last year. Then we seem to have had a large number of our better players out injured. Nett result IMO was a team that was not as good as we thought affected negatively on several fronts. After the last five decades I have come to accept that the MFC will not win a flag in my lifetime. I go to games now with the hope we will win on the day and when we do I enjoy the win no matter how or who it is against. A win is win is a win. That's just me and I enjoyed the final result last Sunday, this year is dead and almost buried and IMO we will struggle to win another game this year but if we do I will feel the same as last Sunday "JOY". Am I angry at some of the things that have happened this year yes but there is absolutely nothing I can do about them but complain on here. Enjoy the next win if we have one jnr as this is as good as it gets in 2019.
  11. I have to say tu I felt like we had just won the flag for five minutes. So I can only imagine how the guys on the field felt. You can only win one game at a time and we won this one.
  12. I was close to side on Mr. Leg and I think it was the right decision.
  13. I know about meniscus injury I have had one. I think you missed my point. I was suggesting that if the injury was only minor you might attempt to get him back but minor or not these is no reason to as we wont go beyond the end of August.
  14. I assume you mean he was concussed, hopefully not long term as I was thinking yesterday he was starting to adapt to the tempo of AFL.
  15. Your confidence in Gawns kicking for goal is way higher than mine DJ. Last year he should have won the game against the Cats from 30 metres and barely got a point. Then this year he should have goaled from a similar spot and missed then the Weid got all the crictism for missing a similar one a bit later. Two a game I think is the absolute ( excuse the pun) max.
  16. I would think the ratio is draft 3 to get one Macca.
  17. Binman do we actually know if Gawn will return or are we all just hoping? Also what are the injuries to Hore and Petty? I thought Petty played a lot better this week before he was injured or was that just my wishful thinking?
  18. Forgive me rjay. But there are a couple of certainties but saying them would have me called pessimistic.
  19. Lot of may, could and might there rjay.
  20. If we were playing finals it may be different but more than happy with cautious approach.
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