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  1. I am trying to be pleasant seemingly without success bworship.
  2. Very true Webber if a substantial number of the team has a poor pre season and then you lose sunbstantial numbers during the season it is hardly surprising we lost a lot of games.
  3. Perhaps it is just us Mr. Shadow, I was thinking very similar thoughts.
  4. Unlike some Ernest I actually think we are a good chance in game 1.
  5. Ok we just won't agree on this one. Have a good day.
  6. You will not find that comment from me. History shows he was an unmitigated disaster. This all started because someone said they trusted Garry Lyons opinion more than most media commentators. I just don't believe this is necessarily so. End of story.
  7. Now there is one thing we can definitely agree on. Yes he was horrible.
  8. Hmm that was a substantially one pf. Not one I think he will ever live down.
  9. I was suggesting that Gary's judgement is not without flaw Mr Land. His opinion on Bennells calf is no better than many others. Simply because he is an x champion / captain of the MFC does not IMP make him any more credible than numerous others in the media.
  10. Hmm not so sure about that DD. He is the guy that gave is Neeld!
  11. Both fit the bill mono. The odds were stacked against them from day 1. Both were/ are worth a try. Not sure about KK on a 3 year deal though.
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