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  1. Who was the rocket scientist who decided to trade out Hogan?
  2. No been quite restrained lately SF. It is not as though we have been defeated unexpectedly.
  3. I was expecting a similar result to the Anzacs brave but in the end beaten badly.
  4. The simple fact is that the AFL won't maintain the lower teams in these games unless they perform. We never looked like winning last year. If this year is the walk over it looks like being then the pressure will be on in 2020.
  5. Whatever way you look at it is a sideshow to Anzac Day. If we don't start making these games a contest we will lose it to another side. We had better play well in 2020.
  6. Covered it well bb. The real event is tomorrow this is just a side show.
  7. Again I find myself in 100% agreement RN.
  8. It is not about effort or enthusiasm it is about skill and speed. We are seriously lacking both at the moment. Too many VFL level skill players in the side and we have recruited a team of inside tough players in recent years who are mainly slow by nature. Then add a few players who are clearly over the hill and should have retired last year and you have the receipe for our performances this year. The 666 change has left our recruiting bare of fast outside players. Of course our list of injured players has not helped. We will need to add speedy players over the next couple of years or another decade of mediocrity awaits.
  9. That would require a different coaching approach SWYL so good luck.
  10. Me too WJ, and a similar result in a sporting sense will unfold tonight.
  11. I think it is quite funny I think it is quite funny Mr. Shadow, it was true back then but now we don't need to tank.
  12. Difficult to disagree with your view rjay. Like you I don't think any of us know if he can coach or not but with the way things have gone since the prelim loss I am wondering. Saw him on TVs tonight defending Lewis and McCartney. He has firmly attached his wagon to them which one could say was showing loyalty to the troops. But if the form of Lewis and the team continues and the comments about McCartney keep coming he might find himself in a difficult position come August.
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