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  1. Maybe true bb but you can forget next weekend the result will be worse than last Friday. They need a circuit breaker to start 2020. It won't be a new coach that will have to wait till 2021. So what is it? I have no idea so the prospects for next year appear bleak.
  2. Could hardly make them worse LH. However it won't change things at Bluntstone. Roos by 8.
  3. May, a crock collecting his Super. Will struggle to stay on the field let alone be a leader.
  4. There are some good things to do around Hobart that don't include bluntstone arena. Forget the game and do some of the other things and get some value for your money.
  5. I am struggling to find one word to disagree with in that RN. However I have one. Please don't use the word "Neeld"
  6. A MFC membership should always be viewed as a charitable donation. It is like contributing to a wild life fund the only thing you expect is the joy of knowing you make an effort to help. Think of your MFC membership in the same fashion. Dont expect more than saving them from extinction and the pain goes away.
  7. Well it has been 50 so far so another year is only 2% extra.
  8. Close Mr Shadow. My sister. Don't tell Bbo but I enjoyed a bottle last night.
  9. Spot on Mr. Leg. Social clubs are so 1980's. Just get the player/ admin facilities and quickly.
  10. I wondered if she had set him a trap, whatever way he had no idea who was playing in the Friday night prime time match.
  11. I wonder how we missed recruiting him Bbo? We seem to have every other dill in AFL football over the last 50+ years.
  12. I heard the same interview jr, the guy has been promoted well above his talent level.
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