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  1. Doubt it RN there are none so blind as those that don't want to see.
  2. If it ain't within spiting distance of the Yarra they don't want to know DJ
  3. Your last sentence covers it LH and from the comments on here 80% of the members. As a result the only option is Goschs paddock and shared facilities up he road. I just don't want to see anyone from that group complain about Goschs holding us back.
  4. That would be better than the current tenth DJ.
  5. The big problem with everything MCC is our numbers in that organisation do not and hove not for some time constituted a majority. There are probably more Collingwood, Hawthorn and Essendon members now than MFC members. Don't think they give two hoots what happens to the MFC.
  6. The problem is praha that there are no credible other options. Happy to stay in central Melbourne but where?
  7. LH we were case adrift 50 years ago, it is nothing new. Perhaps we should murf into the MCC football club, it is an option I have never thought of till now. May be the only way out.
  8. What difference would having the FD headquarters and training at Casey and games at the G make to you? The only difference for me would not attending training a couple of times a year.
  9. There is imo only one option available in inner melbourne and that is docklands. After that start thinking Casey.
  10. The thing that surprises me the most RN is that a large part of the MFC management actually thought it would fly. You only to take one look to know it was a pipe dream. Taking a large parcel of space in an inner city park of public land then cutting down trees to build a football ground in the 21st century was never going to happen.
  11. Interesting that a few of the over the top positives have still not surfaced. I wonder how many wins it will take? Much better Sunday today! I would normally be off to Coburg today but family function prevents me. A win by the CD will complete a good weekend.
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