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  1. I have considered mine a charitable donation for many years Bbo. Why would I want it back this year?What I want back and will never get is my love of the players after their money grabbing ways of the last few weeks.
  2. It is now there for all to see. What a lot have suspected is now obvious. They are tone deaf. I am sad because it represents the probable end for me. What started out for me in 1960 as fun and the way to enjoy your Saturday afternoons will end with scorn for a bunch of self centred ego maniacs. This 21st century lot have IMO lost the plot.
  3. Haven't been on for a couple of weeks. Have had better ones so I may have missed comment but is there any one else who is [censored] off with AFL players? The world is crashing around us and they seem to be demanding 50+ % of their salaries for doing nothing. Have they not noticed the thousands who are now without $1 of income. This lot is making me sick. May be what finally pushes out away from the game.
  4. I have to say I am rapidly losing interest in the footy season. The virus and a few other things in my life at present may well turn me into a hermit. Down mentally so far in 2020.
  5. old dee


    Kent is an average inconsistent player who could not stay on the park. We have his spot well covered.
  6. If he ends up as good as Miller I will be happy!
  7. It beggars belief Bbo. It is the third decade of the 21st century for gods sake.
  8. I have said this elsewhere I think the Weid has the potential to be a good ruckman. As KPF I seriously doubt it.
  9. Your last line is correct rpfc however winning is way better than losing no matter where or when.
  10. I think he might be off playing as a ruckman chook.
  11. But is that enough to be selected in the first game?
  12. Carlton will improve this year LH but it could easily be one of the other two. My guess the Crows but that maybe because I hate them with rare intensidy.
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