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  1. Spot on stinga, even last year we plenty of forward enters but a high percentage achieved zero. IMO the forward line is our biggest problem.
  2. Biggest problem with him is he is a one quarter a game player. Has a good quarter then vanishes for the rest of the game. I fear he is the classic too good for VFL but just NGE at senior level.
  3. Sound well put alternative view dd.
  4. The kids in his first year, there are a few tough judges here based on one game when we could not beat time with a stick.
  5. Have you forgotten the injury list at the end of the year?
  6. mono it is a sad fact that we are talking about the MFC. Half a century of tradition cannot be ignored.
  7. You have way more courage than me LH after this year I am too afraid to try to work out wins and losses. I would probably end up with a 4 win 8 losses result.
  8. The only statement I need to see LH is a win in round 1.
  9. Carlton have the basis of a top eight side, last year they had quite a few injuries and still managed to finish ahead of us. They even suffered through a poor coach most of the year. IMO they will win a flag before the Dees.
  10. Fairly confident it is Monday week LH ( 18th).
  11. I hear there a couple showing minor cracks Mr. Leg.
  12. Never doubted you a second Mr. Leg. Now can give me a date on when Mr. Goodloss leaves?
  13. Spent all my working life in sales and if it does not sell more you don't do it.
  14. Ernest I simply cannot believe what I reading from you. I can only assume you are recovering from one of your benders and you are deep within one of your equally famous depressions. Shame shame shame
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