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  1. No rotations and I bet by the last quarter things will be very different.
  2. The critical factor is he has to start winning a 33% win rate will not get it done. I don’t think we will get above a 45% win rate in fact I am not confident we will win more than 1 in 3.
  3. We don't have the luxury but I have a strong feeling Goodwin is treating it that way. Seems to be experimenting with a short forward line. If he gets close to the 8 the board will continue with his contract, remember we cannot afford to pay him out. I think he sees 2021 as his big year.
  4. Why is pushing in the back almost never paid?!
  5. Watch people living off the grid in Alaska. Agree with the rest. Watched 10 minutes of the pies game before half time. Never went back. Tomorrow the dees Better start well or they might suffer the same fate.
  6. If they agreed to no pay probably. But I guess they could day this not in the contract I sign up to. Interesting! After 30 seconds thinking I would be not as supportive.
  7. Spot on. If Viney chose to stay home with his new born my opinion of him would rise. It’s only a game folks.
  8. I did not say terrible, why did WCE give him up so easily? You are correct the first objective is to get the ball but you then have to be able to use. His addition to the team does not seem to have achieved the desired result, we have won one game by a couple of points and lost badly to his old team. Now that does not make him a poor selection but his poor kick to viney could have been part of the reason we lost on Sunday.
  9. If my memory is correct Langdon was known as an ordinary kick before we recruited him. Makes you wonder about our decision making in new recruits.
  10. Funny this thread has only 11 posts versus 194 on the opposite proposition.
  11. If only I shared your confidence Wise. Same forward line that could not beat time with a stick in every game this year. Find it hard to see them kicking a winning score.
  12. It really is astounding that we have so many who cannot hit targets by foot.
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