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  1. No. If the quality ain't there it ain't there.
  2. You are not alone frustration is a corner stone of being a MFC supporter. Back to Jones you are correct there is no one better available in fact there is no one even close to his current form. With our injuries list I think you can be confident he will play ever game this year. Next year, I reckon he will get a one year deal and he will take it as he will still be better than the replacements have to offer. Now that maybe an indictment on our mid fielders list but IMO it is a fact.
  3. Yes old iron hands is beginning to look good.
  4. Just another dud we have recruited from the Pies.
  5. It will be interesting to see what happens to Ablett in the next game away from Geelong.
  6. At the risk of boring everyone senseless I have been saying since day 1 he is short with average skills. That type of player does not make it at AFL level.
  7. This trade may go down as one of the worst in our history. Ever wonder why GCS put so little effort into keeping him? A guy who comes to the club well over weight, trains poorly, gets reported then breaks down with a long term injury. And just to rub salt into the wounds he is paid around $80k.
  8. Think of your membership as a chartitable donation it reduces the pain substantially.
  9. He is from a large group of excellent players who have represented the MFC over the last half century without finals success or even participation. Feel very sorrow for Jones who deserves much better. He should have done what the likes of Alves etc have done over the years and left for a side capable of getting them into GF's. At the MFC loyality has seldom been rewarded. Tough life at the MFC but it is over Nathan I hope they can win a few for you before the year ends, and that will be all she wrote.
  10. Once you wipe away the tears it is quite funny.
  11. This is quite funny wiseblood you have picked the only thing that would insult me. You would never catch me in a beanie. I hate them with rare intensity. Yes I have been following the Dees since 1960 and the most frustrating thing is we continually do the same thing. We put in a year or two of respectability then wander off into mediocrity for the next decade. Am I wingeing ? Yes
  12. Sadly the cupboard is bare with our injury list we are only going to be changing the deck chairs at present.
  13. And we got what for him? a fat full back who is injury / report prone and a Casey player for the wing. Good deal that !
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