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  1. Can we just switch off any cencorship and watch DD go to town on [censored] for the remainder of the game?
  2. Is it a mystery? He's always injured and it sucks.
  3. Its so easy for a journalist to come out and say: "yeh the dees need to trade gus for an elite outside player"... Clubs aren't exactly letting those types of players just walk out the door.
  4. It just feels like they're not prepared to take any risks by changing things up a bit. It's been relatively the same set-up the entire season and it just ain't working. How has Tom McDonald kept his spot in the forward line? Giving us nothing. Why hasn't Preuss been given more of an opportunity? Trac just floating around at half forward - its all been a bit 'meh' Why not give Oliver some time playing out of the square? Why isn't Fritsch having a crack up forward? Why has Spargo been given such a healthy opportunity? I mean I'm just spit balling ideas here... but as i said, it just feels like nothing new is ever being tried out properly. Every game feels a bit same-old same-old and it's so predictable.
  5. Yeh, I'm usually pretty quick to give the benefit or the doubt when it comes to team selection... But this sucks. All summer long they're spruiking the Gawn/Preuss combo. McDonald has been giving us nothing all year long. Preuss shows something at every limited opportunity his given. Why is he not out there? I don't understand it.
  6. If i see fritta playing in the backline today I'm gunna spew up.
  7. That half-forward role is pretty much there for the taking... Good luck to him
  8. Yeh we shoulda bashed Vardy for that one. Then complained about the rise in violence amongst fans at the games... Theres a time to "fly the flag" and theres a time to just be the "bigger man" and walk away. Gawn is a legend. Vardys reputation as an afl player (whatever that means) was defined in that moment. What a [censored].
  9. I used to hurt after a loss. But I'm just too tired and confused to genuinely take this crap to heart anymore.
  10. Can Oscar just [censored] off already? Give me Petty. Give me Keilty. Anyone but that guy.
  11. I'm curious, what do you know about his mates?
  12. Lol I thought he was talking about jimmy toumpas!
  13. Could be worse, he could be wearing a thor jumper
  14. I find it quite easy to take the moral high ground on this one. Whilst, for a number of reasons, i hate that we sell games to the NT for money, I can appreciate the community work the club gets involved with. Yes, money is the primary source of motivation for us going up there, but at least there is some sort of substance to it. This 'thor' jumper is a cheap and tacky ploy to make a quick buck, while at the same time keeping the AFLs new baby (marvel) happy. Talk about selling your soul to the devil... And to say they're "doing it for the kids". Get stuffed thats the reason they're doing it. Ah footscray... hang your head in shame you pack of sellouts.
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