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  1. Interesting contrast between us and Brisbane against Port. Port targeted Lachie Neale viciously just like they did with Gawn. Brisbane took no bull and not only won the fight but kicked 7 straight before Port fired a shot. All Neale’s teammates came to his defence. Nobody came to help out Gawn. Brisbane have the soul and spirit we lack.
  2. It feels so much like it’s 2012 on here. All that’s missing is Cameron Schwab and Rhino Richards.
  3. Head in sand? https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/demons-don-t-need-a-major-review-says-president-20190709-p525k6.html
  4. WC have been playing two rucks for a long time even without Niknat. Considering they are current premiers it’s a viable and proven strategy for the modern game. Gawn and Preuss can cobble up a far better combination than Niknat and whoever B grader plays second fiddle. Some might say it does not suit Goodwin’s master strategy but hey it may become time to make some tweaks because we are backsliding to nowhere and WC are looking towards back to back flags.
  5. You would be good at selling used cars or property in Queensland coal mining towns and swamps. Accentuate the positive.
  6. Freo very Melbournesqe tonight. 49 to 35 inside fifties and yet trail by 65 points.
  7. I like to see him retire at the end of the season. I imagine he is still earning a fortune providing average output and leadership. He epitomises everything about our poor decade. Goodwin has to find somewhere to hide him every game and he’s keeping the next hopeful out of a game. If the old won’t go away then the new won’t come.
  8. I guess if its a healthy sign that the players vent and vituperative against each other according to the coach then like wise it would be healthy for the fans to vent and vituperate at our pathetic no show this season.
  9. Despite the rashness of the timing of Jones bump on Walters it was good to see some angry stuff from him. Sorely lacking all season. We never looked back from it afterwards. Wanting to see some of that stuff from our leaders every game. Good game from Viney too. Some of the sting from the recent criticism has caused an itch that needed a vigorous scratching.
  10. Goes to explain some of the over the top wild celebrations to a first goal kicked seen in many matches. I am sure we all have seen plenty.
  11. Garlett’s main problem is that he lacks physical strength. A school boy physique amongst the gorillas. Far too easily knocked off the ball and that looks like he’s not trying hard enough. He looks he is trying to me. Opponents check him closely because they know it takes little to move him off the ball but he is slippery if he is given room. Give him an inch of space though and he’s off to the races. A more adept forward line around him will take the heat off him and he would look like a million dollars.
  12. Our midfield would have to to be the worst combined for disposal efficiency. Brayshaw, Oliver, Viney, Jones are all sub par. Harmes is somewhat better but not elite. One or two have to go. Looking at you captains. Viney, get fit, better and smarter or go. Jones now becoming dead wood. Best to move on and make room for someone new. Our future has better chances with the other three and fresh blood.
  13. Best round of the season so far. We can’t lose this weekend.
  14. I am all for father/son players as long as they not pumped up to be better players than they actually are, nor touted as captain material and fast tracked to be the next captain and the fathers recuse themselves from positions that lead to potential conflicts of interest between family and club. That’s the way it is ...is it not?
  15. Still waiting to crack my bottle of Malmsey Madeira 1900 vintage reserved for our next flag. As old as our first ever VFL premiership 119 years ago. Was primed to be cracked open in 2000 so after that shellacking it has remained in the cellar waiting for our next flag ever since. I was getting the corkscrew and decanter ready last year but now it looks like it will be gathering copious dust all over again.
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