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  1. I used to know a guy with only one thumb and 3 fingers for both hands and no toes. Wore tiny kid size boots. He was one of the best high school footballers I had seen and even Hawthorn recruiters admired him. Despite his disability he was also one of the hardest footballers I have seen.
  2. Lockett, Dunstall and Co never left inside 50. The only time they moved out of the goal square was to lead. They were given a huge amount of space and never had to chase or give the ball to a team mate in a better position. Players like them big and powerful and excellent one on one contesters now have to contend with maximum pressure from multiple defenders. It was a different game then and some of those aces would struggle to kick more than 40 in the modern game.
  3. Being a saint I reckon it’s missionary. If he goes to Carlton then it would be doggy.
  4. I call this year zero for Omac. Still on the list but there is some good news. He can’t get any worse. Not one I would tip to decline next season. Still have some hope for him.
  5. If he can improve his stamina and marking then he will make it.
  6. Sums what he needs to do. But I get the feeling he is going to turn out like a Tom Boyd. Can get up for a really big important game but does little until we are actually there. Poor appetite for the long season grind.
  7. It was annoying at times watching him work hard to make space and provide an option only to see some team mates ignoring him and just bombing away to no one in particular. Happened a lot.
  8. Showed a few good things in last few games despite a truncated season due to injury. Worth another go around.
  9. The crows are a shambles. Still they can’t do mediocrity like we do.
  10. Garry Ablett in his first season averaged 8 disposals in 12 games and 10 goals. Spargo first season, 18 games, average of 12 disposals and 14 goals. Ablett did not have second year blues though and managed to improve in his second season. Played some great games but also a few poor ones. Spargo is worth persevering with. Not as talented but just as smart.
  11. His game needs more refinement. The club has to find away to maximise his talents and ball sharing ability. He did a lot for little impact. Not so much his fault as poor midfield chemistry.
  12. Had a good season after coming of age in 2018 though appeared at times to be furiously paddling against the tide with little success. Weighed down by the general ineptness of some of his midfield partners and poor co-ordination.
  13. [censored] players that are successful all have one thing in common. That is strong linear progression and consistency despite their faults. They just re bloody good despite themselves and clubs put up with them because their advantages outweighs the negatives. Look at Dustin Martin, Cousins, Toby Greene and others. They have never spent half their careers in the seconds, rehab or jail and generally get along with their peers. Bennell is just a walking disaster and Murrey is a dicquehead that cant break out of the reserves so likely will always be a dicquehead loser.
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