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  1. In these dark days, members that ask for a refund of already paid dues are equivalent to fair weather supporters and rats leaving a sinking ship. As I said before the money won’t got far and relief will be fleeting and minuscule. From buying a few rolls of toilet paper to a small fraction of ones monthly house mortgage then it will all be gone. The clubs futures are at stake and extinction looms on the horizon. Once gone they may never come back.
  2. Whilst it understandable that fans might forgo memberships due to imminent financial hardship it is pointless asking for a refund from clubs that likely have no money left and can’t pay the bills for starters. The money is gone and best forget it.
  3. Everyone loses something in this pandemic. There is no escape for the economic consequences. In the big picture cost of membership is no big deal. A refund won’t go very far. I’ll still pay mine, games or no games. I see it as an investment for the future return of the game.
  4. Brian Cook. 4 games in 1977. Whatever happened to him I wonder?
  5. Back in the 90’s I had a Scottish friend boarding at my house for about 5 years. He used to mail import numerous Rab VHS tapes and hosted raucous Rab TV nights for his Scottish friends which I also enjoyed immensely. One of the funniest TV shows I have ever watched. Comparable to Alf Garnett in Death do us Part.
  6. Bob Gormly, The Tossel brothers, Glen Walley, Nick Pesch, Marty Hore, Graham Hunnibel, Ross Funcke, Peter Dilnot. 15 minutes of fame between them.
  7. Graeme Watson, 18 games(15 wins) for Melbourne 1964/65. No finals. Despite playing 15 games in 1964 he was unlucky to be named as the emergency for the finals games. Known more for cricket than football. Dashing right hand batsman alrounder. Played 5 tests for Australia. First player to play Sheffield Shield cricket for 3 different states. Also played World Series Cricket in later 1970’s. Was nearly killed by a Tony Greig beamer to the face during the Rest of the World Series in 1972. One of the worst injuries ever suffered in Test Cricket and spent a month in hospital.
  8. Might fire up the secessionist movement again. Usually raises its head when the economy is booming and they want to keep all the money for themselves then go quiet during a bust. When things go really bad they like to blame the rest of the country and feel they can do better on their own.
  9. Basically he’s saying to the rest of Australia [censored] off, we don’t know you and don’t want you. He’s an idiot. He could have said it a 100 different ways that sounds more compassionate.
  10. Maintaining fitness NOW equals performing at optimum levels in the aborted games. It’s all back into the minds and personal commitment of players now with no one to guide and push them.
  11. It is reasonable to assume that clubs with the strongest sense of character, leadership, work ethic and professionalism will have an advantage over the rest when coming back. None of which are strong points for us.
  12. Are you suggesting one can take the pharmacist out of the ........... but not the pharmacy out of the ...........?
  13. May be a renaissance of old school power forwards coming through next season.
  14. Battle of defences ATM. No one can score.
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