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  1. Mumford should be retired, suspended or both permanently before he kills someone.
  2. Despite the one eyed parochialism of the crowd I heard at least two “he threw it” comments from WC fans behind me when Darling threw it and they got the goal that buried us. We were 150 metres away and I saw it and all the WC supporters saw it. But no umpires did and there were three of them a lot closer.
  3. Since Smith was just standing there and not attempting to play on it was unnecessary to brutally drive him into the ground. All that was required was Jetta to hug him and whisper “let’s dance” into his ear. Jetta should have got two weeks for his cheap shot.
  4. Like its weird watching footy here. Just moved over. All games start two hours earlier on TV. Strange watching a game starting at 11.10 am in the morning. Friday night games are rare here I believe. Has to suit the East Coast TV market I guess. I will sadly miss my regular 20 minute walk to the MCG from now on. Looking forward to see us do well at this new venue.
  5. For fans going to the game be aware that there will be none of the usual special direct bus services to the game. One has to use the regular convoluted public transport system and there is no parking at Optus Stadium. Because the game clashes with peak hour there will be no special bus services from the suburbs according to Transperth. Cancellation was very sudden. Luckily I read the local paper this morning or else I would have been stuck high and dry waiting for a non existent bus to the game. I expect many fans will be caught out and may affect attendance. Hopefully the feral mob won’t be as big and loud as usual.
  6. We can vent, vituperative or make apologies and excuses for our current situation but is bad form to start waving the white flag. Football can be so unpredictable and the fat lady hasn’t cleared her throat yet.
  7. Good to see Tmac starting to creep back into form. Still not near his best of last season but better at the contests and closer to start clunking marks like he used to.
  8. These days I would screw an ugly 4 points anytime.
  9. Jones best game of the season. Brayshaw waffled around and failed to get involved in the GC’s second and third last goals. He could have made an impact. Not good.
  10. We can still make it. Recapture last seasons form and some big wins to boost percentage. The maths are still on our side. The big challenge is ahead of us. Every week now counts and we can’t afford anymore losses to lower clubs. Only armchair experts have given the thumbs down.
  11. He must be a Messiah. Like every Messiah for the past 2000 years has proven to be a fake.
  12. .There used to be a disabled person living in my street. Looked quite normal and liked to roam the neighbourhood. Was quite harmless but had a potty mouth and sometimes would say the most inappropriate things to strangers. Every now and then he would come home with a black eye, scratches or a bleeding nose. Obvious that he had been assaulted. His mother used to tell him off because she knew he went and said something stupid to a stranger. Wasn’t clued up enough to say exactly what happened.
  13. Anyone that finds it necessary to engage in physical and/or verbal violence at a football game is somewhat intellectually challenged or disabled IMO. I can’t tell much difference between the two.
  14. I remember the good old days when the law tried to make you sign blank charge sheets in triplicate and whacked you over the head with a telephone book to leave no bruises when telephone books were massive and weighed a couple of kilos. If you didn’t sign they might kindly drive you home. I hope policing has changed since then. I do remember mindless thuggery at the footy as well as the cricket in the 70’s. Footy is a regular teddy bears picnic these days.
  15. Or smoted him with the jaw bone of a donkey.
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