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  1. Number 1 golden rule of coach speak. Always over rate your opponents.
  2. Here you go https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Melbourne-Football-Club-The-Demons-Badge-Old-I-Hate-Melbourne-/143139883804
  3. The Herald also had VFL football badges but at around 1960. And then there are these of more recent and unknown provenance though the middle one I suspect was made for filth supporters. The badge shown by Demonland has unusual atypical colours and old style design to what we expect and could date from the 1920’s or even earlier IMO. Celluloid pin badges were first made in the 1890’s.
  4. If some teams can’t play all their 17 games regular season games due to disruptions then the AFL can reduce the number of games that count for regular points. If some teams only manage to play 15 games then all other clubs have only their best 15 results counted for points and percentage and their worst 2 results not counted. That could work to even things out and might let us and Essendon wriggle out of the outstanding game to be played.
  5. His season so far has been bog ordinary. I live in Perth now and that is the consensus from the Freo people I speak to. Supporters feel they have been duped again after McCarthy and brought home another lemon. So far this season he has been very ordinary and I am sure they would be happy to pass the problem child back to us.
  6. Chris Scott embarrassed at the way they played to win. But they did what they had to do to beat us. Geelong are crap too but they know there is no nuance in our strategy and all that is required to beat us is a blunt instrument.
  7. My eyes show we are currently 15th. GC and Brisbane 2nd and 3rd. Like WOW! Some smoke too much funny stuff.
  8. Geelong owned us for most of the game though a man short. They relaxed in the last ten minutes with their 16 point lead which is huge in such a low scoring game. They controlled the tempo like a well tuned Swiss chronograph whilst we flopped about like a broken clock that’s right only twice a day. We were lucky to get so close.
  9. Whilst I will continue to be a member any other future contributions will be performance based.
  10. If a jury had to weigh in to whether we have improved this season the unanimous verdict would be NO!
  11. The club declares bankruptcy. Assets and players transferred to a new club called Melbourne Devils sans Goodwin.
  12. Geelong masterfully implemented the “rope a dope” strategy.
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