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  1. There are clinics that specialise in “groinal” issues MFM
  2. Mmmmm..... hadn’t considered that Moonie. I just figured it was some sort of inner urban hipster type peccadillo
  3. Fair point dc but she has been taking little pride in her work of late.
  4. We may need a nostalgic return to the days of yore dc when a torn up newspaper had to suffice for those specific ablutions. Off course good old Henry V111 had a more innovative solution He employed a Royal ..... err .... wiper to do the job
  5. I was just in a coffee shop and the Sheila in front of me ordered a “ half strength lactose free latte with ice” FMD
  6. The Local supermarket is currently sans toilet tissue dc ! A ridiculous situation as this corona virus thing would never be granted permission to enter the bucolic surrounds of Romsey
  7. I always buy a members polo top but I haven't seen them this year. Anyone know if they're available?
  8. I’m surprised Max didn’t give himself a vote for the Brownlow!!
  9. You’d have thought that , like the players, the umps would be practising what they were going to preach in the main season They were deplorable and confusing. I hope it’s not a sign of things to come!
  10. I don’t get it. Punching , by definition, is a deliberate act
  11. I didn’t know that. I watched the game. That is pure bull [censored]. Who copped the fine?
  12. Moonie’s gooney bag would likely contain enough salmonella to hospitalise a decent MCG crowd
  13. That’s only because you are too tightarsed to ever open a bottle Moonie
  14. I reckon I’ve bought worse communicable diseases to the footy than coronavirus!
  15. I would listen to the pressers LDC if some techno whiz could ensure that we hear the questions the coach is answering FMD. We dropped a bloke on the moon 50 years ago - can it be that difficult?
  16. I’d like winning “ to become recognisable to supporters” !
  17. Maybe od but with the new kid showing a bit, and the experienced Brown in the wings, Weid will have to be versatile.
  18. He certainly looks the goods but I suspect he’ll spend a fair bit of time at Casey to gain experience
  19. Agree entirely wayne. I am really impressed with this kid - he's clearly got football smarts.
  20. Depends on the Quality of the twerking mono !
  21. I’m really excited too In fact I’ve instructed the maid to give me a jolly good twerking when we are wonderfully victorious
  22. Yeah, fair enough od. I was at training wth @Moonshadow just after kk arrived He was a really affable and keen young bloke. He was setting himself to play wing. Sad business
  23. With the extent of his ongoing concussion issues, I reckon kk is done. Sad, but given the possible future implications , it might be for the best
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