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  1. Don't want to restrict myself buck but, one thing's for sure, I reckon it will be fairly early when I switch to shiraz.
  2. There's certainly more going on at the club than we supporters are privy to. There are two ways to look at Richo's appointment. One. The "hierarchy" sees Goody as simply needing help in what is a very complex job. Two. The "hierarchy" has lost confidence in Goody.
  3. Haha, you might be on the money bb but I'm hoping to last for a few stubbies at least.
  4. I have no enthusiasm for game. I will watch it until it becomes obvious either we will get a jolly good flogging or Ronald McDonald head just pisses me off.
  5. PROLOGUE : My tank of optimism is devoid of even of fumes. My cup of bitterness is overflowing. POST : If we have another shizen year does this mean that Richo will be caretaker coach about round 16? .
  6. We might as well resurrect Shannon Byrnes also.
  7. Correct Maze - this very thought has concerned me for some time. We didn't just "enjoy a little nap" we clearly went backwards this season. With the exception of GC everyone else appears to have moved forward. We have a lot of catching up to do!
  8. Roughy is champ - no doubt about He’s also been through some tough personal [censored]. So apart from knowing a bit about footy he also knows a bit about resilience Bonus. He seems to be a decent bloke Yep. I’d have him as a forward line coach in a flash!
  9. Yeah if Goodwin didn’t have such a long contract the blowtorch would be blistering his balls about now!
  10. We can all make up our own mind Saty. However, if SWYL wants to suggest a form of protest then he is entitled to do so.
  11. An article in today's Age on the North Melbourne win and Brown's bag of goals states " North's final round opposition comes in the form of pitiful Melbourne. The medal is Brown's to lose" I just hope we pick a side that is passionate enough to show some fight and pride and provide some glimmer of hope for we long suffering supporters.
  12. Very incisive Ethan. I did consider becoming a more morally upright type - but nothing came of it
  13. Yes I'll renew. I can be OCD about things and figure if I change a habit then disaster will follow. Anyway I plan to garnishee the maid's meagre illegal under award salary so no harm done.
  14. Nothing to see here! This [censored] happens in sporting teams - things get intense. Add frustration at our [censored] of a season and issues bubble up. FMD, didn't Viney and Tmac have a scuffle at training a few years ago?
  15. Yes on the proviso that his missus comes with him. She'd be a handy pick up for the shiella's side.
  16. Well pit, personally I’d rather [censored] myself in the privacy and warmth of The Manor than venture out on a miserable night to view a public flogging Edit Note. Re the censorship program. It seems one may participate in a flogging but one is not allowed to [censored] oneself!!??
  17. What happens behind The Manor’s barred doors must remain there Rusty!
  18. Do you need to wash your bedding everyday Ethan?
  19. You know guys, I always start the season with a good dose of optimism. This year more than usual. However, the tank has been well and truly drained, and at the moment I am but a dry and extremely Bitter husk. I think I shall give the maid a jolly good flogging
  20. Thankfully I was also roughing it in the mulga at that time
  21. Indeed od!! We’ve never been reticent to pay/trade overs [censored]. I’m getting really depressed I was hoping to watch the Test but it will probably be washed out
  22. And od .... FMD twice over ... the [censored] is on about 2 mill a year!!! FMD again!!!
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