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  1. Well Mono, I reckon we supporters actually copped it ..... err.... shall we say ….. the other way.
  2. FMD chook! If we followed that rule, we'd have about 3 players remaining!
  3. Here's another one I'd like to know the latest on! Anyone have up to date info?
  4. I must confess my taste in Shiraz is directly related to the cash flow situation at The Manor
  5. Back on topic. We won't see Jack again - i'm sure. However, I hope we can teach/find a few blokes with his disposal skills. Most of our blokes can't hit the side of that fabled barn. Even Salem stuffed it up yesterday.
  6. No worries Jim! The pommy bastards will fold. Be finished in the second session.
  7. Indeed ! The thrust of your thread has altered somewhat Jim. However, I reckon men discussing breast possibilities is a sensible Sunday arvo option. Especially when one's footy team is [censored] and the cricket doesn't start for a few hours!
  8. I'm tearing up Jim !!!! The notion of a sinner returning to the path of righteousness and godliness always does that to me. ( Never worked for me of course)
  9. They've also got a couple of key forwards to aim at.
  10. To be fair his role never included being a smash through bull. However, he was certainly soft this year but I can't say I've noticed it previously.
  11. You're drinking stronger stuff than me Jim!
  12. He certainly took some very soft options in the games I saw him play Moonie. However, I have subsequently wondered whether he ( like others) was playing under an injury cloud and was simply being cautious. He has demonstrated he can be a useful small forward. It may come down to what @Diamond Jim suggests as to who we can replace him with.
  13. Well that's pretty clear RTG!!! I just read up on him. Decent size, can kick a goal and a bit of run apparently. Is he the outside runner/wingman we desperately need?
  14. " To [censored] over supporters whenever/wherever possible"
  15. Very good and complex question Red ………………….. I've been wondering what the future holds for him. He was a real weapon when fit and going but ………………….. he's been so cooked by injuries, I suspect he might be delisted. What do you know re his injury/ contract status?
  16. A family feud? Pecking order issue?
  17. Actually I thought Jones played a reasonable game - until that shocker at the end.
  18. Wadda, I reckon it was more of a Anus Horribilus !
  19. MAX - You won't see a better game from a ruckman Fritsch - Permanently up forward next year Harmes - Plenty of it and showed a cool head for the most part. Oliver - Ball magnet as usual ( some questionable disposal though) Frost - Did the business on Ronald Mc Donald head. Petracca
  20. Business as usual!!! FMD!!! Can we have - a kicking coach - a handballing coach - a tackling coach PS Umpiring was [censored] PPS Commentators were [censored] PPPS MAX WAS GREAT!!!
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