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  1. Athletes who fiddle with drugs these days must be [censored] knuckleheads! Unless you are Chinese or Russian of course
  2. Siddle In also. Now only a county bowler Why put a side in when you leave attacking bowlers - starc Pattinson - out ?
  3. Just heard Mitch Marshmallow is in the test team!!! FMD. Must be for his fielding!
  4. I would be super [censored] if Frost goes. He is just the wildly unpredictable player who becomes both a fan favourite and the type of individual and a club needs He is also a rapidly improving weapon. We cannot afford to lose him as it would just confirm the [censored] club we are descending to
  5. Good bump ADC. Everything changes and nothing changes Except the date
  6. Another decent person gone in their prime I honestly no longer understand the world we live in
  7. This thread is fast becoming a turkey. I'm losing my appetite for it.
  8. Just caught up with this thread. There has been a serious breech of Demonland protocols !! Demonland does not have "sources" - it has "sauces". Moderators please attend to this deficiency as a matter of urgency.
  9. I'm not the type to boast demonstone!
  10. Jaysuz no !!!!!! I'd rather have my chronic tinea spread to my nethers !!
  11. Indeed bb !!! When one reaches the ...err …. shall we say "senior years" ….. that is always to be celebrated.
  12. I would recommend he start with a Rip Van Winkle impersonation.
  13. Hope the poor bastard's membership hadn't automatically rolled over
  14. And most likely beyond od. They are in so far they can only pull the plug and admit failure or continue to tip in coin until the Sins succeed consistently. Whenever that may be!!!
  15. The GC Sins have proved a failure. The Gold Coast has proven a graveyard for basketball, soccer and If my memory serves, even a Rugby team failed. As you say, the AFL is more about business than anything else, so one cannot but wonder how long a failed venture can continue to be propped up.
  16. I have worked long and hard to reach the peak of this honourable profession Red - I would appreciate you not commenting on it in a disparaging manner. As to your vulgar suggestion as to how I should spend my (not drinking) time. I'll have you know that it is the maid who benefits from my considerable flagellating skills!
  17. I believe @Ethan Tremblay knows something of such peccadillos Moonie.
  18. That's pure bloody gold Trigon.. Love it!! Also a sadly accurate representation of how we played this year. PS I particularly like the part where the kids finally get it and then immediately turn it over by kicking it nowhere! FMD
  19. Which particular ...err... "experiences" do you reckon the playing grope group might best draw on Blu ?
  20. Thanks for that lesson in humility Rusty! It seems I pick cricket teams about as well as I pick footy teams!
  21. Well Mono, I reckon we supporters actually copped it ..... err.... shall we say ….. the other way.
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