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  1. 18 minutes ago, daisycutter said:

    and he only had one kick - the flat punt

    Peter Hudson !!! Another memory. Back in the 70's I watched him kick 12 or 13 - some ridiculous number against Melbourne.

    The guy was a genious. He didn't smash packs, he didn't take speccy's, he simply got the ball and kicked goals. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Earl Hood said:

    Uncle I used to use a textor to draw a circle on my golf ball as an aid when putting. Set the line on the ball vertical so you could check you were putting the ball cleanly and consistently toward the hole. Same idea with these footies I guess. Oh by the way I haven’t played golf for almost 10 years now. I gave up in the end, I couldn’t putt! 


    1 hour ago, CHF said:

    Easy. Get a marker pen and draw a line around the circumference of the golf ball and then when you place your ball on the green you line that marking up on the line you want to putt. The rotation of the ball will also show how accurately you have stroked the putt 

    Thanks for the advice guys and I'm sure it's well intentioned , but when I play golf I'm usually so pizzed, I couldn't tell a circumference from a clitoris.

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  3. 6 minutes ago, old dee said:

    More likely to swing based on the number of games we win Bbo.

    seriously do you really think we are any chance of getting a flag in the next decade?

    I asked myself that question 10 years ago od.   
    It’s really too painful to contemplate 

    I reckon our answers might be the same 


  4. 8 minutes ago, Tarax Club said:

    Absolutely agree Flash cannot readily think of a Demons example, but Stewart Loewe who played forward for the Saints, improved his goal kicking tremendously. From a very rudimentary beginning where he struggled to "kick over a jam tin" to a powerful and accurate kick from the 50 metre arc. As his goal kicking record attests to with nearly 600 goals kicked. Do not recall who he worked with, but he did have a set goal kicking routine. Which combined with considerable training practice and skill development (one assumes) made him a formidable opponent.

    Thanks for the memory Tarax.  I really liked Loewe - he had hands approximately the size of Tasmania and could mark anything.

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  5. 7 hours ago, Demonland said:

    Mark Williams Precision Balls


    Recognising that kicking in AFL is one of the most challenging skills to learn, Sherrin has partnered exclusively with AFL Premiership Coach and PE Teacher Mark Williams, to launch Sherrin Precision. The brainchild of Mark Williams, the Precision concept features a larger sweet spot on each end of the Sherrin (red dots) which provides a greater area for the foot to connect with and a visual aid for the player to understand the ideal impact zone on their foot.The product also features a yellow spin line designed to provide immediate feedback to the player. When a player connects successfully with these sweet spots, the Sherrin will continue in the designated flight path and spinning pattern to hit the desired target.

    Get exclusive access of a unique online training module that features skills content, videos and tips to improve AFL kicking here. This exclusive content has been produced to assist coaches, parents and teachers to become more comfortable and confident with their instruction and feedback, which in turn improves their players' kicking efficiency. These insights will help you notice common kicking faults and provide suggestions on how to correct them.

    Sherrin Precision is designed for players and coaches at all levels, as well as teachers and parents that are instructing the game.



    I reckon I'll check if they also make a golf ball that does this!

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  6. 3 minutes ago, La Dee-vina Comedia said:

    Old dee, you've officially moved from pessimistic to maudlin. Cheer up...there is a bonus to be found from poor performaces. One can rock up to the G late on gameday and still get a good seat.

    I reckon @old dee 's mood will swing depending upon the amount of single malt or free pinot he guzzles down.

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  7. On 10/19/2008 at 3:40 PM, Guest grant said:

    Well it depends how highly rated the bloke is.

    If you apply the same drafting rules that apply to GC17 to the 2007 (able to select 12 best seventeen year olds aged between Jan-April) it would look like this:

    Tent Cotchin- pick 2

    Cale Mortin- pick 4

    Patrick Dangerfield- pick 10

    Brad Ebert- pick 13

    Just in the first round of the draft!

    FMD !!!!!

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  8. Well I can give some information about memberships.

    I sit near the Betty Cuthbert bar and I requested a seat change to get away from @Moonshadow and his drunken and boorish behaviours. 

    To my disappointment, I was just informed that my request couldn't be met because that area was fully allocated.

    It looks like the Tridents are all renewing.

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  9. 6 minutes ago, Diamond_Jim said:

    a lot in that

    I can see the Board when we are 0-2 with all the usual spin but if we are say 2-4 it's almost season over... it certainly would be at say 3-6.

    That was what was so disappointing about 2019... you could see the season was lost relatively early.

    4 -2 and I'm on the bandwagon

    For most of the last 10- 15 years we long suffering fans have been able to confidently book September holidays by round 6.

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  10. 12 hours ago, Earl Hood said:

    Well very quiet around here I must say despite all the hubbub around the national Draft. Not a peep from the usual suspects.

    Well I am very happy with our draft picks, Jackson and Pickett have that X Factor we all seek but I am most impressed by the young Rivers boy, Trent. They say he can play footy but most importantly he comes from the right genetic stock! I believe he is the great nephew of none other than Sir Murray Rivers QC, the former Supreme Court Judge of Victoria and staunch defender of the Royal Family and the importance of our place in the British Commonwealth. 

    What is more important to the MFC, drafting players with talent or drafting the right type of lad, with the right values, eh? I think you all agree with me, it’s the latter. 

    Still angling for that elusive knighthood Earl ?

  11. 2 minutes ago, Clint Bizkit said:

    Weideman's  problem is unless the ball is delivered to him on a platter in front of his eyes then he really can't do much else.


    I have a concern about Weid’s ability to read the play.

    To paraphrase Captain Blood -  He’s not where the ball’s at 

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  12. You can argue about poor delivery but the fact is we got plenty of ball inside 50 last year but were unable to convert it into scores.

    With Hogan gone and Garlett injured or lacking form we hoped for a 2018 repeat from Tmac and improvement from Weid. Neither eventuated.

    Petracca was a plus.

    So where do we improve?

    Further development from Petracca  and again, hopefully a fit Tmac can do the business. Hopefully Melksham is also injury free and can reproduce that raking and accurate kicking.

    Petty maybe a forward. Fritsch and Hannan have shown a bit so hopefully some consistency and an injury free run.

    Jackson ? Big wraps on him but he's only a kid so it's a bonus if he shows much in first year.

    Pickett? A kid and small but potentially just what we need - crumber, tackler and x factor.

    Weid ? [censored] if I know what to expect but he can't survive on potential much longer.


    So there we go - hope, potential and maybees !!!

    Go Dees!!


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