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  1. Old school ruckman. Didn’t mind a bit of biffo. I think he was captain at one stage.
  2. How does that compare with this time last year George? ( or @Lucifer's Hero or someone else who knows these matters)
  3. Does this "weighting" system have anything to do with paper bags od ?
  4. Peter Hudson !!! Another memory. Back in the 70's I watched him kick 12 or 13 - some ridiculous number against Melbourne. The guy was a genious. He didn't smash packs, he didn't take speccy's, he simply got the ball and kicked goals.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys and I'm sure it's well intentioned , but when I play golf I'm usually so pizzed, I couldn't tell a circumference from a clitoris.
  6. I asked myself that question 10 years ago od. It’s really too painful to contemplate I reckon our answers might be the same
  7. Thanks for the memory Tarax. I really liked Loewe - he had hands approximately the size of Tasmania and could mark anything.
  8. I reckon I'll check if they also make a golf ball that does this!
  9. I reckon @old dee 's mood will swing depending upon the amount of single malt or free pinot he guzzles down.
  10. I reckon you are correct chook. The guy's a solid journeyman … and good luck to him but unless we are injury struck, I can't see him as a regular.
  11. Well I can give some information about memberships. I sit near the Betty Cuthbert bar and I requested a seat change to get away from @Moonshadow and his drunken and boorish behaviours. To my disappointment, I was just informed that my request couldn't be met because that area was fully allocated. It looks like the Tridents are all renewing.
  12. I read that article over an unhealthy breakfast and was pleasantly at how lean and fit Bennell appears in that picture.
  13. For most of the last 10- 15 years we long suffering fans have been able to confidently book September holidays by round 6.
  14. Forget predictions - the truth will be out there by round 6.
  15. Yeah .. well ... love the plan but how about we win a few games and play finals again!!!
  16. Hope they are correct in saying Kossie plays like Eddie Betts!!!!! Drafting coup of the century !!!!!!!!
  17. I have a concern about Weid’s ability to read the play. To paraphrase Captain Blood - He’s not where the ball’s at
  18. You can argue about poor delivery but the fact is we got plenty of ball inside 50 last year but were unable to convert it into scores. With Hogan gone and Garlett injured or lacking form we hoped for a 2018 repeat from Tmac and improvement from Weid. Neither eventuated. Petracca was a plus. So where do we improve? Further development from Petracca and again, hopefully a fit Tmac can do the business. Hopefully Melksham is also injury free and can reproduce that raking and accurate kicking. Petty maybe a forward. Fritsch and Hannan have shown a bit so hopefully some consistency and an injury free run. Jackson ? Big wraps on him but he's only a kid so it's a bonus if he shows much in first year. Pickett? A kid and small but potentially just what we need - crumber, tackler and x factor. Weid ? [censored] if I know what to expect but he can't survive on potential much longer. So there we go - hope, potential and maybees !!! Go Dees!!
  19. No doubt "Uncle" picket fence will be an inspiring role model for young Kozzy !!!!
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