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  1. This is the issue Saty ! How many times can we watch " the same appalling errors" and not ask the question as to whether what the " coach coaches during the week" is having any impact, effect or use? Based on performance, it seems none. Next obvious question. Is said coach of any [censored] use at all ?
  2. Thank heavens for Corona! I t means I can’t watch this [censored] live and it will be a mercifully short season
  3. How very delightful of you picket, to invite yourself to my humble abode. However, and I'm trying to be gentle here, Romsey is a rather exclusive locale. Ruffians like your goodself would be barely allowed within the postcode much less the genteel confines of The Manor.
  4. We need to win this one or it's getting very close to goodbye finals. Unfortunately, my totally despondent and bitter self just does not see it happening! Last week's side could only manage an under 14's score. What has changed? This season has been [censored] up but that doesn't account for the fact that two problems that continually plague us remain. These are - The inability to play 4 ( even shortened) quarters of decent footy and the inability to turn inside 50's into scores. How or why is it going to change today? Bah! I'm so depressed, I can't even be bothered giving the maid a jolly good thrashing.
  5. Just read the squad!! FMD!!!! I am totally confused
  6. G and T’s have made something of a comeback in recent years but personally I reckon it’s cat’s [censored]
  7. It's a tricky one od ! He's shown glimpses of being a player but also looked hopeless at times. Before this season got derailled by corona, I recall posting that now was the time Weid had to put up or [censored] off. However, with what's happened this year it's almost impossible to make judgements based on a decent amount of evidence
  8. He hasn't really featured in anything much this "season" . He's a bit of a mystery man. However, if Brown or Jackson get selected as an extra tall before him this week, his future at Melbourne is looking grim
  9. You are correct WWSW At some point though the season may become untenable. There is a strong possibility of further travel restrictions from the Qld govt. Imagine if another player tests positive It could become impossible to balance the fixture in any meaningful/ equitable way
  10. What will it take for this season to be finally marked as a total [censored] up and cancelled?
  11. Absolutely Luci !!! It’s been standard procedure for years. When a side starts that chip around stuff you go man on man to force an error/ turnover The uncontested mark stats from the game are outrageous
  12. We lost that game in every sense of the word FMD So close in the end. What could have been !!!!
  13. We’re playing rebound football from our forward line !!! fmd!
  14. Very ordinary performance so far We'd better turn it around soon or we’re [censored]
  15. Is that some of that awful warm pommy cat's [censored] Saty? Gulp a few Shiraz instead
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