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  1. Well if it's an ankle (in the current circumstances) that's good. Further (hopefully) it's just minor ( read "nothing at all really") and they just took him off as a conservative precaution.
  2. FMD od !!! If you're giving JKH a wrap, I reckon it's time to abandon ship!
  3. I can't be bothered voting this week but, I have to say, Max was magnificent!
  4. Apart from a couple of good leads from Hunt we continually kicked to unwinnable contests in the forward 50. Preuss would at least provide (1) a reasonable chance to take a grab (2) or bring to ground - thus providing a crumbing chance (3) take pressure off both Tmac and Max. And finally, he couldn't make things any [censored] worse
  5. Well I reckon he would have made a difference - we would have had a forward in the team for one!
  6. Just back at The Manor - I have to confess that I pulled the pin at 3/4 time. As most are aware, I don't mind a bit of BDSM - but that effort/game today was even too much for me.
  7. Not many here so easy access to the bar - with Salem out that’s the only good news We’ll have to bring tha AAA game to have a sniff
  8. Just completed a very pleasant spa and steam at the RACV club ( of which I am surprisingly still a member, given Biffen’s past drunken efforts to get me banned) Anyway I am feeling almost positive and predict a close win- alternatively we will get flogged!
  9. Thanks @Petraccattack I was about to ask much the same question. Perhaps KC or one of the other Casey insiders will know the answer. My guess is not much more than half a game.
  10. And that is one of @picket fence 's better qualities!
  11. 6. Gawn . Beautiful tap work. Plus second efforts 5. Hore .His development provides one bright spot in this shitty year. 4. Oliver. Ball magnet. Just clean up disposal. 3. Hunt. Provides pace, dash and likes a goal. Set shots need to improve. 2. Harmes. Mr. Reliable. 1. Frost. A flawed genius in defence.
  12. It was there for the taking ….. and we threw it away
  13. I'm hoping for a very special post match "celebration" of mammoth proportions!
  14. Being an MFC supporter, hope always plays a greater part than logic or form. We are facing the reigning premiers on a ground where our last performance was ( I wish) forgettable . Further, we have an injury list which would make a half decent footy team. Despite all that, I'm hoping for a memorable victory. I reckon Pruess is a bit stiff but obviously we've gone for dash rather than bash. I hope that works. To prove that my hope is alive and well, I've kept off the Shiraz until just now - In the hope that I'll be conscious and capable of further celebrating our win for the ages. Hope is a great concept.
  15. 6. Jones. Effort all game and lifted when needed. 5. Oliver . As above. 4. Melk. Terrific until injured 3. Harmes. 2. Frost. A couple of shockers but geez he never tosses it in 1. Gawn.
  16. From the shitehouse to the penthouse
  17. A terrible game became unbelievable in the last 40 seconds FMD!!!!
  18. Yeah but they’re are great to see against a team you hate!
  19. Geez, wouldn’t you love Carlton to knock off the Filth
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