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  1. I imagine I’d be voted in as captain but before I commit I want to know who is doing the pre and post match rub downs
  2. “Poor old jimmy “ .... yes .... well .... I suppose it’s possible he was just .... errr .. misunderstood .
  3. Just between you and I dc. The good Earl likes to keep his association with the above club ..... shall we say discreet. Again ..... just between us .... I believe he fits the “ dubious morality “ requirements quite well
  4. Stirling effort Earl Hood !! No doubt you realise you have the full support of all the Loyalists down here in the Antipodean Colonies. ( I have ordered the maid to sew a bulldog motif on her smalls to show that The Manor is at your back) Surely that elusive knighthood cannot be far away?
  5. I'd like to see Weid earn the spot through his pre season efforts …. and then keep it through his good form. It is time for him to deliver the goods - he can't survive on "potential" much longer.
  6. In a proper well ordered society everyone knows their place.
  7. Good heavens od, I must say I'm surprised. I thought you would show far more sympathy for our hard working monarchy. Please don't tell me you're one of those anarchist/ republican rabblerousers !!
  8. Instead of mocking my good taste in crockery and cars you buffoons should be sparing a sympathetic thought for our own @Earl Hood I've heard he’s suffering a severe attack of the vapours over the going’s on among our beloved royal family.
  9. And ….. given the changes in list, coaching, support and admin …….. so it should be. This is a major issue for us. We haven't got the depth to cover injuries to key personal. We had a pretty good run in 2018 and we need it again this year.
  10. Very unfunny Biffen ………………………………. and the rest of you cheap mockers. All of you seem burdened by poor taste. I must add that while I obviously do not have a trough, I did commission a very elegant chamber pot. It has a delightful (and quite practical) gilt edge. The downside is that the maid demands extra remuneration to evacuate it.
  11. Bah those plates look like Coles Cafeteria issue. Nothing like my limited edition Wedgewood.
  12. Well …… it was Sunday when I posted.
  13. [censored] me ! What a sad [censored] decade 5 [censored] decades we've had.
  14. Based on last year we need about 21 players to undergo very serious [censored] development
  15. Impossible question really. However, if both were fit Tomlinson would clearly be in front for reasons of experience and consistency of performance . Most would rate him as a “better player” Kk has been cruelled by his concussion issues. One can only hope that he successfully overcomes these in order to show what he is capable of
  16. Is there a set date or some sort of protocol for the announcement dc?
  17. I’m doubting it dc I would be surprised if Viney was dropped
  18. Typical of that ilk dc - idle. wealthy, head in the clacker inner urban greenie.
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