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  1. all this talk about Rankine is [censored] me ! [censored] him !! We won the game - that is all that matters.
  2. I must respectfully disagree with you Ox They weren't horrific - they were [censored] outrageously terrible !!!
  3. If Tmac comes up ok - no change. If not - Brown in
  4. I don't usually post comments on this thread. In fact, I cant remember doing so before, but I reckon Gawn's game today was just off the planet. When we needed a mark - he took it When we needed a clearance he created it. We needed a leader today - and he provided it Just fantastic
  5. 6. Max. ( This was a fantastic game. When we needed something/anything he was there) 5. Viney. Strength and determination. He can carry and lift others. 4. Langdon. Good pick up 3. Trac 2. Salem 1. Clarrie
  6. We are back !!! Crush the hawks next week Worst umpiring I’ve seen Garry Lyon bog for suns Max Gawn - Hero!!
  7. Just watched the Natanui interview What a sportsman and gentleman!!!
  8. Bah! What a vulgar suggestion I wouldn’t use that stuff to polish the hub caps on the farm Ute!
  9. It’s a balancing act od ! Dictated largely by whether I guzzle large amounts of vin ordinaire or The Manor’s budget allowing me to savour a higher quality Shiraz
  10. Now now od ......... let me enjoy my moment of joyous optimism!!!!!
  11. I like our selected side. I reckon we will win comfortably I am particularly looking forward to watching Bennell and an improved VDB, now that he has a couple of games under his belt In a joyous celebration of my returned optimism, I shall give the maid a jolly good pre game rollicking !
  12. Apparently you can blatantly throw the ball now
  13. Jeez Hawks are [censored] We could possibly beat them
  14. It would be just my [censored] luck !! Having paid for guaranteed GF tickets for the last 10 years plus and not being able to attend FMD !!!
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