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  1. Go and give yourself a jolly good ghostly flogging Ernie. You'll be a better man for it.
  2. FMD!! With all the changes and additions we've made to the coaching and support staff, Goody won't even have to turn up. He can extend his holiday in the U.S of A!
  3. [censored] me what a boring time of the year. No footy and only bull [censored] cricket. Plus … the maid has taken leave. What's a man to do? PS . Although I do have it on good authority that @Moonshadow has entered the spirit of the season and is demonstrating some serious "staying" power at his sordid little love nest on the coast. An immoral fellow if ever there was one.
  4. I must say I've never really awarded Kane Cornes too many ticks in the credibility column. What the [censored] is wrong with locking up a proven very good player?
  5. Maybe. But if he couldn't get a regular gig with us, I don't know who would want him.
  6. I was surprised he didn't go at the same time as Garlett and Keilty.
  7. Well I would love to know how much each and every player receives.
  8. Don’t be silly RTG ! It’ll never happen to us! I mean ... we’re a powerhouse.. a rich , successful and progressive organisation. Oh !
  9. But we are a destination club !!
  10. That’s scary SWYL What’s even worse is the danger that the blue scum could move above us Geez we’ve been [censored]!
  11. Have to say I wouldn’t mind Gaff running around for us
  12. Thanks Moonie I wonder if they supply pencils or crayons with it?
  13. MAKE A NEW PEDESTAL IN THE PANTHEON!! Just read that Dusty Martin is going to release a book. “My story so far” Jeez. Anyone know how to pre order?
  14. I believe we have made a blunder in letting Frost go and will come to regret it Only time will tell though
  15. What pisses me is that whoever GC takes with P2 will end up at Hawthorn or Richmond etc in a couple of years time
  16. Fair go WJ ! Who would ever bother thinking about anything to do with New Zealand ? Well ….. I'll grant the possible exception of The Society for the Protection of Sheep.
  17. Arhh !! What a joyous thread this is !! The so often disparate and fueding Demonland family …. united in one wonderful cause . Kicking the [censored] out of the filth .. and their verminous supporters! I'm so happy. I think I shall give the maid a jolly good thrashing!
  18. These are the times when I really love being a Collingfilth hater !!! Suck on one Eddie !!!
  19. Yeah ....but hot night , cold beer while the weather was [censored] in Melbourne... wasn’t bad!
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