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  1. Here's my tuppence worth 6 B'shaw 5 Frost 4 Salem 3 Hore 2 Preuss 1. Gawn
  2. Can we grab a few of them for the Richmond game?
  3. I'll have a crack tomorrow. Mentally blitzkrieged at the moment.
  4. I can’t even curse and swear Im not even interested in spanking the maid That was just embarrassing Sadly we’ve got nothing left. Maybe we can turn May and Lever into key forwards- FMD! Book a holiday for September
  5. I’m here too Jane. The bar is the place to be atm
  6. Thank Christ for Preuss! otherwise our forward line is non existent
  7. watching in the bar Jesse just slotted the sealer for Freo
  8. Beautiful day at the G ! Not much of a crowd and no free giveaways- not even a [censored] Easter egg!
  9. Find @Moonshadow ding- he’s into that stuff
  10. No worries Dub! I've already ticked this one off in the wins column. It's in the bag.
  11. Jeez, I can hardly contain my excitement and anticipation about this arvo at the "G. Before the Port match I scored a free packet of nuts with the footy record and then , against the Druggies, I was given a free yoyo. I'm all a tremble. What will it be today?
  12. Well that idea has a certain appeal, however, I'll stick with you Red as I'm hoping you're not of the kiss and tell variety.
  13. Now that you're in an obliging "pro bono" mood Red, I have a few matters that need tidying up by a lawyer of high repute.
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