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  1. And ..... while they are improving the game ..... I think the AFL needs to take a good hard look at this idea of kicking the football Far too much of it ATM
  2. No surprises. I know people talk about poor delivery but our forward line has been terrible all season. No coherent plan. No leading. Dropped marks. Shitty kicking. Not taking shots. Lack of confidence. Just a disaster.
  3. FMD Onion! Your taste in music is worse than @picket fence!
  4. I should have also added "class". Just saw a bit of his presser - he certainly demonstrated that.
  5. I suppose there have been some gains. As mentioned above, some players have shown a bit. Overall, however, I can't get over the profound disappointment of a year that promised so much but just delivered [censored]. As a Melbourne supporter I should be used to it.
  6. Have to say I liked Richo. A genuine no bullshite type of bloke.
  7. Another one gone begging! [censored] me we are our own worst enemy!!
  8. Our season is [censored]. Let’s [censored] up others’ chances. If we do the Dogs that will probably end them for the season Take joy in the suffering of others Go Dees!!!
  9. Correct !!!!! You can also add shitful kicking to that.
  10. I'm not so sure about that bb. If he kicks 2or 3 he'll do his job. As I mentioned above, I reckon it's more about the other forwards using the opportunities he will create and of course getting the ball in there quickly
  11. Dead set correct Luci! I have found this year's umpiring the most inconsistent and , at times, unfathomable that I can remember. This an area that Gil the dill needs to act on. More training, more incentives a better career path for umpires? I don't know the answer but Gil is payed squillions to sort these issues out. About time he earned his dough.
  12. I shall be viewing this game from the ever warm and welcoming bosom of The Manor. It will interesting to watch the impact Preuss up forward. I do not expect him or Max to kick a bag as they will be swarmed by defenders whenever the pill gets anywhere near. The ball will come to ground. However, hopefully the likes of Hannan, Petracca, Brayshaw and Hunt will be presented with resultant opportunities. I will not be surprised if we get a sneaky win out of this. If we are close at 3/4 time, I shall lock the maid up.
  13. Maybe bing! But we represent a very high percentage of the perverts and intellectuals that follow the dees That counts!
  14. A slug of Stone’s Green Ginger and a dart was my personal favourite
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