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  1. I payed mine, as usual, with the automatic rollover back in October(?) so it is well and truly financial history for me. However, as dc rightly says above, everyone will have different circumstances.
  2. Well thank you for publicising my business Moonie !!! However, it seems my literary style is as popular as ever. All these lovely ladies are proclaiming their love for me after a single communication ! Just wait until I forward a selfie
  3. A complex character. On one hand he took his life from the penthouse to the ****ehouse . Yet while he was at at Richmond he was a terrific support to a young man of my acquaintance who was suffering from severe mental problems
  4. If private ownership became a reality that would end my interest in football
  5. You’re a bit testy Red. Our good Earl Hood was merely being humorous
  6. “ Stand down the maid “ ! Don’t be silly Ernie. Who else is going to massage my tinnea ? In fact, I am considering expanding the hired help at The Manor I am currently searching for a butler. Something new - after all, I’ve never been buttled before.
  7. As you know Ernie, I’m not one to cast nasturtiums but your good self and @Moonshadow appear to be sharing a rather peculiar fixation!!
  8. And what a loss to the literary world that would have been!!!
  9. Well thank you Frankie. I must say I'm not always very scientific but we all must try and do our bit in these difficult times. To that end, my BDSM club made, made what I consider, a very thoughtful attempt at responsible behaviour during our weekend soiree . In order to abide by the conventions of "social distancing" we simply used longer whips. No fuss but quite effective.
  10. Fair enough Joe but I thought Bedford showed some promise
  11. Deja Vu! Non existent delivery into a non existent forward line I don’t think it’s an ability issue so much as a structural issue. I have lost confidence in Goodwin Did we learn nothing from the 2018 Prelim ?
  12. I’m forcing myself to watch this. A jolly good flogging would be easier
  13. Gerard Healy is absolutely [censored] me
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