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  1. And here, once again, is the clear and primary reason 2019 was trashed. At the risk of repeating myself, of all objective statistics that predict success, or more specifically end-of-season ladder position, total games absent through injury (across the entire playing list) is the most reliable. We finished 2019 not just as the most injured club of the year, but one of the worst since stats became a thing. Not sexy, but the truth. This year is starting from the opposite side of that ledger.
  2. deanox made the excellent analysis, and it was fascinating, particularly as Tomlinson’s abilities in this way will perfectly suit our needs.
  3. Would be amazed if this adversely influenced his season start. Looks in great nick otherwise.
  4. With so many best 22 on wedding duties it seems, it was interesting to watch the rest, in particular the newbies. First thing I was looking at were general ball-handling skills. For mine, the clear standouts are Salem, Jetta and Fritsch. A gap, then Petracca, Oliver, OMac, Petty, May, Lever, Hore (all just natural ball players). A negligible gap to the rest, and nobody stood out as being below par for an AFL list. Skills were very pleasing, but then today’s conditions are perfect. Work-rate, or just general effort, I would say Viney, Petracca, Nibbler, Jetta, Jordon, Sparrow (keen as), who all seem to push that bit harder for longer. Again, no player was lacking in energy or output. Most pleasing difference to last year is seeing Vanders at full tilt, same for Lever, OMac as most physically impressive of the big boys (aside from Tomlinson), Preuss looking ripped, Viney out front of every running drill, Weid seeming to own his size, the effortless, innate ball skills of newbies Jackson and Rivers, Spargo looking sharp and slippery (until he departed), the easy pace of Langdon, and a general sense of competitive urgency, despite that it was only training. A fit, available list is the primary essential for success over a season, so we’re looking in very good shape for the opening. Fingers crossed. Dr. D Training Report Dee Zephyr Training Report
  5. Angus Brayshaw finished third in 2018 Brownlow. Back to his best, he’s elite.
  6. I was watching that Practice match (stream), and as far as I remember, Smith was unhindered until he wasn’t. Presumably they initially thought it was a soft tissue injury (?adductor), albeit that doesn’t make leaving him on any smarter. That it turned out to be Osteitis Pubis meant leaving him on wouldn’t have changed the longer term, but it remains bizarre that a hobbling man was left on in a Practice match. Joel Smith was one of a handful of form players coming into last season, too. Big upside next year, I reckon.
  7. I know, right? Just when you think the world’s gone to s**t, salvation arrives in the form of a fantastically niche medical journal article. It’s the little things. 🎅🏻
  8. Pretty good thus far - it’s a relatively new intervention. This journal article suggests positive outcomes for elite athletes (skip to the ‘Results’ and ‘Discussion’). https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5298419/
  9. Bennell was latterly diagnosed as having plantaris friction syndrome, and has had his plantaris muscle removed in both legs. Couldn’t have less to do with his vertebral posture, core or lumbo-pelvic balance and control, which obviously the physio and conditioning staff will be working to optimise - as they do for all players.
  10. And this is why Demonland has such great value. A fan discussion and story forum at its best. Thanks Bimbo.
  11. True that @It’s Time. Some/many on here have a persistent misunderstanding that fitness and conditioning coaches make medical judgements. They can provide info on how fit and strong players are, and construct programmes to improve this, but only as the med staff allow players access to his input based on being injury free and able to withstand the work.
  12. I have only heard binman what Norm Smith’s Curse also reported, about the neural release. Don’t know anything about subsequent training progress.
  13. Bennell’s ‘calf’ injury problems whilst at Freo were misdiagnosed until recently. What was thought to be a muscular problem was in fact a nerve pathology, which according to current oil, is now sorted. Some would say he has an avenue for legal recompense from Freo. No wonder he’s looking both to reboot and in new pastures. An absolute no-brainer if we can grab him.
  14. Most experienced and credentialed sports med physician in Melbourne. I would suggest he’ll work in an overseer/consultative role. To address any confusion, fitness and conditioning ‘gurus’ like Burgess and Misson are only that. They are not trained to, or expected to assess or diagnose pathology, and ONLY manage players with injuries as relates to their return to match fitness. In this they will be advised by medical staff as to what players can and can’t do. When they are the mouthpiece, as Misson was week to week, on where players are at with rehab, it’s easy to assume they are more medically involved I guess. They do not make any of the injury based decisions.
  15. So much ignorant presumption going on here, and so little analysis. For those of you who are talking common sense, it’s almost pointless to argue logic against those whose agenda is set. The whole notion of poor medical management and poor conditioning should logically be scrutinised with respect to WHY players are unavailable. As an example, of the 14 players listed on this week’s injury list (by the club), all but 4 are unavailable due to traumatic orthopaedic incidents, like Tom McDonald’s knee. These have NOTHING to do with medical management. We have had a competition high incidence of these injuries. It happens sometimes, and is unlucky. Collingwood on the other hand currently is nursing 6 hamstring injuries. That COULD be coincidence, but questions about their methods and management are obviously justified. Our injury list is, and has been all season a hotchpotch of random stuff. Bad luck is the biggest factor. A less than ideal preseason prep plays a part obviously.
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