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  1. Read it again and consider the relative injury impact on both teams. I couldn’t give a flying fig about ladder position. We were the better team of the two on the day. Entitlement is thinking its deserved before the game’s been played. Stick to your irrational anger though, I’m sure it works wonders.
  2. Garbage. We absolutely deserved it because we were the better team and were limped home in the last quarter through grit. Weak assessment.
  3. Gutsy effort considering the lack of rotations. If Carlton were any good, they would have iced the game in the first 15 minutes of the last. It means nothing of course in the sense of the season (apart from more injury woe), but that IS the win of the season.
  4. In the spirit of the Coodabeens, I’m calling it ‘WBS’ - Whipping Boy Syndrome. Oscar is just the latest in a loooong line.
  5. To state the obvious, this is an unpopular opinion on here, but I think Oscar is a more naturally talented ball player than his brother. He’s also subject to the same slumps of confidence, and we’ve seen what that’s done to Tom this season. People forget very quickly that for most of last year, he was one of the first ten players picked each week, based on form, and we played in a prelim. Finals-experienced 23 year olds having form slumps don’t just get tossed aside. Yes, he could be bigger and stronger, but that can be worked on. I don’t doubt he will be groomed as a key forward over the next couple of years. Thankfully the club has a more logical perspective than Demonland, exceptions granted.
  6. This team has lost any and all credibility it earned last year, and not one thing gives me any confidence they’ve got any idea how to come back in any meaningful way. I fear it’s gonna get very ugly on the biggest night of this club’s year, and if we’re not considered an embarrassment already, tonight will nail home our shame good and proper.
  7. And that’s not an oversimplification at all.
  8. Threat and weakness = fragility of confidence. strength and opportunity = return and stability of confidence. Our perceived lack of intent, contested dominance, lack of speed and skill errors all come from this. An off-season is a looooong time in footy.
  9. Wow. We’re not even vaguely competitive.
  10. Easiest team in the AFL to score against. It’s wet FFS! Why are we letting them get so much easy ball?
  11. How did we so quickly from last year to this. We are currently bottom 4, and I suspect the dumbest, least competitive team on current form. It’s f***ing agony to watch. We are just third rate rubbish.
  12. Odd response. Compound dislocations happen. And why would Goodwin lie?
  13. What’s going on with Oscar Baker?
  14. Joel Smith has been our most productive forward of the 3 games. And getting better. He did some great things today, and is the sole ‘find’ of the preseason. Otherwise we have too many lacking form or injured. For the JKH knockers, he was in our best both last week and v Collingwood. On that form he would have played round 1. We are in trouble defensively (both Tigers and Lions scored 100+ against us) and are going to be very underwhelming early season.
  15. Dismiss it if you will, and many will, but the negative of those 2 games can’t be anything but a huge worry. We are defensively horrible. Up front, on the ball, down back. Poor defensive cover for the loose ball. Giving to players under pressure and not backing them up. Too much unacvountable football.
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