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  1. Apologies MS, I was at work and in a hurry. I'll try to be better nuanced in the future However if you're comparing me to the Donald then I will definitely be taking offence.
  2. I was disappointed with Jones after the Round 1 loss. Someone asked him if they would do some soul searching given the nature of the loss. His response was "it's one game, $#! + happens." I thought that was a very poor attitude and this season has shown that the fish rots from the head.
  3. This would be a diabolical decision by our club. This bloke is one poor landing away from having a career ending knee injury. This is one of the main reasons he wasn't drafted until he was 21 and until pick 47 in that draft. Also as some have mentioned already in this thread, better delivery into the forward line would need to be looked at before we go hunting for more key forwards for our midfield to miss.
  4. I'm not too fussed where we set up shop to be honest, but I think the key is to get it right, make sure it can be our home for 20-30 years and also get it done ASAP. We have been dealing with this dumb issue for far too long and too many boards and CEOs haven't gotten it done but they have done a lot of talking about it. The time for talking is over (much like the on field aspect). I thought AAMI Park was supposed to be the answer when we moved in there but alas it was just anothrr temporary solution.
  5. I'm not sure if anyone on this website listens to the Deebrief podcast but this week just gone they interviewed Fritsch and he named Spargo as one of the best leaders at the club. So that may go some way as to explaining why he is still in the team.
  6. I didn't watch the second half so no blame on Oscar for the loss from me. However one thing he continues to do, which he did last year and still does this year, is spoil to the corridor. If you're going to spoil you should be spoiling to the boundary line or over the goal line. O Mac still hasn't learnt this and constantly send the ball back into the run of play or worse still to the top of the goal square.
  7. @JV7 Sorry to say but Hill GA is grass, no seats unless it has changed since I was last there earlier this year.
  8. 15 game membership yes and only for entry, none of the other benefits apply.
  9. Looks very American sports inspired to me, which i personally dont like, but I can understand how they'd think it was a good idea.
  10. Frawley and Maric get a yes but aren't in your team. Also i'm not sure how you can give Watts an N/A but still put him in the team while Blease and Strauss get N/A's but don't get in? I'd have those two locked in for our next premiership side.
  11. There's a Saturday afternoon too?
  12. From Mount Gravatt, so some kid Bails has been hiding up there? No stats at all on the AFL draft tracker, not even height or weight.
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