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  1. Eth

    Top 5

    AFL: 1. Ablett 2. Franklin 3. Pendlebury 4. Murphy 5. Bartel Melbourne: 1. Frawley 2. Jamar 3. Jones 4. Trengove 5. Moloney
  2. Take note, I might actually get a start this season.
  3. Sewell a good comparison? Anyway, big fat no to Clark. Great ruckman - should have been AA two years ago - but with Jamar a part of the no.1 clearance duo with Moloney and SME coming on as far as he has this year as a ruckman, forward and defender, Clark will have to play forward. He's not a forward and I don't want to see Melbourne pick up a talent such as him on $500k a year to play him in a position where he won't be giving too much value. Let Fremantle take him.
  4. IIRC the general consensus around here pre-2011 was that only one of Jones and Moloney could play a part in our team. Both showed otherwise this year.
  5. Big statement. Pendlebury is in the Judd and Ablett tier. The latter two at their best impact games more but Pendlebury is more skilled all-round and is way more consistent, I reckon. Scully will be one of the best players in a few years, but Pendles is something else.
  6. Can't remember exactly who said it (Lyon, Trengove probably) but they said he's a straight forward guy who doesn't play games. I don't have any direct links with Tom.
  7. From what I've heard about what Tom's like as a person, yeah, I do.
  8. Tom at the airport said he hasn't made a decision as of yet, and that he was just having a look, as you would with any offer.
  9. Shame a lot of people have a differing view. One look at the MFC Facebook group says it all - they want Scully gone. Scully has done nothing to suggest he's going to GWS. He's weighing up others as every single player does during their career. Shame the media translates that into something completely different and a bigger shame that some people believe it.
  10. Voted for the defender. We've got Strauss who I'm 100% confident will make it, but I reckon we need another gun kick. We've got key forwards in Watts, Cook, Fitzpatrick and Martin/Jamar/Gawn, small forwards in Maric and Wonaeamirri and inside midfielders in McKenzie, Moloney, Gysberts, Sylvia, Trengove and Scully. We lack that other defender. Blease and Tapscott will both be more damaging pumping it inside 50 rather than out.
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