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  1. Lol - I know a Pies fan who has never seen them lose doing this!
  2. Much as I love all our boys, I think that these ins and outs show the lack of depth in our list right now. Although you cannot question his effort or commitment, I don’t think Stretch is quite up to it and Nibbler is certainly going to need to lift. Preuss out is a great shame and I’m not sure what the plan is for taking Reiwoldt and Lynch. Hope I’m wrong, but I think this will be a shellacking.
  3. I’m not sure that anyone at Melbourne speaks to Tom Morris. It was him who broke a story about Goodwin last year - whilst being employed by the club as one of the podcast presenters - and didn’t have the balls to turn up to the podcast the following week, when Goodwin was the guest.
  4. I saw this conversation last night, but just walked into a cafe to see this splashed all over the front page. What a beat up - I hope we are galvanised by this.
  5. Agree with this - his was the pass to Harmes from Gawn’s tap, which led to Weideman’s goal on Saturday. Also, he went back inside at a crucial time v Hawthorn in the Semi-Final last year, which steadied the ship.
  6. Totally agree - it was a big part of our game last year, with a couple of exceptions - notably the Prelim Final. The sooner we get the swagger back, the better.
  7. It was such a good place to live, although on my last trip back it’s gone pretty bobo now. Isn’t Palaiseau on the RER B, if I remember correctly? Easy trip into town.
  8. Where in Paris, Bing? I moved to Oz 13 years ago, but was in Paris (10e - Rue du Fbg St Martin) for 4 years or so - still miss it.
  9. I agree - he looks like a tough nugget, touch of the Vineys in some of those tackles.
  10. The first game they covered was the Wizard Cup match between the Dees and St Kilda - the photo is post-match.
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