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  1. Sniping aside, is there an official re-start date for training? Would be a good distraction for school hols - thanks!
  2. What I really like about this announcement is that Mahoney is very measured in the statement. No grand promises or fanfare - just...we’re happy to have him here, now let’s wait and see.
  3. Or maybe her mail? Either way, it’s pretty good.
  4. We are massive fans of Lockhart, in our house. Mature head, good skills, tough as nails, repeat efforts and a little bit of X factor.
  5. I reckon we will get an extra home game at the G. I bet it was all sorted at that meeting at AFL HQ at seasons’ end, as part of the compo for giving GC Suns our number 2 pick.
  6. I think they have made a great move: either GWS will trade 6 and second rounder for 3, to guarantee Tom Green at a later pick or we will bid for Tom Green with 3, forcing GWS to use Pick 6 and giving us an extra top end player to choose from.
  7. I feel that we still need a gun pick up from the draft, tho’.
  8. If we could split the 3 into a 6 and say a 10, we could give Freo the 6 for Hill and use the other in the draft. We would be under no obligation to offer the ridiculous coin that the Saints have. Although, do we need both Hill and Langdon?
  9. Absolutely - especially as Langdon can walk to the PSD. You'd be asking for a Top 10 pick.
  10. We bloody well should, though.
  11. It’s a boring culture - Max and Clarry about the only two characters in the place. Where are our indigenous wizards?
  12. Great to see Jordan Lewis’ kids all in Dees jumpers!
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