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  1. Yes! I noticed this too - in particular, two shepherds from Bennell, where he hand balled to a team mate and then shepherded the opposition player. There were a couple more instances too, around the contest. It has been conspicuous by its absence so far this year.
  2. Absolute gold! Never seen that before - superb!
  3. Any thoughts on the Tattslotto numbers for Saturday?
  4. Luckily, I’m sure there will be plenty of “learnings“ from this whole debacle 😉
  5. I would argue that his 47 goals (before injury) was a key factor in the side’s momentum into finals and that we have been diabolical going forward ever since.
  6. It’s an interesting article and provides a more balanced look at things. A lot of the recent supporter frustration and feelings of “guttedness”(!) comes from the fact that we have not recaptured our 2018 form yet, especially after such a disastrous year in 2019 and the promise of the off season. The Hogan argument is pertinent - yes, he was not playing towards the end of 2018, but he had played for the majority of the campaign (to great effect) as a mobile forward, with stints going through the midfield and wing. This was actually a master stroke, as it gave him more touches of the ball (which we knew helped him, from previous campaigns). It also serves to throw the opposition defensive structures off, which helped us going forward. There’s no harm in trying Tomlinson as a half forward as he is a good mark, but he will need to step up the defensive side of his game, which has been sorely lacking in recent games.
  7. To add: I think Neitz was at Hawthorn for a while, but certainly was around the club for the 2018 finals. He’d be perfect for mentoring, you’d think.
  8. Probably because they wouldn’t have towed Goodwin’s party line and picked faults in his game plan!
  9. I agree - I was waiting for the usual ‘learnings’ bollox, but he actually came across quite measured and considered.
  10. Also, the main reasons that their quick, aggressive game works is: - they have great hand and foot skills. - they have players who will spread quickly from the contest, giving multiple options to the ball carrier. - their midfield runs incredibly hard both ways. This year, they have been off their game but when operating even close to their best, are devastating. We do have the cattle to match them, but until we can tick off the above points consistently, we will be playing a 2nd rate version of their game style.
  11. Very tough mate - my parents in England live next door to my sister and her 4 kids - they haven’t been able to give the kids a hug for about 3 months now. Crazy times - I wish you and your family all the very best.
  12. Ha! No - it was a Melbourne supporter, who was about to go into lockdown away from his grandkids - weird huh?!
  13. Good luck OD - enjoy your evening with the family. By the way - did you call in to SEN today? Breakfast Show?
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