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  1. Luke Hodge retires - what a career he’s had. Looked tonight like he could have gone around again!
  2. Of course they are - he was the big out for them for most of last year, most Pies fans think their team is so much stronger with Elliott in it. Would love him at Melbourne but can’t see how the Pies would let him go.
  3. Would @Demonland be able to run a live podcast of the event?
  4. It’s good that they’ve faced this front-on. I think that one of the biggest fall-outs from this year will be memberships, after having done a good job in building the numbers up. I’d say a lot of members will find it difficult to get enthused for next year, during the off-season, so kudos to the board for organising this event.
  5. I’d be devastated to lose Frost - he was really coming into himself by the end of the year - getting an idea of how to play as a running back man. He has his deficiencies and brain fades occasionally, but his upside is so much greater - he has a bit of X factor about him.
  6. That article could have been written by his manager!
  7. 😂 I read the link as “Tom Linson poised to be a Dee” - never heard of the bloke!
  8. I imagine it hasn’t been communicated yet, because there are other positions to be decided on. I’m sure that once the board has the FD personnel all in place, they will make their announcement. Obviously, the board felt that had to move quick to get Richardson, so that announcement would have been unavoidable.
  9. Basil = Herb = Elliott = Jamie? Am I right @Demons11 ?
  10. I would love Jamie Elliott, if he can stay fit. Can’t see him leaving the Pies, tho’.
  11. I’d probably be more keen to give Varcoe a year. Not convinced yet about Tomlinson.
  12. I agree - this time last year, everyone was clamouring to get on board. Obviously, big changes need to be made after such an appalling year, but et’s see where we are, at the end of next year.
  13. Wow - thanks for that. Sounds like we could do with both of them - Ash for the attitude and Young for the silk! This year has really shown our deficiencies: firstly with smart leaders and secondly skills.
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