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  1. It seems that a party at Werridee's place could be considered cruel and unusual punishment!
  2. Weren’t the club meeting with Murray during the week? Where are our usual (as opposed to “usually”) reliable sources with the inside scoop?
  3. Why on earth would you do that? Weird.
  4. A bad look? Seriously?? If a couple of guys having fun and a bit of a laugh is a bad look, what has the world come to?
  5. But Mike, we aren’t discussing the toxic culture in the West are we? I suppose the subtext of my comment was that Bennell and Murray are not likely to drag the club down, but may well take the opportunity thrown at them in the form of a lifeline from the MFC, and finally concentrate on their football. I think that May, Jones, Gawn, Hibberd, Lever, Jetta, Viney etc make a pretty good support group, not to mention the coaching and fitness people. I like to think it’s a win/win situation.. the club gains two very talented players, and two very talented players are given one last chance to prove themselves.
  6. There’s some quality photoshopping going on in one of the Demons’ Facebook pages...
  7. Taking on these “washed up” players could see us labeled a bennellovant society?
  8. I'm having a little trouble understanding where the talk of Murray's poor ball usage is coming from. A very quick search uncovers the following (http://aflnswact.com.au/sam-murray-rising-star/): "Murray excelled following a move to the backline in 2017 displaying excellent kicking skills, earning him a place in the 2017 NEAFL Team of the Year after averaging 22 possessions, six score involvements, six intercept possessions and 3.5 inside 50s." "Earning a call up to Collingwood’s senior side after a strong pre-season, Murray has proven to be a dangerous ball magnet averaging 20 possessions across his three games with Collingwood and gathering 21 disposals with an 81 per cent disposal efficiency in his sides’ 24-point win over Carlton at the MCG." Sure his clanger "score" is pretty high, but that's not overly surprising considering he had just 13 games at the Pies; that is likely to lessen as he gains more experience. And, correct me if I'm wrong, I'm pretty sure the clanger count is not solely related to disposals.
  9. It seems like you were pumped over every player that was unlikely to be doing a lot at training yet... Joel Smith, AVB, KK, Nietschke (in the training thread) and now Bennell who I'm sure it was stated (maybe I'm wrong), was invited to train with us in December EDIT: something that is now a fact; from the MFC website, re Bennell formally accepting the club's offer to train: “Harley has undergone a new intervention into his calf issues and has committed to some lifestyle changes, and we are confident that he will bring the right attitude to attack the individual program he will be given. “We look forward to him starting training in December and working together.” I suggest lowering your expectations a tad when it comes to players who have been on the long term injury list, as I'm almost certain the fitness experts at the club will be wanting to assess them properly in a rehab environment, before letting them loose in full training on day one.
  10. Yeah, just look at how Dustin Martin dragged the Tigers down with him and his poor culture.
  11. Sorry McQueen, but I could only respond where the post I was quoting existed. I’ll desist now.
  12. Why? What in any of his IG photos, is particularly worrying... or are you judging on the photo above? If you are, then I find that kind of judgemental attitude far more worrisome. Perhaps you can enlighten me as to other ways in which he has strayed from the path of righteousness? (and as much as I believe sometimes it should be, fashion sense is not a crime)
  13. That stuff doesn't bother me. As long as he has learned his lesson re drugs and footy not mixing, I don't care who his mates are or how he dresses or the fact that he has poor taste in tats. I just look at a guy like Dustin Martin (or even Marlion Pickett) and see how he has straightened himself out and become a better footballer as well as a better person, and see no reason why Murray, who possibly(?) has a less checkered past, couldn't take the chance to prove himself. Personally, I hope we go for him.
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