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  1. I knocked on the doors of a couple of our players, but they wouldn't let me in as they said they are social distancing and isolating. I did however manage to find out that depending on the layout of the house, goal kicking from the pocket is being improved by taking the kick in the hallway from near the front door and attempting to get it into different rooms leading off either side of said hallway, without touching the woodwork. Hope that helps.
  2. Did he lend his head to Dustin Martin?
  3. I’ve ordered it for my son Liam, so it should arrive either tomorrow or Monday. Will let him know of your suggestion.
  4. Well Ding, let’s remember we’re talking about Collingwood supporters here. As most people are working from home now, break-ins are virtually impossible, so if Eddie had answered “yes”, they’d have been queuing up around the block 5 minutes later, for their refunds.
  5. The question was a totally unnecessary set up. If Eddie had answered with a clear "yes", what do you think would have been the outcome which, by the way, would have had a ripple on effect to all other clubs in the competition. If he had answered"no", the press would have turned it into a story about a club that doesn't care about its supporters and other clubs would then be under pressure to not be the same. By suggesting that the club is there to help financially stressed members as much as they can, he is saying precisely the right thing.
  6. "AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan is committed to the league retaining all of its 18 clubs in their current composition when the competition shutdown ends." https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/afl-will-emerge-from-hiatus-with-18-clubs-mclachlan-20200331-p54fjc.html
  7. Don’t tell me they’re postponing the Winter Olympics as well!! 😲
  8. I worked with this guy at the Dept of Veterans’ Affairs in the 70’s. A really lovely guy and an excellent payer when he bothered to turn up. Colin Graham (1975-78, 35 matches, 32 goals) Graham played 20 of his 35 matches with Melbourne in 1977 and was rewarded with 13 Brownlow Medal votes (one of the two seasons when both field umpires awarded votes on a 3-2-1 basis). He also kicked 20 goals in 1977. A left-footer with a long kick.
  9. This is what is really annoying me about the way people insist on comparing this event to the flu. Apart from the fact that there is no cure and no vaccine, coupled with the fact that this is far more contagious, people insist on misrepresenting the deaths statistic!! In Australia, we have a total of 261 cases that have an outcome, 17 of which are deaths (maybe 6 to 7%?). No one should be stating deaths as a percentage of the total number of cases as the bulk do not yet have an outcome. Of course over time the percentage of deaths will drop, but while there are cases yet to have an outcome, no one can be sure what the number of deaths will actually be. This is nothing like the flu and it is folly to think that it is.
  10. Funny... https://digg.com/2020/trump-impression-coronavirus?fbclid=IwAR0H0RU87l0WDHf45GWRaHWGtRRv_BUDA61tC-HK6aX2ZjA_jdytqcDtqTQ
  11. Oh no!! It's mutated into the dreaded Crooner Virus...
  12. They’ll probably figure that people will be so desperate for the return of live football, that when it eventually resumes, they’ll up the admission price (and clubs will do the same with membership fees), by a considerable amount.
  13. We are lucky so far. Look at Italy where there is a death rate greater than 10% of approx 80,000 cases. Once a hospital system is overwhelmed, the mortality rate increases massively. The only way for us to stop things getting to that point is to go into complete lockdown ASAP! This is nothing like the flu!
  14. I don't know how reliable this information is, but a dentist I know posted the following and he is not one to post BS: "OMG! Government mandate as of 8pm last night stopped 20 000 dentists working for a minimum of 3 months. We can’t return to work until govt allows it, as the aerosols from dental drills cause Covid to remain in the air for 2-3 hours. Another industry closed down. Bring on the lockdown now" And his reply to another respondent re lockdown, was as follows: "This was from a client. They get direct emails. Sunday night will be lockdown night for at least 3 weeks for all of Australia" Interesting times ahead, or so it would seem.
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