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  1. You have to understand that you’re dealing with Demonland where what would be normally construed as sarcasm is often deadly serious commentary. They call it the Bizarro effect.
  2. Looking forward to: Whatsaywhat getting his PHD for the above thesis. Convincing myself it’s just a game. Wimbledon and Le Tour. The cricket. Getting behind Miller in the MotoGP and Remy Gardner in the Moto2. Not feeling like I’m missing anything when my band is playing at the same time as the Dees.
  3. No way I would like to see Max as the captain or even co-captain. He’s under enough pressure to perform as it is, and the last thing he needs is the added burden of the captaincy. Just let him do his thing and provide inspiration through his onfield performances. After last year I’d have thought it would have to be T-Mac, but his half hearted efforts this year have quashed any thoughts of that... I guess May would have to be considered and even Lever, although he’s one I’d like to see given a bit more time to mature.
  4. Never mind his efforts in the above clips, let’s just single out one error and crucify the kid.
  5. Or would we be adding a proven forward who actually goes looking for the ball and is capable of leading to provide a target?
  6. There’s always one.
  7. Who else would have gotten those three goals? He will play himself into form and in the meantime still provide goals, which is more than can be said about others. I’d be more concerned about some of those set shots from the likes of Tom and Trac.
  8. What’s Brad Green up to these days?
  9. So you’re putting the blame on Rohan? Ooookay. I’m sure Rohan was aware of Durdin’s presence, but he should not have to back off as a result. I already agreed that it was an unfortunate accident... I just think it’s ridiculous to lay the blame at Rohan’s feet.
  10. Actually, we wouldn’t have won on Saturday without the 666 rule.
  11. That’s ridiculous... Rohan is intent on stopping the player with the ball; that is what he is rightly focused on. It is the person trying to spoil that has to be aware... in this case it was a fair attempt at a bump and unfortunately their heads clashed. It should not have been a chargeable offence, I agree... but I will never agree that Rohan was somehow at fault for not being aware enough.
  12. I don’t know who first said it, but never a truer word was spoken: “One point’ll get you four!”. At the risk of be accused of accepting mediocrity, I’ll take that win any day of the week. We need to get wins any way we can until a few important players are recovered and available for selection.
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