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  1. Yeah, sounds like a guy who came third in last year’s Brownlow. Also sounds a little like a certain co-captain that many wanted moved on early in his career (probably the same softcox that want him moved on now... or at least up until last Friday).
  2. Nice of you to give him a bit of time... please remind me of how long he’s been with the club and how many games he’s played at any level.
  3. He’s damned anyway, apparently...
  4. It’s nothing to do with freedom of speech directly... he did something similar last year that caused a [censored] storm on social media, and as a result his employer asked him to refrain in future, as by association, it is a poor reflection on them and is bringing their brand into disrepute. He’d had his warning and now that he has repeated the “offence” his employer has decided to act in defense of their brand, as they are entitled to do.
  5. Should be used to the “sow’s ear from a silk purse” brigade by now Redleg. Maybe they’re topping and tailing Nathan’s career... many wanted him gone early in his career and now they are doing the same as he slows down towards the end. Sadly, they don’t have the good grace to talk him up when he has what was essentially a match winning captain’s game.
  6. For those of us interstate without access to live coverage, is it possible to get a score?
  7. Unless you have some sort of irrefutable evidence, I’d suggest that this belongs in the Demonland Fact Check thread.
  8. When I first saw your Demonland name, I thought you must be a Flintstones fan.
  9. Who is umpire 21? The guy started the game with an itchy trigger finger, spoiling the flow of the game with his constant awarding of barely there frees, and now he fails to see the more than obvious defection of a ball touched through the goals, when he’s standing about three meters away. Laughable!
  10. I read today that Reiwoldt will miss 4 weeks with his wrist injury, which means he will be missing from the ANZAC eve match.
  11. Which year would you like that for?
  12. Never mind the fact that he was an integral part of the team that got us as far as the Preliminary finals. Just got to love the “sow’s ear from a silk purse” brigade on here.
  13. No... it’s Pete, and he’s been recruited to bring some power and passion to the playing group... boom! boom!
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