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  1. Must check it out... it's possible I may have at some point read the first page and turned off.
  2. Ok, thanks. However, I'm not sure that automatically translates to greatness as a head coach. After all, Goodwin was an assistant at Essendon and then assistant to one of the greats in Paul Roos for two years, yet apart from one good season in 2018, it hasn't really counted for much; at least, not yet.
  3. A serious question... what exactly are Yze’s coaching credentials?
  4. I doubt that they'd be playing VDB down in the backs... with our small forward line, he's need in the forward half for his pressure and ability to crash packs.
  5. Yeah, it’s become an exercise in banging one’s head against a brick wall. I’ll cease and desist.
  6. First part doesn’t make much sense... it was relevant to the topic. It’s very obvious that comprehension is not your strong suit. Second part... has nothing to do with my question re virtue signaling.
  7. When all else fails, the old reduce it to the left vs right trick. Laughable.
  8. I suggested that there was a possibility he may be missing out because they might think he would need time out to clear his head and be with his family (no mention of it being because of an emoji). To you it might be “just an emoji”, but you probably haven’t been very publicly subjected to comments based on your race on who knows how many occasions. And how is it virtue signaling to wish that racism did not exist to the degree that it still does?
  9. Well, when you twist the meaning of someone’s words, I guess that’s what you should expect. Although, I have to say that’s it’s rather ironic that you resort to the use of name calling to call out a name caller 🤣
  10. Yeah that’s right wanchor... I suggest you enroll yourself in a basic English comprehension course and then re-read my original comments.
  11. I know you are, but what am I?
  12. He was nowhere near our worst defender in the last couple of games (Smith and Lever were much worse in round 2, yet are playing this week). That aside, it’s not me who thinks the “sky is falling”, but it is myself and many others who are sick and tired of racism, and sick and tired of the likes of you dismissing it as if it’s a non issue. Seriously, if the topic isn’t to your liking, don’t read it; simple!
  13. It may not be the reason, but the coaches may still see it affecting his game. It amazes me how people like yourself and Mental just dismiss it as something along the lines of a “harden up princess” scenario.
  14. The ignorance displayed in this one short sentence, beggars belief!
  15. It IS about football! It is about the fact the indigenous footballers are still subjected to racist attacks and is no less worthy of discussion than any other football related topic. We just saw Eddie Betts commenting on the recent attack against him, to the effect that he’s had enough and it’s affecting his enjoyment of the game. I would not be surprised if the fact Nev is not in tomorrow’s team has something to do with the attack on him and about him having time out to clear his own mind and have time with his family who would also have been affected. This is a subject that should not be consigned to the General Discussion forum where it would sit gathering cobwebs. You don’t need to read it if you find it too confronting (the topic’s subject is made clear in the title and in no way ambiguous). Just move on to the next topic that interests you... easy!
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