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  1. I hadn’t read about any of that (holiday mode)... you’re right (minus the alt) though, the club would be much better not associating themselves with him.
  2. He only got near Roger because he won enough other matches to make it to the quarters! Anyone who makes it to the quarters deserves to play on the Rod Laver Arena. Ridiculous comments.
  3. He’s cooked... about to lose the unloseable...done a Melbourne!
  4. This really is a nothing topic, but I love a good fluff piece. I’m watching The Australian Open on the telly, which is the quarter final match between Federer and some unseeded American player named Sandgren. Well, Federer’s back appears to be kaput and it’s looking more and more like Sandgren will prevail as he currently leads 2 sets to 1 and the 4th is currently going with service. What does this have to do with the Dees I hear you ask? Well, at the beginning of the game they did a brief puff piece on Sandgren that shows him in a signed Dees jumper with a footy in his hand. The interviewer then asks about the jumper and they switch to footage of him being presented with the jumper by Oliver and Salem, on what looked like the ground at the Collingwood facilities. Could this be a sign? PS. Does anyone know when this presentation took place and why?
  5. OD... at least he was true to his word; he said he’d get us Neeld and he did! 😂
  6. He’s expecting the Pies’ year to be THAT bad?
  7. Will do... that’s a nice part of the country.
  8. I think Liam’s got a great eye for photography and am incredibly proud of what he’s already producing. I really did mean it when I said thanks for your advice and suggestions. Words of encouragement from yourself and others, are doing wonders for his self confidence; thanks so much.
  9. Thanks mate. We’re both into photography and for the most part do just as you’re suggesting. On this visit to Melbourne we drove down the Princes Highway via my brothers’ places and sister’s place in the Bermagui area (they were all evacuated at one point), passing through the burnt out villages of Mogo, Cobargo and Quaamar and from there to Melbourne we had to divert along the Snowy Mountains and Monaro Highways due to East Gippsland being closed off. The devastation in the Snowys National Park was truly horrific but made for some amazing photo studies. In all my years, I’ve never seen anything like it. We didn’t photograph much of the damage to people’s houses/personal property, as that felt uncomfortably voyeuristic. Thanks for your advice though... I will pass it on and thoroughly support your suggestions. Here’s a couple of my shots from the Snowys...
  10. I don’t know how serious it was (if at all), but at one stage it got a bit willing between Salem and Jetta with them slinging each other around by their jumpers; Jetta’s yellow vest eventually being ripped off. Immediately after they stayed well clear of each other.
  11. Unfortunately that’s the last you’ll get from Liam, as we hit the road back to Sydney early on Wednesday morning.
  12. Here’s a link to Liam’s photos from today’s session, on Facebook. @Demonland, can you please do your magic and host them in this thread? https://m.facebook.com/tim.fleming.75/albums/2831695143532417/?ref=bookmarks
  13. I was thinking more like Kingpin 😂
  14. Huh? So let’s say no to Bennell and just go out and recruit a decent injury free young kid. One problem I see with this. The recruiting period is over. Now pray tell me, just who’s spot is he taking, particularly if he’s put on to the long term injury list to give him the best opportunity of playing again and to give a rookie a chance that he might otherwise not have got?
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