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  1. Who else would have gotten those three goals? He will play himself into form and in the meantime still provide goals, which is more than can be said about others. I’d be more concerned about some of those set shots from the likes of Tom and Trac.
  2. What’s Brad Green up to these days?
  3. So you’re putting the blame on Rohan? Ooookay. I’m sure Rohan was aware of Durdin’s presence, but he should not have to back off as a result. I already agreed that it was an unfortunate accident... I just think it’s ridiculous to lay the blame at Rohan’s feet.
  4. Actually, we wouldn’t have won on Saturday without the 666 rule.
  5. That’s ridiculous... Rohan is intent on stopping the player with the ball; that is what he is rightly focused on. It is the person trying to spoil that has to be aware... in this case it was a fair attempt at a bump and unfortunately their heads clashed. It should not have been a chargeable offence, I agree... but I will never agree that Rohan was somehow at fault for not being aware enough.
  6. I don’t know who first said it, but never a truer word was spoken: “One point’ll get you four!”. At the risk of be accused of accepting mediocrity, I’ll take that win any day of the week. We need to get wins any way we can until a few important players are recovered and available for selection.
  7. It was a very late contact, he jumped into the opponent with his forearm raised and made contact with the head. The case should be about intent, not outcome. He should have got a week.
  8. Of the current bunch, I do like Hudson. He’s a fan of the game who is genuinely excited by what’s going on on the field. His call on Buddy’s 13 goals will be around longer than him... just like Williamson’s call of Jezza’s mark. Williamson’s Football Inquest was a must watch in our household as well.
  9. He didn’t need to... particularly as my post was never directed at Moonshadow.
  10. He’d done an ACL in 2009, and I was responding to KDAs post (somewhat sarcastically) regarding ACL history.
  11. Are you saying that we shouldn’t have picked up Gawn? He already had a history before entering the draft.
  12. Yeah, sounds like a guy who came third in last year’s Brownlow. Also sounds a little like a certain co-captain that many wanted moved on early in his career (probably the same softcox that want him moved on now... or at least up until last Friday).
  13. Nice of you to give him a bit of time... please remind me of how long he’s been with the club and how many games he’s played at any level.
  14. He’s damned anyway, apparently...
  15. It’s nothing to do with freedom of speech directly... he did something similar last year that caused a [censored] storm on social media, and as a result his employer asked him to refrain in future, as by association, it is a poor reflection on them and is bringing their brand into disrepute. He’d had his warning and now that he has repeated the “offence” his employer has decided to act in defense of their brand, as they are entitled to do.
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