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  1. Stuart Spencer's long raking drop kicks are firmly in my mind.
  2. Bob McKenzie also went to Prahran Tech strengthening his affiliations with Prahran, Or 'Pran' as former Australian cricketer Ian Johnson pronounced it.
  3. Sorry my good friend who gave me some free tickets a few years back. I can't help you with your question/. I haven't been to a Western Demons event for a long time. Yes, I am a little ashamed to admit that. Cheers, Ethan.
  4. On our recruits " Luke Jackson, a handy ruckman who can kick goals, Kossie Pickett, a nippy player who can also kick goals and Trent Rivers." Look out for Kossie Trent!
  5. When I saw this title I immediately wished we could have the same rate of success as the Melbourne Demons CRICKET CLUB. On top of current ladder at present. Oh for the footy team to have the same success. Maybe its going to happen and soon!
  6. So by using the word woman instead of girl clears me of being sexist? Thank you. How pedantic you are. No more English lessons please.
  7. So by stating that girls should be allowed to be feminine is being sexist? Guys like to be masculine too. What a strange concept of the word sexist you have. Here am I defending girls rights and you are calling me sexist.
  8. And so princesses are princes, duchesses are dukes etc etc? Or is it princess Harry these days?
  9. And we have "batters" in cricket now and actresses are now 'actors'. The stupidity goes on. Do the girls really have problems with their gender that they want to given a masculine role? I don't think so.
  10. Only Two games actually. The Cardiff Commonwealth Games (two gold medals) and the Rome Olympic Games. Gold in the 1500 metres. I assume either of two things. You are only very young and don't remember the Great runner or you are just trying to be clever. I opt for the latter. Am I right? Remember this was a discussion on fitness and conditioning and not football prowess. And Mr Elliot was oh so fit. Cheers, mate.
  11. Hopefully they will do some sessions at Portsea and those wicked sand dunes. Didn't do Herb Elliot any harm.
  12. Can scare hell out of the opposition. A vital player when fully fit. Love you Vanders.
  13. I hope you are right even to a lesser extent than finishing top of the ladder. Sadly though, your positioning of Melbourne for 2020 was much like it was expected for the 2019 season. I believe we will rise again. Too many good horses in the stable not to improve greatly.
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