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  1. Tiger Ridley was also known as Tiddles Jacko - Mark Jackson
  2. Yachter Ralph Lane Bluey Adams
  3. You don't seem to like Brown do you? An earlier post would confirm that.There were quite a lot worse than him today.
  4. Kennedy 4 disposals. I reckon that was VERY QUIET not relatively quiet.
  5. No to captaincy if that is the footy he can produce without responsibility. Max is our captain.
  6. Its 31 degrees in Perth at the moment. Easterly blowing with a little bit of cool air now and again. Not too uncomfortable and cooler by the river.
  7. What will clubs do now? Will they continue to train in an extended pre season? At least it gives plenty of time for Harley and Aaron to get fully fit and over their injuries.
  8. I had a more detailed article today but looks like a moderator has deleted it for some reason, I suggested a 10 team VFL competition of 18 rounds with each team playing each other twice one at home and one away. Very fair system and plenty of footy for Victorian fans. Hopefully my original item can be reinstated.
  9. The government is considering the possible ban on interstate travel for sporting teams. What a delightful thought. For this season a VFL competition of the 10 Victorian teams. 18 rounds playing each other twice one home and one away. How fair is that? Bring it on! A Final 4 with finals as they were in the good old days. First V Second Double chance, Third V Fourth loser out. (Semi Finals) Loser of !V2 plays winner of 3V4 (Preliminary Final) Winner of Preliminary Final plays winner of ! v2 semi Final. GRAND FINAL. 3 Finals rounds giving a total of 21 rounds for the season. NB This explanation of finals system is for the very new and younger Demonlanders. Sorry to bore all the older posters. Interstate teams could play each other 5 times in their own state just to give the locals a bit of footy.
  10. WELL DONE LILY MITHEN. Granddad Laurie, Melbourne Champion, must be feeling so proud at the moment. And you should feel ever so proud too. Boys reaction shows their true love of the red and the blue.
  11. !. West Coast ( try living in Perth) 2. Collingwood 1958 still hurts. 3. North Shinboners an apt nickname. 4. Essendrug 5. GWS Artificial club.
  12. What a reaction from the players. Harley has settled in so well. He is a very humble and popular young man.
  13. What is the problem with Mitch Brown? He played some good games at Essendon and by all reports is training well. You know how a change of club can do wonders. We will see if your criticism comes to fruition,
  14. Thanks so much Sue. Im glad he is still playing some footy. I always admired his skills when on song.
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