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  1. 6. Brayshaw 5. Oliver 4. Gawn 3. Hunt 2. Harmes 1. Fritsch
  2. I have never, never seen a worse decision when Jetta was charged face on hit on head and no free! Even without contact a player cannot run straight at an opponent even without making contact .He must turn his back at the last second. The decision against Neville when he made a perfectly legal spoil was also laughable. Melksham too was held, pushed the back for no free in last quarter. I could go on. Loved Maxy's huge kick off the ground one of the few good moments. Throwing away my membership? Come off it mate you stay with the ship. Too many fairweather supporters on this forum I am sorry to say. Our defence is certainly our problem ATM
  3. Silly comment. No love for Oliver, Viney ans Brayshaw? They tried their guts out.
  4. A brilliant footballer. One of the many Demon champions. Loved his attacking style. Vale Ian, Sympathy to the familes.
  5. Interesting that both May and Hogan for different reasons are unavailable round 1. They are virtual swaps. Hope Jesse can have a good season except against us.
  6. Was that the year we were on top of the ladder and then lost the last three to finish 5th or 6th?
  7. Saty, what is offensive asking was he showing more zest for football this time? His heart didn't appear to be in it last season.. I love Jeffy and wish that he can recapture his true form next year. And no, I was not at the North Port oval considering I live in far away Perth.
  8. How is Garlett training? Is he showing a renewed interest in the game?
  9. Definitely a huge NO from me with one exception. Would have loved best of three in 1958. Rollover Maggies!!
  10. Good thoughts Norm. Hope it happens.
  11. So shocked and deeply saddened. I always thought of Col as 'Mr Excitement'. He could produce seriously brilliant football when he was on song. My thoughts go out to his family and former teammates. RIP Col.
  12. The first view I had of Vanders was in his first year at the club. He was playing in a practice game V Fremantle at South Fremantle oval. He looked so strong and i felt we had a good one here. In the same game was another newcomer by the name of Sam Frost. He too looked great with his speed and tenacity. Pleasingly both had a big impact on our finals successes. Thanks Vanders. Hope you had a word to Jesse.
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