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  1. Only Two games actually. The Cardiff Commonwealth Games (two gold medals) and the Rome Olympic Games. Gold in the 1500 metres. I assume either of two things. You are only very young and don't remember the Great runner or you are just trying to be clever. I opt for the latter. Am I right? Remember this was a discussion on fitness and conditioning and not football prowess. And Mr Elliot was oh so fit. Cheers, mate.
  2. Hopefully they will do some sessions at Portsea and those wicked sand dunes. Didn't do Herb Elliot any harm.
  3. Can scare hell out of the opposition. A vital player when fully fit. Love you Vanders.
  4. I hope you are right even to a lesser extent than finishing top of the ladder. Sadly though, your positioning of Melbourne for 2020 was much like it was expected for the 2019 season. I believe we will rise again. Too many good horses in the stable not to improve greatly.
  5. Dusty did win a Brownlow medal for his home and away form and polled plenty of votes in the Brownlow this season so his home and away efforts can't be that bad. I would sooner have him than Ablett and IMO he is certainly in Fyfe's league. We could have had Dusty in the Red and Blue draft time but chose to go for someone else. Jack Trengove I think. Oh well.
  6. Keep Jeffy. When fit is a great chaser and tackler and he knows where the goals are.Too good to chuck away.
  7. Good for you Jane. A true, dedicated supporter. I have been a Dees supporter all my life and that's 71years. I don't know what has happened this year but I look forward to us being a dominant team next season. We DO have a talented list despite what some may say.
  8. Steven May did well considering the small amount of games he played. Love his polished kicking.
  9. Very sad to hear of Bluey/s passing. What a champion winger he was. When he had the ball it was 'catch me if you can'. Gee he was fast. Even Hunty would pale in Bluey's presence. Of course he was courageous and tough and could he ever play football. RIP my Demon hero.
  10. Gawn and Oliver not All Australian material?
  11. I watched the last round of 2018 V GWS. (In an attempt to lift my spirits!)How we have missed AVD this whole season. What an essential player he was. I do hope that if he can get himself fully fit he will not be delisted. Give him one more chance MFC. Watching borderline players now I realised that some could still play footy. Kennedy Harris was lively and more than a useful player. Oscar played well as he did in the finals, Neal Bullen too played well. What has happened this season? Jetta has been not the Neville we know, Hibberd looked so much fitter and faster than he is this season and Brayshaw was outstanding. Max, of course is the true champion he is. At one stage he chased a GWS player with pace for a good fifty metres even though the result was in our hands. Comments ?
  12. Great video Moonshadow. Wonderful. exciting memories. Was that a very young Nev Jetta at the two minute mark of the video?
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