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  1. Buckenara is certainly entitled to his views. He was a champion footballer, played in premiership teams and has experience in the recruitment industry. However, if he’s going to make statements about where he ranked a player then he needs to also demonstrate that he has a record of accuracy with previous draft predictions. In fact, he doesn’t and it’s worse than the average pundit (not that we can expect perfection in this game).
  2. Saints v North Melbourne - Round 1
  3. Just out of interest who did the data analysis at the club this year!
  4. Nick Robertson is 24, 190cm, is quick, has good disposal and is a handy tagger who was surprisingly delisted by Brisbane. If we can nab him, we would have a free hit at him as a Delisted Free Agent.
  5. The best coach on earth won’t achieve much if the club can’t get them on the park.
  6. 2019 NAB League Northern Knights 6.1 6.3 10.3 11.3 (69) Western Jets 0.1 6.3 9.4 12.5 (77) GOALS: Northern Knights: D'Intinosante 5 Cox 2 Bowne 2 Howard Boyd Western Jets: Manton 4 Jeka 2 Reynolds 2 Clarke Cousins Honey Failli BEST: Northern Knights: Sturgess Davies D'Intinosante Taylor Philp Cox Western Jets: Manton Cousins Failli Kennedy Reynolds Crimmins 2019 NAB League Eastern Ranges 1.6 4.6 5.10 7.10 (52) Sandringham Dragons 1.0 2.2 4.4 5.8 (38) GOALS: Eastern Ranges: Rossiter 4 Sonsie 2 Stapleton Sandringham Dragons: Bergman 2 Courtney O'Leary Mackay BEST: Eastern Ranges: Rossiter Ross Garner Smith Stapleton Mellis Sandringham Dragons: Watts Byrnes Burke Bowey McAsey Bergman
  7. Seen watching the Pies game yesterday.
  8. 6. Clayton Oliver 5. Nathan Jones 4. Jake Melksham 3. Christian Salem 2. James Harmes 1. Sam Frost
  9. 6. James Harmes 5. Max Gawn 4. Michael Hibberd 3. Christian Salem 2. Clayton Oliver 1. Jay Lockhart
  10. Have you seen the format? Some people are concerned that it will further degrade the game but by me - it’s already a bust and I doubt it will attract an overseas audience or last very long.
  11. Relax everyone. The AFLX is for the kiddies. If you’re over 18 years of age, look away.
  12. Volunteer of the Year Award goes to Barbara Box - 15 years of volunteer service to the club.
  13. Three new Life Members inducted - * Head Trainer - John Stanaway for twenty years of service. * Neville Jetta - for being Nev, champion person on and off the ground. * David Thurin - Foundation Hero Legend and dedicated member of the MFC Board.
  14. Glen Bartlett has opened proceedings at tonight’s MFC 2018 AGM. Anyone there?
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