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  1. Thank you Jaguar and all of our sponsors great and small.
  2. 97% skill: tick. Train a lot more (with ball in hand): tick.
  3. Max, not just words. Captain unless he doesn't want it. Pruess following in the big footsteps. Spargo's body has changed as well which hopefully means we will see some other changes across the board. Will be interesting to see what shape May is on his return along with a few others. I love the smile on Tommy in Saty's pic above looks like he is enjoying being on the park.
  4. Top post. A tragedy I share no doubt with many others.
  5. ..or 4 first rounders? More likely something big is cooking.
  6. 50 is worthless after that it depends on how we use it to assess value.
  7. Sounds like a play for a trade but if not seems like a good idea if next year's draft is dominated by F/S etc.
  8. Yoko is the band getting back together? The rest of trade week is like watching paint dry.
  9. I think I have defended Frost more than most over the journey and loved his frenetic runs, I will be sad to see him go. However sheer speed from the backline is not what we need but rather consistent and reliable ball movement. It's trite to say the ball in the air travels faster than anyone can run. If you look at richmond it was all about ball movement out of defence with kicks that retained possession either directly or to advantage. Frost doesn't fit that bill and if he wants overs then sadly he must go. The additional issue with his runs was he left the defence one short. I think that was the May heated discussion. A clearing kick to advantage leaves the structure intact.
  10. Interesting, I get the difference in ball movement but not sure this is the right approach to set shots (although it might explain the around the corner kicks from dead in front). If you look at rugby the all time great goal kicker Johnny Wilkinson just practiced with a set routine and to my eye it seems that is the best approach.
  11. Was Darwin our zone? If so we go to all the trouble of having home games there and now we are cut out.
  12. My absolute bugbear. If you are playing at the top level set shot kicking should be a gimme in the 45 arc from the center of the goals 40 out.
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