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  1. Welcome LJ. He has a bit of the Max character about him and its clear he wont die wondering.
  2. Absolutely delighted to have Kozzy on board. Fantastic to see Brad Green hand him the jumper and cant wait to see Aaron Davey hand him his famous 36. Probably been mentioned above but did you see the look on Goody's face when Kozzy was being interviewed, he loves him which is a great sign.
  3. Notice the hand position on Weid and Tmac out in front for a change.
  4. Gotta love the smiles, Trac looks really fit.
  5. Thank you Jaguar and all of our sponsors great and small.
  6. 97% skill: tick. Train a lot more (with ball in hand): tick.
  7. Max, not just words. Captain unless he doesn't want it. Pruess following in the big footsteps. Spargo's body has changed as well which hopefully means we will see some other changes across the board. Will be interesting to see what shape May is on his return along with a few others. I love the smile on Tommy in Saty's pic above looks like he is enjoying being on the park.
  8. Top post. A tragedy I share no doubt with many others.
  9. ..or 4 first rounders? More likely something big is cooking.
  10. 50 is worthless after that it depends on how we use it to assess value.
  11. Sounds like a play for a trade but if not seems like a good idea if next year's draft is dominated by F/S etc.
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