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  1. I have tried to be optimistic but tonight was the straw. The primary blame for tonight rests firmly with the coaches. No tall of any sort forward and we played ANB, JKH, Spargo,Stretch who are not up to it. Seriously at least Hunt has tried all year and has shown signs. Then we throw Frost forward as an admission of the spectacular selection failure. And what were our mids doing. Max got every tap and they were nowhere to be seen. Secondary is those picked played with no heart. No one will want to join this rabble. It breaks my heart. it was an embarrassing performance. Just pathetic.
  2. In my opinion an example of the dreadful double standard of the AFL. They talk down long established clubs that are struggling whilst propping up the clubs they "need" to succeed. GWS (like the Gold Coast) have no natural fan base and are struggling in the West here. The average home crowd is reported as 12000 per match and has been declining in the last two years despite the wealth of talent that has gifted to them.
  3. Well what a pack of miserable old sods you are, we get a 129 cms of fresh snow and all I hear is complaints. There is no pleasing some dees supporters. (Omac was alright today and looked like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders.)
  4. Suggested this last week. Take the weight off his shoulders and let him run free for a change, absolutely nothing to lose.
  5. Clearly something is amiss with Brayshaw. On Saturday night I was able to go down to the rooms after the match, as they came down the race to the rooms Goody had his arm around Brayshaw who looked distressed. Mind you they all looked pretty close to distressed and I was left in no doubt as a group they are hurting. I actually found the looks on their faces pretty confronting. Pre game McDonald spoke at the club function and said that all the players know its hard for the supporters to turn up but it means a lot to the playing group that supporters turn up. Goody also turned up briefly and said the players remain united.
  6. Weideman out for the season. Our problem is we have no fit forwards thats why we persist with Smith. We dont present any forward threat so teams can (and have) exploited that. Why not see if Omac is able to take a mark forward, he was hopeless last week but why not try that, seriously what do we have to lose? Its not like the other options are irresistible. Sadly my brother have President's club passes this week and I agreed to go a long time ago. So I have to fly down for this one. A very expensive night of punishment coming up, all i hope is the President is actually there so I can share a few thoughts.
  7. This thread is a lot longer than I expected.
  8. And one game behind Sydney and no call for that Horse's head. I have been as upset as anyone at some of the game day coaching (or lack thereof) but I am prepared to cut him slack this year. We have had possibly the worst run of injuries of any club coupled with a draw that predicted us being in the top 4. That said I understand others hold a different view given our terrible record this year. However, I think its unforgivable that our kicking skills are so bad. Any kick within 30 and the v should be a certainty for any AFL standard player. It should be clockwork. I am reminded of the English Rugby player Johnny Wilkinson (i think) who just went out and practiced until he virtually never missed. Viney is the worst offender and if he is a true leader he should work tirelessly to fix his kicking. We also dont kick to advantage well which would lessen the impact of our poor kicking. So we need a kicking coach as embarrassing as that is to admit. I'd also like to see Roos back as a consultant to Goody.
  9. What I despise about this is the sense of entitlement GCS and GWS have when it comes to money, picks and a premiership. They both have been gifted more than enough access to picks and salary cap relief. GWS has managed that process a lot better than GCS.
  10. OMac for Tmac: (can someone insert the popcorn emoji here).
  11. OMac suffering a drop in form and confidence, we are yet to see his best which will be in the red and blue.
  12. 6. Jack Viney 5. Max Gawn 4. Tom McDonald 3.Clayton Oliver 2. Jay Lockhart 1. Sam Frost
  13. I am no medico but how does Hibbo return so soon? I wouldn't be able to heal a collarbone in less than a year.
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