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  1. My emotional investment in this season has passed on. It has ceased to be.
  2. Fair, but I’ve seen more than a few on social media overlooking and yes even excusing Stephenson. So just putting it out there that one doesn’t cancel out the other.
  3. Granted. Let’s say a season and a half then. I don’t want to look like a hindsight hero but I was nervous about putting all our chips on T Mac/Weid. Replacing our spearhead with essentially nada, regardless of what we got in return, was asking for trouble. I also don’t really buy into “Hogan has been average this year anyway” line of thought. He’s had a new team, system and environment to adapt to. Along with the other known mental struggle. Of course it’s taken him a while to settle. I don’t think his value would have depreciated had he stayed at Melbourne. I think it’s more likely than not we’d have a few more wins on the board. He has shortcomings but he remains an attacking weapon. But spilt milk. Need to focus on how we craft something without him.
  4. Betting advertising is certainly overdone, but let’s not use that to shield Stephenson from what was an act of unbelievable stupidity.
  5. And therefore, the amount of faith placed in him was/is an issue. One season was not a sufficient sample size to be placing all our eggs in the T Mac basket. We did not replace Hogan (along with the multitude of other failings) and we have suffered as a result.
  6. This is great and all, but I was amazed at Lewis revealing some coaches were not in the positions for which they were originally appointed and it was decided out of the mid season review that it wasn't working. My reading of that is we decided to allocate people to positions for which they weren't best suited, and then were surprised when it didn't produce optimum results. On the surface this looks like little more than rectifying sheer incompetence. The season is shot to bits so it's all a bit too little too late, but it's good to have Rawlings back among the seniors coaching fold. Lewis could not speak highly enough of him on 360.
  7. How on earth do the bookies have us as favourites? Bizarre.
  8. Just give us the spoon. We deserve it.
  9. lol Quite the season we are having.
  10. Been thinking the same. MIA for a while it seems.
  11. He looks aimless when he’s leaping at the football. And by leaping I mean jumping a few inches off the ground. It’s like he sticks his arms in the air as a token gesture. There was a perfect example in the last quarter when the ball just smacked him in the face. He doesn’t even look remotely like taking a mark. I can only hope Goodwin is backing him in when cornered at the presser. Surely on form his spot in the side is being seriously considered. He himself would be extremely frustrated at how he’s playing which can’t be doing his confidence much good. It’s an accumulative effect. He should be either rested for the remainder of the year to get himself right, or if he’s fit, a spell in the twos. This can’t go on for the rest of the year.
  12. Gawn. It seems a fairly obvious choice.
  13. It should be noted he does it when we’re winning as well. We have to be up by about ten goals for him to remain quiet. So he’s very rarely quiet.
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