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  1. I’d be amazed but anyone who says he isn’t missed is having a laugh, surely.
  2. Didn’t know what he’d written so went to take a look: “Jack Viney must have a question mark on his future in the modern game. He’s as one-dimensional a player as there is in the AFL, and there are others on the list that perform his main skill of extraction better. He’s been demoted from the captaincy. He’s also treacle-slow and can’t kick. Concerns” Treacle-slow? Can’t kick, sure. But treacle-slow? Something tells me ol Cam bases his opinions on what he hears rather than what he sees. Viney, sorry, “Vin”, is far from treacle-slow.
  3. Joke performance. An embarrassing joke.
  4. Well this is just plain embarrassing now,
  5. Lol well thankfully the season is being suspended.
  6. I’m being a bit facetious obviously (mainly cause I think Howe is a dropkick), but by the two key measures of success in this game, both as a team and as an individual, he’s come up empty handed. I think “last laugh” is going a bit far, but I take your point that his career has elevated since being at Collingwood.
  7. God I hope that story is true.
  8. Yep, he had the last laugh alright. Winning all those premiersh.....oh. Well at least he has been All Australi.....hm. ....how has he had the last laugh again? His wiki page lists his career highlights as: Melbourne leading goalkicker: 2013 Mark of the Year: 2012 22under22 team: 2012 Harold Ball Memorial Trophy: 2011 So basically all his career highlights came while he was at Melbourne. .
  9. Jack did look pretty [censored]. Not to mention embarrassed. Was written all over his body language. But if the pre-season is any indication, a [censored] off Jack Viney with something to prove is bad news for one section only - the opposition.
  10. Essendon by a fair way. I am always taken back when I am chatting with a seemingly decent human who reveals they support Essendon. It’s like them revealing they are a Scientologist, only more shameful.
  11. I watched bits of the first half and their ball movement looked better than it has for a while. I was a bit shocked to see the final scoreline so checked out the Blues board and apparently fitness is a concern with teams running over the top of them in both their pre season games. They have also had a lot of pre season injuries and surgeries. Trying to think why it seems so familiar...
  12. Throw Freo in there as well. Swans, Suns, Crows, Blues, Dockers and Hawks would be my tip for bottom 6, Can raffle the order. In saying that, they are all more than capable of challenging teams on their day. Swans seem to have embraced the “we are in a rebuild” mentality which should lock them in for close to the wooden spoon. Carlton looked truly awful against Freo but were missing a few and will get better throughout the year.
  13. Less said about the first half the better. Skills from both sides were extremely poor, although it did allow Jones to stand out. Keep in mind he only played a half of footy. If he had played a full game I think many would be singing his praises. Jones in the forward half will be a weapon this year. Langford and Tomlinson, wowee. Not only are they aerobic beasts who open up the ground but they look like they are leaders out on the field, Tomlinson especially. Top class recruiting. Acquiring small forward depth seemingly overnight is both unexpected and tasty - Kozzie, Spargo, Bedford and ANB all pushing their case for a spot. From a team perspective, to run out the game with seemingly plenty left in the tank is a huge positive. It’s little wonder people wanted Burgo’s autograph at the family day. We can play a hell of a lot better than that and still won by 5 goals. Much to look forward to.
  14. O Mac played well but he had 6 kicks to May’s 18, and May still went at 76%. He had a couple of early blunders but if there’s one player in the back six I want with the ball in his hands it is May hands down. Back six for mine is May, Lever, O Mac, Jetta, Hibberd and Salem, although I am loving Lockhart atm so having him drop back there is a luxury. I’d play him regardless as he has already elevated himself to one of the best ball users in the side. Hibbo isn’t the consistent and reliable player he was when he arrived at the club, but on balance I’d rather have him out there than not right now. Worth noting that Hore was also good when he came on. Defence could be shaping up to be a real strength this season.
  15. Deadset our forwardline would be trash without Fritta.
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