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  1. Well, at least they are confident. Let’s hope it isn’t overconfidence. Again.
  2. If he can build a tank worthy of an elite midfielder, there really is no ceiling.
  3. Later retitled to “Every win of the decade”.
  4. Got given it for Christmas and can’t wait to tuck in. It’s not often you get to read about the life of a superhero.
  5. It continues to amuse me how every player in the AFL is described in mainstream media as an “AFL star”. Even the first year rookies are “stars”.
  6. Merry Christmas one and all. Hope everyone’s noose, uh, membership scarf, arrived in time for the festive season.
  7. It's mainly about the functionality and potency of the forwardline for me. I have confidence in the other lines to get their [censored] together when you look at the personnel we have in there, but a heavy reliance on T Mac still raises concerns for me, keeping in mind that it looks like we are moving our best goalkicker from last season into the midfield. I expect Fritta to have a career best year, and Kozzie/Jacko could be surprise packets, but the level that the likes of Petty and Weid can achieve, along with Melky's ability to stay on the field will play a key role in the success of the season. I think Brown is a really smart acquisition. He may not be a gorilla type but he provides some much needed depth in experience and brings some mobility and smarts in the forward half. Why Essendon let him go is a mystery but I'm glad we have him. Clarry also needs to improve his delivery to the forwards. From memory he is statistically speaking one of the worst in the league. He's too good a player to be coughing the ball up as regularly as he does at present. He creates time for himself so he needs to use it to the full extent when disposing by foot because he is a very good kick when he takes time to settle. Overall I am confident we will move back into the 8. We absolutely have the talent to do so, so if we can't, there are other questions that need to be asked.
  8. It’s always chugged along just fine until this one year where people kept whining about there not being a template.
  9. A template is too restrictive. You predict whatever you want. That’s the point 👍
  10. #brownymyths Anyone who can apply genuine pressure for spots is a good get. Welcome aboard Browny.
  11. Like the majority, I’m not a fan of co- captains. It worked for the Swans. Good for them. Why WE need to persist with trying it I’m not entirely sure. Having that one strong leader the whole group can get behind appeals far more. My preference is Gawn as sole captain but if not then just go with Viney and back him in. For the record, the way Goodwin was talking on SEN, I think Viney is a lock and Gawn likely to be co-captain alongside him. We seem wedded to this stupid co-captain thing.
  12. Dan Houston is also a very good up and coming player in his own right. Quite the quartet of comparisons.
  13. We’re back again boys and girls. Time to rub your balls and lay down your predictions for 2020. For those who aren’t too scarred after last year. Team or player. Good or bad. Coke or Pepsi. The ball gazer closest to the pin with their quality and/or quantity of accurate predictions will win the heralded Demonland Crystal Ball. Previous DCB winners 2019 - Demon Dude 2018 - Skuit 2017 - ding 2016 - wretched.sylph
  14. Comments I’ve seen on Facebook have shown pretty much unanimous support for Max as sole captain. Unsurprisingly. Get it done. Enough of this co captaincy malarkey.
  15. Agree with this, although as much as the recruitment of skills coaches provide some appeasement, I tend to take them with a grain of salt. Ben Dixon was one of the most accurate goal kickers of the modern era and has had seemingly no positive effect as a goal kicking coach at St Kilda. Their forwards still can’t hit the side of a barn or several barns put together. Sadly, Lewis can’t go out there and kick it for them, however at this stage I’ll take any help we get. It’s an area where we have been far too poor for far too long.
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