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  1. I’m going to look at the upside because what the hell. Surely this will serve as a huge lesson for the players to be diligent and professional in how they conduct and prepare themselves in the off season. Surely the extent of the embarrassment they have brought upon themselves and the club will make them want to avoid it next year at all costs. Surely this would be the ultimate motivation for a professional athlete. Surely. SURELY.
  2. I can’t help but laugh that the “After the siren” address to the fans this week is just snippets from the post match presser. I mean I get that it’s awkward and uncomfortable to stare down the barrel of the camera week after week to try and provide hope to the fans after the latest inept performance for which you are largely responsible. I’m sure Goodwin regrets ever agreeing to do it. But surely the very LEAST you can do under these circumstances is to see it through to the end. Two weeks to go and they’ve decided a few edits from the post match presser will do. This club is just laughably pissweak.
  3. You could see it on their faces when they ran out onto the ground. Petracca looked utterly disinterested.
  4. “Another tough night tonight guys. There are parts of our game that are slowly coming together but there’s still lots to improve upon. We’re frustrated. You’re frustrated. But we are working really, really hard, and we’ll be doing everything we can to get a win for you to finish the season.”
  5. I’d be happy to see the back of him in the off season tbh.
  6. That smattering of applause.to our first goal of the game says everything about the year we’ve had.
  7. I agreed at the start of the year to go to the game at Manuka tonight with a Hawks mate. If I don’t make it back, I love you all.
  8. This. He looks well and truly ready for a media gig. I’d be surprised to see him go round another year, be it here or up north.
  9. Robbo reckons Saints are leading the race at this point. I’m pretty desensitised to the utter shitfulness of this club. That being said. If this crap season means Hill overlooks us as a designation to instead go to [censored] St Kilda,....I will be displeased. Hill is exactly the player we are crying out for.
  10. He’s still a nervous wreck in pressers. The nervous stroking of the leg or the arm while he listens to the question is stock standard. He’ll never be a media pro. Maybe we don’t need him to be.
  11. They are starting to have a Whiteboard Wednesday feel to them. He must rue the day he ever agreed to do it.. I imagine the first order of business in season 2020 will be no more “After the siren” videos.
  12. It’s so clearly orchestrated just to even up the tally after shameful bias all night. It’s cheating, basically.
  13. “Free kick to Richmond, uh, Melbourne sorry..” lol
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