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  1. God this is just farcical. Clearly the umps have been told to pay more HTBs and stupidly overcorrected by applying inane incidences of “no genuine attempt”. What a [censored] monkey show.
  2. Wait what? No prior but no genuine attempt? He was trying to handball it when it was locked in.
  3. How the do we continually manage to stuff up absolute gimme opportunities to score??
  4. Good to see Sookwoldt has returned to what he does best. Absolute flogbucket.
  5. Hogan isn’t even a shadow of the player he was. Sad to see.
  6. Could be a winner. I have a feeling it’s going to be a narrow field.
  7. I mean, yeah. Clearly the most frustrating. Carlton fans would disagree but they can stay in their lane. No club excels at breaking hearts and removing hair like the MFC.
  8. I absolutely understand the frustration and impatience. I’m guilty of it too. That said, I agree with the OP in that the weekend’s game wasn’t as bad as has been made out. If Tommo had kicked a little longer and straighter towards the end, the discussion would be a slightly different one. It wasn’t a pretty spectacle for the neutral but I saw some signs of getting back on track. We met and bettered Geelong in the contested battle, and some of the passages of play this year have been better than anything we saw in 2019. We allowed them to take too many uncontested marks and surely that is something the coaches will look at. The forward line remains a concern but it is not too late to shake it up and try to find a working combination. It is retrievable. A Clarkson said he views us a finals quality side. For now, I’ll stick with his assessment.
  9. I really wish it didn’t seem inevitable that we will play them back into form and lose by 5 goals. I really do.
  10. Not sure mate. Time to fire off an email. simon.goodwin@whynotweideman.com
  11. Look closer Ronald. It’s a half half guernsey. Your Bernie love is still safe.
  12. Lack of a second tall target in the forward line killed us.
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