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  1. And Chaplin had to step in. Our depth is really being tested.
  2. Still premature. Granted we’re not in a great spot but the season is still very much alive if we can get some soldiers back and come home with a tailwind.
  3. Not quite sure why the season is over when we are two games out of the 8 with 14 rounds left to play.
  4. I’d probably be able to stomach Margetts more if he didn’t have such a deeply offensive head.
  5. 6. Gawn 5. Hunt 4. Harmes 3. Hore 2. Oliver 1. Jones
  6. Should’ve won it. It’s that simple. Shameful umpiring yes but we were our own worst enemy. Dominated the game bar where it matters most. Don’t want to hang one guy but Petracca’s skill errors tonight were really basic, and they were costly. He needs to work on it if he is serious about this AFL thing.
  7. Game over. Absolutely kicked ourselves out of it.
  8. I don’t see any circumstance where these yellow [censored] would award us a free for being held.
  9. Spot on. He seems to get held to a different standard does Jeffy.
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