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  1. He's been playing ruck as a junior because he's 199cm. He'll be a handy pinch hitter but this kid is a genuine Key Forward. I assumed he wouldn't be ready to play a game in 2020 but judging by those highlights packages . . . I think we'll see him alright
  2. He'll be the frost type for us but much much better with the footy. This off season is shaping up perfectly. The best thing about it is that it shows the club is absolutely confident 2019 was a legitimate aberration and that we believe with some added, targeted pace (and a fit list) we can definitely win it in 2020 Starting to feel pretty good about next year
  3. Frost should have been used as a winger in 2020. Elite speed and taking the game on, with the added bonus of being a good down the line bail out option . . . It's not like we need speed outside or anything . . . We don't know how to use our weapons and frost could be a genuine threat wing and pushing forward Absolutely our loss and more so when you see how he'll end uo being used elsewhere
  4. I'm so sick of high picks. They disgust me. I want pick 18 and 36. Potential can get stuffed.
  5. A leader would fall on his sword after that. Jones wants more cash though.
  6. Furious. We learn nothing. And it starts from the top. Jones. [censored] off
  7. That's the last time Jones should play in a Melbourne jumper. Pathetic leadership. LONG DOWN THE LINE YOU IDIOT!!!!
  8. I've never seen ANB win a 50/50 ball . . . Ever. He should have accidentally won one by now
  9. Every marking contest inside 50 is a free kick if not marked now. Absolutely contrived AFL agenda to raise scoring. It's ridiculous and unwatchable
  10. Petracca is a mid Jones is a forward or retired Fritsch is a forward Hunt is a forward Makes a big difference when players play in the right bloody spots
  11. You can truly see our lack of football IQ when we play in the wind or the rain. Stand in the wrong spots, run to the wrong spots, kick to the wrong spots, overuse the blind handball Dumb as dogshit
  12. Where i was sitting last night this lunatic went flying slipping on a few dropped chips, when he slipped he kicked up a 10c coin that hit me straight in the eye. I spilt my bloody beer
  13. The only thing worse than watching our team play, is not watching because I don't give a [censored] anymore. That hurts. I hate not caring and I hate that I'm permanently out of love with footy. Thanks Melbourne . . . No really . . . Thanks.
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