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  1. Developing an urge to punch Petracca
  2. So dumb!!!!!!!! We're a chaos team that relies on one touch fast hands and we don't use grip. We have a collection of dumb players
  3. Brayshaw. Just use the grippo. That's what it's for.
  4. Jeff has run under the ball and squibbed 2 easy AFL marks already. Unforgivable to do it twice in a half. Bruise free stuff from Jeff. Won't play next week
  5. People feeling "sorry" for Chunk do realise he's made more money than Sam Mitchel, Jordan Lewis and Joel Selwood by playing his footy at Melbourne yeah? We have been terrible, yet had to pay a min cap to someone didn't we . . . His best was b+ footy. Great fella, great Melbourne man whose done very well financially out of the club too. It's not going to be a fairytale and we need a whole lot more out of a skipper. Love the chunk but it's time to move on.
  6. The problem with the club is that there is no club. We're nomads. We have no spiritual home to walk the halls of after training. No tangible history to embrace, forget the G . . . It's just where we play. We're like a start up club trying to create something out of nothing. The 12 flags count for nought. We have no soul. The players, staff, coaches can all change but in the end we don't stand for anything and we aren't anywhere. That's reality How do you take you're kid down to "the club"? There is no club Every other club in the league has a club, their club not a temporary share arrangement with 2 other teams [censored]
  7. The Melbourne football club IQ average is about 75
  8. The most putrid thing about this club is the lack of learning. We play the same game on repeat every week. The opposition simply doesn't matter. We have a hell of a lot of dumb at our club
  9. We over complicate footy. 1 on 1 we would beat most sides, definitely St Kilda. So stuff zone defence and just play the shoulder and win the hardball. Impossible team to watch. I hate watching us play
  10. Weiderman deliberately running under it to avoid contact is my new rage trigger. Harden up
  11. Time to get serious about this umpiring nonsense. It's been killing us for years
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