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  1. Sorry if any of this has been posted in this discussion, but I am being lazy (and probably sensible) and not reading all the previous posts. I dont post often but think i am pretty accurate with my intel, and i have been told that Keilty will be playing forward this year. Secondly, they were keen to rookie mclean, as they had thought about doing the previous season, but in the rookie draft, they thought that chandler was a better option, as they rated him highly. (i did question why he wasnt selected the day before if they rated him so highly!! didnt get much of an answer!) The same with last year, they had planned on drafting mclean, but petty was still available and that rated him higher.
  2. kent confirmed for 65 according to my sources. will be completed within the hour.
  3. tyson to north for preuss and 62. put your money on it.
  4. Can agree with maybe them going to Tmac more than Hogan, but not to Melksham or petracca when Jesse was there. Either way, having more options makes it harder for them to plan and helps each other out. Personally i just don't like saying that because he (or any forward for that matter) didnt kick goals that he didnt play well or have a positive impact.
  5. Grossly overrated is a silly comment in my opinion! We also did pretty well without Lever, should we trade him? We won plenty of games in the middle of the year without Viney, maybe get rid of him? And before you or others say at least the Weed stood up in finals, he hasnt had the chance, and i have no doubt he would stand up. And those saying he hasnt scored goals against the good sides, he isnt there as only a goal kicker. He helps T Mac get a secondary defender, he pushes up the ground heaps as well. I cant be bothered going through the stats, but I am sure early on, when he was playing dominant footy, it was still against some good teams. Personally, I want him to stay and for us to play all 3 talls. I also would love to see us get May at the same time, just not sure how.
  6. Dont want him to leave, at all. We are in the stage of trying to win a GF, and we need him in my opinion. not with everyone who says no comment means he is going, but yes he may. dont want draft picks unless we can move them on for someone proven. i would prefer to keep a known quality player like hogan over a potential good player or two.
  7. Was going to say the same thing, how does Cripps keep getting votes in games when his team loses by over than 10 goals???? i don’t care if he played well, you can’t tell me there aren’t at least 3 players who played better than him to make the team who actually won win the game!
  8. They have panicked??? Are you serious??? complete opposite to panicking in my opinion. Sound and sensible thoughts to work out match ups I think. would you prefer the coaches sit there and stick with the same team just to make sure nobody is upset and to keep the fans happy cos they feel bad for bailey? if the team needs another tall, which we do, someone is going to be unlucky. it could have been any of Spargo, fritsch or tyson in my opinion, and unfortunately bailey is the one to miss out. the team setup v the weakest is better with smith, who in my opinion, was playing a super game before he got injured. I am not worried about what he did in the 2s last week, means nothing really. The interesting part will be to see how he copes with the speed and pressure this week.
  9. Haven’t oksted for a while, and I would like to think my mail this year has been pretty spot on, as my source is very reliable. Hunt is a big, big chance to come in this week, for Tyson most likely. Want his pace and run for the big ground. not a certainty, but very possible a this stage of the week.
  10. If he was one of our worst, according to others and not me, then we will keep on winning. EVERYBODY made mistakes last night, and I think he made 2 (and only two that people have noted). I thought he was great last night, not even close to our bottom 3. and whoever was in our bottom 3 still played their roles last night, I don’t think we had any passengers, while Geelong had several. if we had kicked straight and showed more composure, we would have won by over 10 goals.
  11. Great game by weid, so happy to see it, especially loved his aggression. But to say we can’t fit all of him, hogan and tmac is short sighted in my opinion, just because the tigers are going well with mainly smaller forwards, doesn’t mean everyone else has too!! the game changes and develops, and new trends come and go. You just play your style and tactics and if we start the new trend of playing 3 mobile talls, and win a flag, then I guarantee everyone else will Start to ask why shouldn’t we play 3 talls.
  12. I know he does a few lazy things, but you know what, he aint alone. I watched several players today, and in many other games, do the same. There was a goal in the second quarter where GWS got a free kick in the middle and ran forward, and you can see all our mids lagging behind, letting shiel and others run forward unmarked to hit a leading forward. You can see Oliver slowly running behind letting him go. I doubt we are all lambasting Clayton for that. I know the others may be more consistent, but I feel so many people look to see what players are doing wrong, and forgive others for doing the same thing. Petracca played a very good game yesterday, in the part of the game when it needed to be won, not the final quarter when the game was done. He WILL be a gun. He DOES need to do some extra work on and off the track, but lets look at what he does well, and if he is currently our 10th - 15th player picked, that is bloody great for us! On a seperate note, for those saying how great De Goey is, what were they saying at the start of this year about him??? It doesnt take a lot for it to click, and it WILL click for Petracca.
  13. I believe viney will play in the VFL final when we have our bye, been given special permission by the AFL (so my source tells me, and no, I won’t name my source 😉) gets through the game and he plays in our first final.
  14. Cheers. Good mail, but just bad spelling and checking of my own writing!!
  15. Put your money on it, Bradshaw is in! hannan emergency and the rest all stay at Casey.
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