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  1. It will be very interesting to see if lever’s form improves significantly with omac in instead of Smith.
  2. I took the $81 early this week. Eternal optimist, but I'm also not a bad punter - so I hoping that they can at least win this week, and then maybe the week after and possibly get on a bit of a roll. I think the scheduling and lack of injuries could work for us as Chookrat does, but they have to get some confidence quickly. We do have issues, but confidence makes a massive difference (see the first 40 minutes of the Carlton game). I have split my bet into numerous small ones, so that I have a cash out option if my theory plays out (ie if we are 5/5 by our 10th game and other teams are dropping off, I could see our odds coming back to 20/1 or 30/1 - as the Tiges, Pies and even WCE (before they get to Perth) appear vulnerable mentally because of isolation and not playing with huge home crowd support.
  3. Yep - no room for positivity in any shape or form in this site
  4. Yep - and if you put Melbourne jumpers on the pies tonight this site would be in meltdown about players, game plan and coach. The gap between the best and worst teams is so minimal, and a bit of confidence or a couple of good games could see a team like ours get on a big roll. i know most here disagree, and I’ve read it in every other topic in the last week so please don’t feel the need to tell me why I’m wrong and we’re stuffed with Goody in charge.
  5. Actually I’m not sure whether he is or not, but I thought it would be fun to throw some chum in the water and watch the usual names queue up and go apocalyptic!. i am impressed with the Chairman though. He expects finals and suggests that change will be made if that’s not achieved. I think we are lucky to have him running the place, and glad that he seems so invested in achieving success for us.
  6. If anyone thinks this team is anywhere near as talented as the one we will have on Sunday they are watching a different sport. not saying we will win, but we are significantly better.
  7. It wouldn’t surprise me if Lyon is the next coach, but not in your desired timeframe!
  8. So when you say “take the jump” can I assume that means sack Goodwin now? Who would you replace him with?
  9. It’s in my mind too. yes we were pulled apart in Perth (see earlier post) - since that point we have gone backwards because I think we realised how far away we were and the problems that needed to be fixed. it was never going to happen in an instant - as we need to improve the list. i think this is happening. obviously you don’t.
  10. last year because of lack of fitness, inability to play a settler team and defensive transition. i think those areas have improved this year. Do this year I think we are losing because; we have played 7 first year or new player in the team (Jackson, Rivers, Kozzie, Bennell, Langdon, Tomlinson, Bedford). Played others with minimal game experience - ie Lockhart, Smith have others such as lever and May that have only played together about 10 times. That’s why I think we will improve quite quickly
  11. It didn’t take too long before this thread got hijacked. for those who think we are further away from success than we have ever been I feel sorry for you. Maybe take a bex and come back in a couple of years (as I duck for cover!). yes 2018 was an aberration to an extent. I did show what was possible, but also showed our flaws - particular in the game vs west coast. Lack of transition running seems to be in the process of being addressed (so far a small sample size but teams are struggling to score against us) with Tomlinson and Langdon. We look much better than we did in the preliminary final in 2018 with the mix of talls and smalls in the backline. loss of hogan and failure of weidemann to progress from 2018 form has been the killer. TMac also struggling with form, fitness and being one out also a problem. Jackson could be part of this solution. Kozzie looks a real danger. If Bennell can get fitter, then the forward line looks much better. i think the club realised we were further away from success in 2018 than the rest of us thought. the bulldogs are very much the exception. The rest of the successful teams of the past 5+ years tend to have had to be building for a number of years before contending. i would say that teams like Carlton and Gc are a long way behind us (yes I can see the ladder), and even a Brisbane will find the next step much harder than last years bounce. At least they do have a really strong home ground advantage which helps you get in finals (but maybe not win them - just ask Geelong).
  12. I think there are enough wise heads amongst the leadership (as opposed to Demonland) to release that this year is a bit different, and not the time to make impulsive decisions. The end of next year will be the time for change if things are not substantially better.
  13. Very disappointed with the outcome, but sick of the carry-on on the other threads re how crap the team is, sack the coach etc etc. i sense the frustration in the press conference that we are still struggling to put all the pieces together, but I think it’s close, and a bit more continuity and playing together will see us push us the ladder quickly. Just might not be this year. can I just say that all of Clarkson, Hardwick, Hinkley and Buckley have been in the “sack the coach” club by supporters, the media, and ex players, presidents etc. none of us keyboard warriors really know enough about in the inner workings of 2020 AFL to know if anyone can coach. However i thought today the backline looked pretty good. Before the game I actually thought that we were one tall short and was worried how we would cover Myers and Ablett at ground level, and who was quick enough for Rohan. Lockhart and Smith both made one or two errors but their versatility was a real plus today. Hibberd was better than he has been and I don’t get the hate for Lever. Thought he showed some glimpses that he might be getting back to form. Except for Ford’s mark, we didn’t get beaten in the air - but their goals were from hit up leads where there was not enough midfield pressure (unlike the tone we had for our I50 entries). All in all, I thought the backline was pretty good as a unit (given the number of AFL games that some have played and also together as a unit). midfield is a strength - despite Geelong having a few all time greats, serviceable 200 gamers like Guthrie and Duncan, and Parfitt etc, we looked comfortable here. our I50 remains the problem. Think we need another tall, and Bailey Fritsch to be third man up, not playing on athletes who are taller like Blicavs. That said I thought TMac competed much better this week, Hannan looked dangerous and Kozzie when he trusts himself more could be one the best small forwards in the comp - there is hope that things can change for the better pretty quickly. Still need a lot of work in the entries, and in the end this was the difference. not sure where Geelong stand, but they had a lot of experience and beat the hawks by 10 goals two weeks ago - so obviously they not complete crap. i understand the frustration on this site, but the lack of objectivity and negativity bordering on hatred annoys me. cue the usual posts that I’m an apologist for the coach and club, got no idea, the reason why MFC have been crap for 50+ years etc, we are going to loose every game between today and when we deservedly go broke or get kicked out if the league etc etc
  14. Agreed - I would say a handful of all Australians are elite (dusty, Dangerfield are a couple) after being selected year after year. None of our players are anywhere near this level. id argue Robbie Flower was perhaps the only elite MFC player I’ve seen in my 50 years. Even then he wasn’t a Matthews or Carey, but he really showed how good he was when he had some decent players around him in state games. lyon and Stynes were probably just below this level, whilst I think Schwarz had the potential to be elite (and perhaps the equal of Carey) if he didn’t get injured at the start of 1995. Farmer too if he was able to maintain his 2000 form for the rest of his career
  15. I reckon we missed our real chances in 90 and 98. Both premierships were won by teams that played well at the right time, and teams that were not really any better than the others in the finals - unlike the teams we run into in 88 and 00, which were powerhouses. 98 we missed our chance with really poor kicking for goal in the prelim final against north - who were the best team that year, and in 90 we were the best team for the first half of the year, but then had the typical MFC slump and had to win the last game to make the finals (finishing fourth on the same number of wins as the teams above us). We were probably still a chance to go all the way before taking west coast too easy (IMO) in the first semi.
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