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  1. I’d play Fritsch there and try and isolate him as much as possible. He would be a tough match up with his one on one footy iq. Only works though if we are not bombing to the top of the square.
  2. hopefully the new game plan referred to is dealing with the weaknesses that st Kilda under Richo found so easy to exploit and therefore us so easy to beat. Happy to have him on board
  3. I reckon Frisch will kick 40+ goals if they play him forward for the full year. He’s a smart footballer and a tough match up.
  4. There are a lot of self proclaimed draft experts here - I’m not one of them, but if we were keen enough on Kozzie to have used pick 8 originally (and no-one knows for sure if this is the case), then Rivers is a free set of steak knives. Seems like they executed a good trading strategy.
  5. Great - there’s going to be nothing in the tank for round 1 according to Melkshake! Seemed like that strategy didn’t work too well in the last qtr in Rd 1 Port in 2019
  6. It seems clear that you are far intellectually superior to the rest of us on these boards, so perhaps you might feel better suited with your peers, and your current favourite player, at the brown and gold?
  7. Thanks AF - you answered it perfectly. ill do what I can. Support the MFC with 6 memberships from my family per year, organise a support group in my region (central vic) which raises money to buy more memberships and to hold functions and arrange buses to take supporters to games, and give the club feedback (in a constructive way) in anyway I can. but if you think it’s more helpful to [censored] and moan about how bad we are via the internet - then that’s fine, I can do that too.
  8. Maybe it’s more like an “angry old men yelling at clouds” site. Same names, some complaints yet different topic. and before you tee-off on me I am also (relatively) old, a long time member who is angry about MFC and 2019. Just don’t feel the need to keep harping on about the same problems day after day.
  9. What hope? There is no hope. Haven’t you read the other topics? apparently everyone is fighting with each other, the two afl quality players we have want to leave, and we are broke. i hope I get my 2020 membership subs back if we fold before the season starts
  10. Thanks for taking us on the journey. All the best to you and Dec, and if Dec’s footy journey does continue, at whatever level, I’d love to hear it. This year I have questioned why I come on this site given all the anger and abuse directed at fellow posters and the club in pretty much every post, but I realise it’s because of posters like you who can share a journey. it would also be great if we as posters, could accept that for a myriad of reasons some players don’t make it in the end, but taking potshots at players at a personal level says more about our own anger management issues than anything else.
  11. Every post here is biased - we will find out who was right sometime next year. Meanwhile let’s keep abusing each other.
  12. Can those who do not to choose to renew their memberships maybe also take a rest from demonland for 2020 too please? Maybe if things get better next year, you can come back to both the MFC and demonland in 2021? I’m just as tired of the same rants in most topics by the same protagonists as I am watching the team I love and I just want 2019 to finish. However reading the posts in this topic by frustrated but largely LOYAL demons has been a nice change from the usual posts. Thanks all. 3 of my 4 kids who have just got mcc memberships and have been MFC members all 17-20 years of their lives want to give up now that they have to pay for it. I told them that it’s cheaper to by a MFC add on membership than leave the family house and live somewhere else - so it guess its their choice now!
  13. there is no place on this forum for rubbish articles like this one. what the hell would Carey know versus the posters on this site
  14. I’m annoyed with myself that this inane discussion has got me angry enough to post - after promising myself not bother with demonland until 2020 - due to the same posters posting the same crap post after post, whatever the topic. but I doubt there is more than a couple of posters here who would have any idea if Goodwin can coach. Last year we thought he could, this year we don’t. I guess we will have a better idea by the end of next year. same with Oscar - I thought he was coming along pretty well for an underdeveloped tall defender 2 years ago - probably ahead of his brother at the same age. Now I think he is too slow and still underdeveloped - and was shocked that It wasn’t him replaced by May. But for whatever reason people more qualified than me have a reason to pick him . i just think how I used to think Hardwick was a crap coach and we had the better Grimes - so like just about everyone here - I’m just another [censored] with an unqualified opinion.
  15. I’ve think I’ve got to the acceptance stage of grief a lot earlier than many on this site, who still seemed stuck in anger at the club and those who still support the club but don’t think we have to sack every coach, the administration and trade anyone of draft value before starting on another 10 year re-build. I guess because I don’t, I’m a typical weak MFC member who is part of the problem in their eyes. that being said I’m looking forward to the game for the following reasons. I want to see is Petty can show more signs of being an option in the forward line. hope Fritsch play the whole game forward, and even one out if possible at ff in a brad green style as bad as Anb’s year has been I thought at least he got involved last week. Can he show better touch, calmness and a bit of finishing this week to show he may be getting some form and still have a future with us another game into our backline who should match up well with their tall forwards. how do we try and cope with Ryan and Rioli. Thankfully no Cripps gives us a chance to come up with with a plan for 2 of then and not three small forwards that usually kill us. can either of Preuss or max show anything forward - even if it’s just negating mcgovern any sign of a bit more defensive effort and skill from the midfield. i think it might be a reasonable game. go dees.
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