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  1. Agreed- I thought the role he played getting his body in line with the ball as a bit of a goalkeeper role just inside the centre square when we were inside 50 worked well. Especially as he could beat the first tackle and buy some time. The next step is to give the ball to a salem, May or even Fritsch (when in form and confident) and get them to take the kick back inside forward 50. If he does this role he has another year or two. This role requires smarts and body strength and not so reliant on speed - as required on the wing.
  2. And a considered and optimistic post which has no place on this site.
  3. It’s called sportshost. We’re already doing it. I have been part of it via our central Victorian supporters group. It was advertised during the Saints game. Lots of new arrivals from overseas being hosted at demons games by rusted in supporters. I did it last year with a group of Indian guys. They loved it - and hopefully now Demob supporters.
  4. I think the biggest issue with stretch is his lack of confidence with the ball. Watching the swans replay every time he got a mark he looked like he wanted to keep going, but ended up going back on his mark and then kicking long down the line. It’s a real momentum killer for a team that is at its most dangerous when it moves the ball quickly (ie second quarter vs the bombers).
  5. harsh on Frost - I thought he did well on buddy. Was happy to let him get possessions on the wing, but didn't let him get out the back (which is how he usually kills us), and only got beaten once that I can remember (the one-handed mark) relatively close to goal. He was also better with the ball this week than the last few. Like Tmac, Jones, Hibberd in the second half, there were signs of an improvement in form and more confidence in the second half. I worry that Spargo is a bit slow for a small forward and not yet strong enough to stick his tackles (not for a want of effort though), but every time he gets the ball something good happens. We need him and Melksham getting the ball forward of centre. Special mention to Hore. Now I wish he played against Essendon - his intercept marking brought a calmness to the backline that has been missing.
  6. So has our medical team all moved to West Coast? WEST Coast goalsneak Willie Rioli has been ruled out of Saturday night's clash with Greater Western Sydney and is facing an indefinite spell on the sidelines as the Eagles continue to investigate his foot issue. However, in better news, small forward Jamie Cripps is a chance to make a surprise early return from toe surgery alongside star spearhead Josh Kennedy in his 200th club game. Rioli, who booted 28 goals in his debut season, is battling a stress reaction in his foot and didn't train at Subiaco Oval on Tuesday. Or maybe foot and toe injuries, such as we have seen with Viney and McDonald, are common in the AFL?
  7. I was hoping we would draft him. I thought he had a touch of class from the Casey games that I saw. Bit like that skinny bloke we picked up a year earlier who is now close to my favourite Demon (especially forward of centre when he has ball in hand and time to spot up one of our forwards!).
  8. Its true - and possibly more reflective in the lack stars we have had in the last 40 years, than how good Oliver is. If Brayshaw stops kicking it on his left foot, he might become the second best. All the best players in my lifetime, with the exception of Flower, have been key position players like Lyon, Neitz, Stynes and the Ox.
  9. Never been as proud of this club in my 50 odd years as I am now. Good people making consistently good decisions. Might only be small things, but adding Nev to the leadership Group and Goody going to SA for the indigenous summit etc are examples of this. Just need to win the bloody thing for validation of all the hard work done by many good people in the last few years!
  10. All the obvious ones come to mind such as 1987, QF 2000, but three less obvious ones were the come from behind win versus the Doggies in 2005 to seal a finals birth (Jeff White), 1998 versus WCE in Perth (where we had half the team out) and the come from behind win over Freo when we were a basket case. For personal reasons - the win in Round 1 1976 vs North at Arden street after they unfurled their first flag. First time my brother and I were allowed to go to an away game on our own. He was 14 and I was 8 - boy have times changed! Now I have 4 teenagers who had put up with a life time of misery as Demons in a non-Demon area (Bendigo). The joy my youngest (a 14 year girl) had on her face when Mitch Hannan kicked the goal versus Geelong (we were right behind him) turned me into a blubbering mess for the rest of the game!
  11. We are the Geelong of 2006 in 2019 - where a very young and talented list goes backwards after making finals the year before and after all pundits predict a premiership tilt. Results in serious club introspection about why things went wrong which then results Geelong of 2007-2012.
  12. As a bigger picture strategy, by giving opportunities to players who show great Casey form to get on our AFL list we are going to encourage higher quality players to come to Casey and benefit from our MFC/Casey development and structures. It will be interesting to see what happens with Jay Lockhart in this year's draft.
  13. I’m usually bullish but think a cats 2006 year is possible. Young list, lots of surgeries post season end 2018, Etc Etc.. willl get a better draw in 2020 and reckon that’s when we strike. Hope I’m wrong though but hard to see past tigers and pies in 2019.
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