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  1. Sorry guys, with just a few hours to go. Its too late to start another league for roughl;y 3 ppl. Its only going to be filled with randoms anyway. Best bet, get in early next year, keep a close eye on the progress of the thread, then use a league code as soon as you receive one. (Take too long and someone in the wings will take it. I have to be sure all leagues are full asap)
  2. Anyone wishing to join a league, the Barassi League has a few spots available. code = 775304
  3. My job is done. Everyone that has confirmed has been sent a league code. Thanks to everyone that passed on their appreciation back to me, (too many to reply back in person) With only a few days before an auto-fill kicks in, we have a few vacant spots left to fill. Now it is, first in gets the last couple of spots left. If you try to use your code sent, and you get a league is full message, then you have left your run too late. Your next option is to use this league code Barassi League code = 775304 Good luck in your league, welcome to all the new coaches, enjoy the comp. Go Dees.
  4. UPDATE: Have now started on the Flower league. If you have confirmed up until this point check your PM box for a league code.
  5. I cant send you your league code because you have your messages turned to off.
  6. Done, check your PM box for your code. Keep the confirmations coming in. If you don't confirm I will assume you are not playing this year.
  7. I have opened 4 leagues plus a "Melbourne FC Group" league. We are right to go for 2019. The Melbourne FC Group is open for anyone to join in, so invite friends,family or any Demon supporter. When you log in to SC, if you want to join our "group" , select join a group, then enter this code 600402 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As per every year, the Stynes League is 1st to be sent a PM with their league code. The following coaches / teams below, (when they have confimed) are now being sent a code to join the Stynes League. Just a reminder to all. If see your team as qualified for any league, your place is NOT reserved, if you take too long to join after your code has been sent, you could be replaced by another team. So keep checking your PM box. When we have 18 teams in the Stynes League, I will then start sending the code for the Robbie Flower League (Div 2). To everyone not in the league below, hang in there until we finalise this league. Stynes League (Div 1) ----------------------------------------------- 1: KeaneDemon / Keaneys Demons 2: Collar-Jazz-Knee / Rollin Js 3: Arrow / Tipungwuti 4: Stephen247 / GAWN off TRACCI 5: Thrice / Gee God Boy Wow!! 6: red and blue realist / DoubleDigitMayhem 7: Ruffles / The Ruffnuts 8: Demon Spofforth / Grinter FC 9: Micksdemons / Micksdemons 10: BAMF / Johnny_Utah 11: Optimus D / Demon Dees 12: Hiram Cowfreak / Beakyboys 13: Kumamoto_Ken / Ken's Colossi 14: Eittocs12 / Dodge City Dealers 15: FireInTheBelly / The Big Fish 16: Clintosaurus / Ride the Punani 17: Ingo27 / Malki's Masters 18: Wiseblood / Van Buren Boys -------------------------------------------------- Promoted into Div 1 KeaneDemon / Keaneys Demons Micksdemons / Micksdemons Relegated to Div 2 Kiss my Grass DrinkMoreWater The Hallowed Turf RG MMXVIII
  8. It's that time of the year again, they seem to come by quicker every year, It just seems like the last one ended. Well, we know the drill .... ... Coach "Name" along with last years team name (if you were in last years comp) I need that info to check what league you will be in for 2019. If you have changed or want to change any of those details for 2019, post the info I will update it. For those 1st timers, the comp is free to play, normally we have 3 comp leagues playing. As above, post your team name that you will be using, if you decide to change it, let me know so I know what team you are. ( I think the full guideline for the comp is 2015 thread ?, it should answer most of your questions. If you want to know what league you have qualified for, ask and I will let you know, or I can post all the leagues on request. For those that qualified for Div 1 (Stynes League) you will receive your league code 1st, (when Supercoach allows to begin opening the league codes and you will need to join quickly so I can move onto Div 2 etc etc. SC is open now, you can begin selecting your teams. Ok, go for it! Coach / Team name if you are playing this year.
  9. That's another year done and dusted. I hope everyone enjoyed playing in the comp. Apologies for the delay posting the results. Some impressive scores this year. The 2018 Bluey Medal winner is ....( I might add, for the first time, someone not from Div 1). Coach KeaneDemon (Div2) Team : Keaneys Demons Scored 52677 Total Pts (Supercoach ranking 180 overall) ========================= Stynes League (Div 1) Grand Final Results Is Dom Is Good defeated Arrow Rollin Js 2720 pts Vs Tipungwuti 2710 pts Div 1 Minor GF Results: Eittocs12 defeated Ruffles Dodge City Dealers 2667 pts Vs The Ruffnuts 2610 -------------------------------- Robbie Flower League (Div 2) Grand Final Results KeaneDemon defeated RedBlueandTrue Keaneys Demons 2745 Pts Vs Blue Lighting 2572 Pts Div 2 Minor GF Results: DeeVoted defeated FlashInThePan Deestroyem 2332 Pts Vs demonators 2172 pts -------------------------------- R D Barassi League (Div 3) Grand Final Results Micksdemons defeated Deewiz05 Micksdemons 2510 Pts Vs The Smoking Guns 2355 Pts Div 3 Minor GF Results: TheoX defeated DubDee Muppets 1st XVIII 2550 Vs dubdeeXXII 2513 pts -------------------------------- I have ALL the final placings and scores for all the leagues. If requested I can and will post them if anyone is interested. Until then we will do it all again next year. Thanks for everyones co-operation.
  10. If you haven't worked that out ,here is what you do. 1: Select any league that you have joined. 2: The icon / symbol next to your coach name, click on that. 3: You can now edit your team jumper. Don't forget it save the changes before exiting that page. Hope that helps you out
  11. As we do every year there is a 4th Division open to non demonlanders or anyone that missed out getting into the other Divisions, also a chance to get into a SC league. The Cordner League code = 541277 With just a few days remaining, last chance. As for everyone that made it into the comp leagues, thanks for your help in responding and the compliments that were included in the PMs, far too many to reply to in person. Enjoy the comp, may the best coach win and go Demons.
  12. If interested the Supercoach Melbourne FC "Group" league is and will be available to join any time. The link for the Group is ..... https://supercoach.heraldsun.com.au/afl/classic/#/?action=join-group&code=231833 Invite your friends or anyone for that matter to join the Group.
  13. UPDATE : 2 Leagues have been filled. Only 2 spots available in the Barassi League. With 5 days remaining, those that have been sent their league code will need to be quick. @darkhorse72 @andyoto @The Chief
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