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  1. Happy with that, hes not in the total dud basket like JKH who should've been delisted years ago.
  2. Can we sack Mahoney for trading Hogan too.
  3. His kicking for goal was pretty suss against us, ban him for a season.
  4. We seem to like trading our most talented players for unders, so why not lol. We can recruit another JKH type trier or something with the pick we get.
  5. Bring in Preuss to run straight through Hogan, then they wont have a forward line either
  6. Wheres the [censored] that insisted tmac was a better forward than hogan when we traded him? Wouldnt shut up at the time. Tmac is a huge spud.
  7. Couldn't possibly do any worse than Tmac and Weid.
  8. Makes Gillies look good. We probs just gave him a contract to keep his brother, but turns out he's a bit of a spud too.
  9. JKH: please delist immediately
  10. "ample similarities between Dunkley and his brother Josh" So slow with poor footskills? But probably not as good. Sweet. Good luck to him though.
  11. So many vfl calibre players. We need a half decent key forward.
  12. Oh great, JKH is back. That'll help us. 😜
  13. GC obviously though KK's career was over due to concussion, made no effort to keep him and traded as a steak knife. Too bad the steak is a bit of a dud too.
  14. Good to get the win but to think we beat them by 100 or so points last time, when we had a decent forward line.
  15. https://m.afl.com.au/news/2019-05-07/who-wants-a-lightningquick-200cm-key-defender We seem to have a penchant for key defenders, lets get him. Least he won't cost 800k/season and NDpick6.
  16. He'll probably get drunk at home tonight, would only regret being caught.
  17. What an unprofessional arseclown, rocks up to preseason in disgraceful condition now this, purely cares about his fat pay packet.
  18. Yep which is what a successful club like Geelong would've done ala tim kelly, rather than trading him for way unders and picking up an unprofessional injury and suspension prone slob like May on a massive contract.
  19. Carlton will beat us by 10+ goals
  20. He fits the mandatory highly injury prone bill for our high priced recruitment, but he's actually a good player and plays a position we need. So we will pass. Plus it sounds like he wants to play for a decent team which rules us out. Only Gillies and Dawes-esque players would be attracted to this trainwreck.
  21. Where are the arseclowns that said trading Hogan wasnt a massive loss.
  22. He got an easy ride with Hogan taking the best defender and double team last few years, now has nowhere to hide.
  23. Trading hogan for [censored] all has turned us into bottom 4 trash and freo into top4 material
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