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  1. Split it please. There's daylight between the top2 and the next bunch, we got [censored] over massively. Though knowing Mahoney he'll split it into two 3rd rounders or someshit.
  2. 1 kick separated our win tally from GC's yet theyre bad enough to get 3 years of pp's. Sickening.
  3. Cant believe wagner gets another contract, at least it looks like JKH finally gets the chop. Dissapointing that frost hasnt been re-signed.
  4. Our record was much worse than gc's when we applied for a pp a few years back. All the reasons given for our rejection can be applied to gc. AFL making it up as they go as usual. Disgraceful. And MFC wont say a word about it.
  5. Why would we listen to the arseclown that brought Mark Neeld to this club.
  6. No way. 31 this year. The end comes quickly, he's already way past his best.
  7. They could trade it for Jarryd Lyons, exactly the kind of player they need....😜
  8. Re-sign him already, Lever and May can't even get on the park, we're [censored] if Omac is getting a game.
  9. Especially when they don't cost 2 first rounders or a top pick in likely the best draft ever, and aren't borderline obese and unprofessional/haven't done an ACL already.
  10. Speed, skill and wouldn't cost much. Yes thanks.
  11. Fair enough. Super young super injured, super talented are all reasons we were knocked back a few years ago for a PP when our record was far worse than GC's. Double standards, but that's the AFL I 'spose.
  12. Yes. And thank god the Swans blocked us from getting him.
  13. TheoX

    Karl Amon

    Meh, maybe if he comes for a token pick.
  14. Thought JKH should've been part of the first round of de-listings, as the biggest out and out dud on our list.
  15. All these AFL.com articles are foreshadowing GC getting pick 1 PP, talking about a PP as if that before R1 PP were the only option rather than something more reasonable like an end of R1 PP, like the lions got when they were rubbish. Look at where they are now with a decent coach. Ditch that fat [censored] Dew.
  16. Disgraceful. They delist a contracted jarryd lyons last year and get a before R1 PP. Adeliaide would be livid too after trading future R1s. AFL corruption. As if their 6 top10 pocks in the last 2 years have helped them. They need to get rid of their dud coach like Carltank did.
  17. Ben king looking the goods. Meanwhile we're stuck with a couple of blokes that can't get on the park.
  18. Hes an arseclown at the trade table.
  19. Sign him up. At least he can get on the park, has speed we so sorely lack, and won't cost us nearly a mill a year.
  20. Never should've coughed up 2 first rounders for a guy who had such a high injury risk after already having a knee reco, and was out of contract and named his destination club. We got absolutely bent over. The May trade looks to be a disaster too.
  21. ANB and KK have 2 more years on their contracts after this year, they wont be delisted. Agreed on Jeffy. Add JKH to the list, he needs to go ASAP. Absolute dead wood dud.
  22. No trading pick 2 please. Annoying to see how good King looks at GC after we gifted them pick 6 for an injury prone unprofessional player that really should've been a free agent.
  23. Get him, he'll only cost a 3rd or 4th rounder at least. Better than our highly priced (money and picks) highly injury prone recruits of recent times.
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