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  1. Clear high tackle on lockhart....of course no free
  2. Horrific umpiring to get bris the win. GC discarded a player like Jared Lyons now they want a pick 1 pp. Get stuffed.
  3. Sickening that we're below carltank on the ladder.
  4. Dunn and Garland were at least AFL standard, JKH is simply not.
  5. No JKH please, his papers are marked and rightly so. Hannan needs a spell in the VFL.
  6. If we even get pick2 with GC whinging for a PP
  7. These umpires are so incompetent and inconsistent. Didnt realise Hannan was playing till i saw him last qtr lol.
  8. If the AFL decides to grant GC's request, the other teams' opinion counts for SFA.
  9. Yep reckon we will finish second last behind Carltank unfortunately. GC also asking for a R1 priority pick giving them the top 2 picks in the draft too. The top 2 supposedly the standouts, then daylight. Shouldn't happen but the AFL are corrupt. Relieved Tmac didn't do an ACL.
  10. This club needs to fold. It's sickening how [censored] they are.
  11. Please not JKH, he will be delisted, there's no point playing him, he's had chances galore and has shown SFA. Crazy that he's stayed on an AFL list this long.
  12. We will most likely lose to Carltank next week now that they aren't tanking for the no1 pick. Sickening.
  13. Need to play hardball with Freo for an out of contract player after what they did to us with Hogan if he nominates us. Certainly nothing involving a first rounder. Maybe even a fake 'pulling out of the race' or some such bs.
  14. Pretty bizzare to give him a 3 year deal with his concussion history.
  15. Happy with that, hes not in the total dud basket like JKH who should've been delisted years ago.
  16. Can we sack Mahoney for trading Hogan too.
  17. His kicking for goal was pretty suss against us, ban him for a season.
  18. We seem to like trading our most talented players for unders, so why not lol. We can recruit another JKH type trier or something with the pick we get.
  19. Bring in Preuss to run straight through Hogan, then they wont have a forward line either
  20. Wheres the [censored] that insisted tmac was a better forward than hogan when we traded him? Wouldnt shut up at the time. Tmac is a huge spud.
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