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  1. How is May everything you need in a leader? Rocked up to the club in disgraceful shape then went on the [censored] when he was injured. Not to mention he can't get on the park.
  2. Sign him up anyway. Its a lot less risk than signing a cooked KK for 3 years on much more coin. He's unbelievably talented.
  3. Let's hope Hannan can regain fitness. If Pickett gets more than a token game or 2, we're in big trouble. He couldn't impact U18 games, how is he supposed to impact at AFL level in his first year. He will probably struggle in the VFL too.
  4. Waiting to see what we get in return then. (apart from being robbed of pick 2 last year haha)
  5. No. We mortgaged our future for Lever, May and Pickett, need to be pushing for a flag.
  6. Hmm..let's see, I pick the one whose career wasn't over before he got here. GC knew KK was finished and didnt offer him a contract, bizzare that we gave him a 3 year contract.
  7. Definitely prefer what Hogan gave us over May, and at 28yo having never played a full season it's pretty unlikely he will unfortunately.
  8. Go to that SC facebook page and click the link from there, you'll get the full article. 2 of the reasons are our 18yo draftees and Bennell, so they're reaching for reasons lol.
  9. Surely Pickett won't be in our best 22, he barely impacted games at U18 level, unlikely he will do much at AFL level in his first year you'd think. Let him get up to standard at Casey for a couple of years.
  10. Isn't it their job to know who's interested in which players? Every club knew exactly who we were taking with 3 and 10, and everyone knew about our interest in Rivers.
  11. Langdon cancels out frost speedwise, thought tomlinson was more an endurance runner than quick. Avb will be huge if he stays fit agreed, but a raw ruck and 67kg guy that barely gets a touch and rarely kicks goals at u18 lvl are unlikely to help our fwd line next year. Bennell will be a bonus if he gets in the park but we cant expect too much from him. Heres hoping for no injuries😄
  12. Not much if at all. None of speed, kicking skills or a nonexistent forward line have been addressed. Better hope for a blessed run with injury otherwise norf might be getting pick 1😂
  13. Massive reach, hed better be bloody good since weve given up a likely top 4 pick for him.
  14. Good thing we only gave preuss a 4 year deal then.😜
  15. So, a tiny small forward, even by small forward standards, who barely gets a touch and doesn't kick many goals? Surely we should just take the best available at 10 then get the best small forward at 28.
  16. Feels like Lucas Cook all over again. Massive reach.
  17. "Melbourne is expected to call out West Australian ruckman Luke Jackson’s name with Pick 3" [censored] hope not.
  18. We have no forward line, doubt this reject will help.
  19. They simply don't have enough draft pick currency to get pick 3 off us. Pick 6 and their first next year which will be in the 20s most likely is nowhere near enough for the benefit they would get and the opportunity we would miss. They had their chance during trade period to cough up a decent player to satisfy us, but refused to. If we think Green is the 3rd best player in the draft we will bid on him. Looks like he'd be in contention for no1 if he weren't an academy player.
  20. We've given up a likely 2020 top4 pick, 26 and 50 for pick 8. Would have to be a pretty good deal for us to part with it you'd think.
  21. TheoX

    Jack Martin

    If he becomes a FA (think hed have been at gc long enough, or maybe he'd need 2 more) after that year it'd be well worth the compo pick they'd get if he left to Carltank. Probably band 1 the way the AFL work.
  22. What he said is pretty valid. May and Lever are huge mistakes at this stage. Surprised he didn't mention the bizzare decision to trade a likely top4 pick plus valuable change for pick 8.
  23. Great news, though that's a pretty long contract, usually those 5+ year deals go to top shelf players.
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