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  1. "Melbourne is expected to call out West Australian ruckman Luke Jackson’s name with Pick 3" [censored] hope not.
  2. We have no forward line, doubt this reject will help.
  3. They simply don't have enough draft pick currency to get pick 3 off us. Pick 6 and their first next year which will be in the 20s most likely is nowhere near enough for the benefit they would get and the opportunity we would miss. They had their chance during trade period to cough up a decent player to satisfy us, but refused to. If we think Green is the 3rd best player in the draft we will bid on him. Looks like he'd be in contention for no1 if he weren't an academy player.
  4. We've given up a likely 2020 top4 pick, 26 and 50 for pick 8. Would have to be a pretty good deal for us to part with it you'd think.
  5. If he becomes a FA (think hed have been at gc long enough, or maybe he'd need 2 more) after that year it'd be well worth the compo pick they'd get if he left to Carltank. Probably band 1 the way the AFL work.
  6. What he said is pretty valid. May and Lever are huge mistakes at this stage. Surprised he didn't mention the bizzare decision to trade a likely top4 pick plus valuable change for pick 8.
  7. Great news, though that's a pretty long contract, usually those 5+ year deals go to top shelf players.
  8. Lol. I thought [censored] teams get soft draws usually. Looks like the AFL want north to get pick1 next year.
  9. GC didn't offer him a contract, I wouldn't say GC rejects nominating us makes us a destination club.
  10. This is the club that gave KK, with his major concussion issues, a 3 year contract. Anything's possible from us.
  11. Meh, don't need a data analyst to tell us we're a basketcase.
  12. Short and sounds like hes a poor kick. No thanks.
  13. Weightman seems a Lucas Cook-esque reach for needs at 8. Wouldve been a chance to get him at 26 you'd think. Hope we go Kemp if he's there.
  14. It looks absolutely insane. I thought the AFL could block trades that were so lopsided with points value. If we win the flag north is still 400+ pts ahead. Completely [censored].
  15. Mahoney's lost the [censored] plot. Has he been promised a job at North or something?
  16. Doesn't look like he's ever played every game in a season, doubt it happens when he's 28 and so injury prone. I'm sure OMac can fill the void though 😜
  17. Rather split it with gws and get their no6 so green doesnt attract a bid.
  18. Nice work Mahoney, now to give JKH a 10 year deal.
  19. From what Mahoney said we haven't even actually offered him a contract. Good luck trying to keep may and lever on the park. Now Hunt's the only player on our list with genuine speed.
  20. Split it please. There's daylight between the top2 and the next bunch, we got [censored] over massively. Though knowing Mahoney he'll split it into two 3rd rounders or someshit.
  21. 1 kick separated our win tally from GC's yet theyre bad enough to get 3 years of pp's. Sickening.
  22. Cant believe wagner gets another contract, at least it looks like JKH finally gets the chop. Dissapointing that frost hasnt been re-signed.
  23. Our record was much worse than gc's when we applied for a pp a few years back. All the reasons given for our rejection can be applied to gc. AFL making it up as they go as usual. Disgraceful. And MFC wont say a word about it.
  24. Why would we listen to the arseclown that brought Mark Neeld to this club.
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